Rising From the Ashes of Ascension

(AKA: The Immortal Spacemonkey II)

By Shannon K

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Warnings: Potty language, violence, and occasional sexual references (though that will never be graphic).

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A few things to know before reading this story: yes, "Meridian" happened, yes Daniel died and was made into an Ascended being by Oma, yes you should first read The Immortal Spacemonkey before reading this one, and yes this is a Highlander-SG1 crossover. Methos will figure into this story, but as for other characters from Highlander (Duncan will probably not make much of an appearance if at all – but things can always change) you will have to wait and see.

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He stood there surrounded by whiteness; it was so bright and pure that he couldn't make out any of the shapes of the beings that he knew were near-by.

"You have broken the laws of the Ascended Daniel," a bodiless voice called out from the great white beyond.

"Yes, but only because if I hadn't many people would have died," Daniel shot back, pissed that these people, these Ancients, couldn't get their heads out of their collective asses and see that by not interfering they were still making a choice, that they were deciding the fate of millions. "You know what a monster Anubis is and yet you do nothing to stop him. He was once one of you and you allow him to continue on, bringing nothing but death and destruction to millions."

"The Universe is vast and we are small. The death of a few does not matter, nor do they concern us," another voice rang out.

"It matters to the people that are dying out there!" he said hotly. If he actually had a body, he would have been sweating, a physical manifestation of how worked up he was right then. Hell, he probably would have hit the owner of the voice. Instead, he stood there, looking like a normal human being dressed in long white robes, cool as they come.

"You must be punished for your actions," a voice, a male voice this time, exclaimed, deeper than the other, lighter, female voices that spoke before. "Your actions have continuously come close to crossing the line Daniel Jackson, pushing our tolerance of your continued tied to your former teammates, but by taking actions against Anubis, you violated our laws."

"Your laws are wrong!"

"Our laws exist for a reason Daniel," a soft and familiar voice spoke up.

"Oma," Daniel breathed, readily recognizing the voice of his mentor and friend. He hoped with her appearance, the others could be made to see reason.

"Yes Daniel, it is I," the being known as Oma Desala said as she came into focus. She was radiant as ever, her long brown hair and luminous skin fairly glowing, the shine competing for dominance with the brightness of the room.

"Oma, please make them understand that I couldn't stand by and let that monster destroy my friends and family. I had to do something since nobody else seemed to give a damn," Daniel explained, hoping that Oma would recognize the truth.

"I understand Daniel," she gently told him and then turned to face the unseen audience. "Daniel should be punished and I will take care of it. He is my responsibility."

"Don't I get a say in this," he asked her quietly.

"No, now hush," she whispered.

"Daniel will be returned to his people, but will not have any active memory of his time he spent among us," Oma began, her gentle voice ringing out with authority and clarity. "Also, he will be stripped of his memory of his life among the Tau'ri."

"So be it. Take care of this Oma and see to it that we do not have to step in and take care of it for you," the disembodied male voice, deep and timbered, declared.

With that, the Others left, leaving Daniel and Oma to themselves.

"Oma," Daniel began. "I accept the punishment of having my memories of the time I spent here taken but to have all of my memories taken, of my time on Earth is cruel and dangerous. You know what I am. What if I run into another Immortal and I have no idea as to why they want to cut off my head?"

Oma bestowed a benevolent smile upon him. "I said that you would lose your memories of your time among the Tau'ri. I never said that it would be permanent. Your memories of being ascended will be buried in your subconscious, inaccessible though a few may slip through. The human brain, even an Immortal brain, cannot handle the knowledge of the Ancients like an Ascended Being can."

"Can you tell me the fate of my friends and family? Are they okay?"

"Your friends, Jack, Samantha, Teal'c, and Adam are safe, back on Earth."

"What about my family?" Daniel felt a chill run down his non-existent spine.

"They are safe. I couldn't prevent their deaths, but I did help all of the Abydonians in the blast radius Ascend. Your father-in-law and brother-in-law are safe."

"Can I see them before I go?" Daniel asked, desperate to hug Kasuf and apologizing to him for failing him, his people, and his daughter.

"No, they are not ready for that kind of interaction yet, but do not worry Daniel. Kasuf and Skaraa do not blame you for what has transpired. They told me to tell you that they love you and that you will meet again someday," Oma said.

"I just wish it hadn't happened the way it did. I am sorry that I failed you Oma, but I couldn't stand there and do nothing," Daniel said, sensing that his time was coming to an end.

"I know dear Daniel," she said and gently stroked his face. "You did not fail me Daniel. You are a good person who is guided by his heart. That cannot be faulted. Anubis is my fault and I am sorry that you became ensnared by his wickedness."

"Will we see each other again?"

"Perhaps, but in the meantime watch your head and don't give up your fight against the wicked. Didn't you once say that evil will continue to exist while good people do nothing? Don't let go of that," Oma comforted him.

"Pot, kettle, black Oma," Daniel observed caustically. "While you help others ascend, you do nothing to stop the one person you are responsible for that is laying waste to the galaxy. You are a good person Oma, but you do nothing to help."

"I know," Oma said simply, hating the way he was looking at her, judging her and her lack of action. "I'm sorry that it had to happen this way."

"Will I ever be able to remember why the Game exists?"

"Maybe, someday you will remember, but not for a long while. Take care Daniel," she said and placed both hands upon Daniel and in a flash they were both gone.

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