A/N: Let's start by addressing the obvious. There's part one and now I'm starting part three. Cannon dictates that a part two should go in between. That'll have to wait until the DVD comes out, as I only have 8 or so episodes downloaded. All I can tell you is that it'll come, later more than sooner, but it'll come.

For those of you who haven't read the first part (and you really should, even if I say so myself) this story is a collection of vignettes, based on dialogue and/or scenes from each episode, giving us a glimpse into what our characters are thinking/feeling. Every now and then I throw in something that wasn't there (but should have been!).

Apologies if the dialogue is not 100 accurate. The download version I got doesn't have close caption, so it's just me, my headphones and my aging hearing sense. Enjoy!


"Why am I here?"

Honestly, Bones, I don't know what pains me more: the fact that you asked that question or the way you asked it…

"You used to like to come out to the field…"

Used to. A lot. Actually bugged me to let you do it. Went anyway when I didn't let you. I used to think that maybe it was because of me and not because of the cases; that you really liked to spend time with me. Now… now I'm not so sure…

"You in the lab, me out here in the field… we're not working to our full symbiotic potential…"

I'm desperate, Bones, so help me here, please. I hate having to plead, but it that's what it takes… humor hasn't helped, screwing up scientific data on purpose hasn't helped, throwing psychological terms from Gordon hasn't helped…

"It seems as if you don't want to work with me anymore…"

Full frontal attack; I'm holding my breath…

"I work with you…"


"You know what I mean, Bones…"

And if you don't, you ought to. Neither one of us is stupid, so I don't know how much longer you think you can prolong this. I say three months is long enough…


"This is good! This is the first time you've called me in weeks…"

And I don't mean just work-related. Everything changed after Vegas, after you almost died in that car… I thought that after Sully we were okay again, but now… I simply don't know.


"But, you see how this is? Us working together? Very symbiotic…"

See if you can ignore IT this time around...

"You've said that already. What is it? The word of the day?"

I love your sarcastic persona, but not when it's focusing on me.

"I'd like you to be there when I question the girlfriend…"

I know I said I wouldn't beg, but I can't talk with you in here and you won't talk to me out there…

"I can't. I found microscopic grit embedded in the skull."

What the fuck…????

"Microscopic grit!? That's Hodgins' territory!"

Oh, you've gone too far now, Temperance. Way. Too. Fucking. Far.

"Yes! And Hodgins works for me so that makes it my territory…"

Temperance Brennan, you are coming with me whether you like it or not, so help me God…

"Take Angela"

Fuck off, Cam. Whose side are you on now???


"When I out your old man in jail you said you understood…"

Ok. We'll start over. From the top. Is my putting your dad in jail what's made you keep me at an arm's length?

"Don't start again, Booth. We'll be together as soon as I replace Zack…"

Okay, so not your dad. I'll work this as if I were one of your squints. So far, all the evidence points to Zack. Why? Hell if I know, but I'll figure that one out as well, sooner or later.


"I think you're mad at me, subconsciously"

Squint approach didn't work. I'll try Gordon's this time around.

"What?! I don't believe in that!"

Why I am not surprised?

"Well, something's changed between us; you could at least admit that so we could figure it out."

That's my equivalent of mature adult dealing with issues in a rational manner, neatly tied up in a peace offering. Gordon would be proud of me. Hell, even Angela would be proud of me!

"Well, I would, yes, if I actually believed anything has changed…"

And THAT is your equivalent of a vacation on the Nile…


"Why the eyes closed?"

Of all the questions you could ask, you sure know how to pick the hard ones, don't you?

"I thought we were going to get blown up"

That's my answer for the record and I'll stand by it in any court of law. The truth? I didn't want to see your face so close to mine. It was difficult enough as it was feeling your body under mine, I didn't need the added temptation of your mouth a mere inch away. Want more truth? I didn't want you reading all this in my eyes. Does it answer your question?


"Why are you surprised?"


"Wait… are you serious? I've been trying to get you out of the lab since Zack left…"

And that was… what? Three months ago?

"Well, Zack is back so here I am."

"That simple?"

You're one lousy liar, Bones. If I wanted to make your life difficult I'd start by asking how Zack's return has made Hodgins capable of working without your supervision when it comes to identifying grit, or how are all the bones going to be sorted out by themselves when two days ago you needed 7 people to do it. But I won't do it. I'm way too happy to have you here to risk it. But annoy me once and every single excuse you conjured will come crashing down on you… with a vengeance.


"You weren't upset because Zack was gone"

"Yes I was!"

"Yeah, but you were more upset over the fact that I let him go in the first place…"

So this has nothing to do with your father or Zack or what happened between us. This all boils down to me betraying you by letting you be abandoned all over again.

Oh, Bones… do you really think I'd harm you on purpose?


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