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Cedric pushed open the front door and pulled Harry along after him. He left Harry standing in the middle of the room and went to pull all the curtains so the sunlight streamed in. Harry stared out at the empty entrance way, cob webs and dusts ball littered the otherwise empty room. The walls of the room where creamy white in colour, though both men expected they could be whiter with more cleaning and care. He was joined by Cedric again, who placed his hand on his shoulder.

'So?' he asked, gesturing around at the room.

Harry bit his lip. The house wasn't great, old, and dusty and smelt faintly of Ron's old dress robes. 'Uh,' he said finally, digging his hands into the pockets of jeans. 'Old.'

'I know it's old and,' he sniffed, smelling the air, 'and it smells bad, but come on Harry!' he said grabbing Harry's hands and holding them tightly. 'Our own place, think about it?'

Harry did think. He thought of the flat they shared with Ginny, Neville and one of Cedric's friends Carl, that crowded place where even the people up above could hear every word you said. At the least the flat was clean and tidy, Neville always saw to that. He insisted he had a Compulsive Cleaning Disorder whenever they caught him scrubbing the curtains or mopping the table tops, things you just didn't do normally. There was always food around the flat too, whether it be leftovers, take outs or something they just magically whipped up, the food was always good. Easy access into London as well, Harry could easily reach the ministry and so could Cedric. The fact that the flat was so small also appealed to Harry in various ways too; he was closer to Cedric as well.

'The flat is kind of crowded,' he admitted, 'and everyone upstairs can hear what we are doing,' Harry said referring to one very awkward conversation with their neighbors. 'But I don't know, Ced. Are you sure we are ready for our own place?'

They'd only just got back together after two years of not seeing each other, for the first year Harry had been out finding the horcruxes and Cedric had been on the opposite side of the globe doing work for the ministry and hadn't been able to return for the battle at Hogwarts. When Cedric had returned days after the battle, he'd brought back someone he'd met overseas and hadn't been in contact with Harry until Ron and Seamus had run into him in Diagon Alley and given him Harry's address. Their relationship began as soon as Cedric knocked on Harry's door, and had been on and off for six months until they had started to get serious by moving in together with Ginny, Neville and Carl and they'd been living together there for another year.

'We already live together, Harry, just with three other people as well, please,' said Cedric, using his big grey eyes to his advantage. 'This will just be us, alone, no flat mates or annoying neighbors. Just you and me, able to do whatever he want.'

'Mm,' Harry said, smiling at the adorable expression on Cedric's face. 'Fine, show me the rest of the house, ok?'

Cedric clenched his fist in a symbol of victory, and rushed off pulling Harry around the house. Their first stop was the kitchen and dining room, which Harry had to confess, was perfect. The two areas were divided where the wood of the dining room stopped and lineal of the kitchen started. The lineal was checkered, honestly looked rather tacky next to the smooth and well polished wood. The kitchen had cupboards that hung over an oven and next to that where countertops with a sink that sat under the window. There was a countertop that was like an island in the middle of the kitchen.

'I like this part,' Harry said. 'But that lineal, can we get rid of that? If we buy this place,' he added hurriedly.

'Yeah, I was thinking we could make it all wood through here,' Cedric said, leaning against the doorframe was he watched Harry poke around the room. 'Come on,' he offered his arm to Harry, 'I'll show you the rest.'

The house was smallish, but not too bad. Comfortably enough for two people to live happily without getting in each others way all the time, which was what he and Cedric had been looking for.

Harry peered around the door into the bathroom, it was tiny! A bath shoved into the corner, and then a toilet set under the window. If you walked in the door and someone one was on the toilet, you'd both get a nasty shock.

'It's tiny,' he whispered to Cedric, his voice matching the size of the room.

'Yeah, but that's only for people who visit.'

'You mean-?' Harry began to ask but Cedric cut him off.

'You'll see,' he said promisingly.

They walked up the stairs together; Harry tested them by jumping heavily on each step as he walked. They were sound and didn't creak or crumble under the pressure of the two men. When they reached the top of the stairs Cedric showed Harry the spare room, which was located behind a door directly across from the stair well. It wasn't small; it was a medium sized room that could fit double bed comfortably, and there was a large closet sitting in a corner. The walls of the spare room where a calming blue colour and there was a creamy carpet on the floor that wasn't too worn.

'Harry, you're going to love this,' Cedric said, his voice hardly hiding his excitement. He guided Harry around the railed stairs and showed him another door that was barely noticeable. Harry twisted the door knob and pushed.

Cedric was right he did love it.

The small, but airy room already had a comfortable looking bed in the center. Harry noticed happily that there was a deck that jutted out from the room, and looked out across the garden at the front of the house. He walked forward to another door and opened it. Behind the door was a cozy little en suite, that included a shower, toilet, and cabinets. Harry turned around to Cedric, hugging him tightly, over his shoulder he saw the bed, and he blinked, wasn't that -?

'Cedric, isn't that our bed?' Harry asked, pointing towards it.

'Yes,' Cedric purred into his ear, stepping backwards still holding Harry in a hug and collapsing onto it.

'Why is it here?' he asked, as Cedric began to kiss him.

'Because I knew you'd like the house,' he grinned at Harry, 'and' he added, 'because I've already bought it.'

Gaping, Harry stared at him. 'What?' he asked, his green eyes glinting.

Cedric wasn't fooled by the tone of Harry's voice, he knew that tinkle in his love's eye, and he knew Harry was pleased. 'I said, I've already bought it.'

'Using our joint account?'

Cedric nodded, and smiled as Harry kissed him, the bed bouncy slightly beneath their moving bodies.

'You know me too well, Ced,' Harry said, unbuttoning Cedric's shirt.

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