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Afterwards: Chapter Twenty One

'Take a bath with me,' Cedric whispered in Harry's ear waking him up.

'No,' Harry groaned. 'It's early, I want sleep.' His eyes fluttered open and for a moment he didn't know where he was. His lids opened fully as he sat up, leaning against Cedric's naked chest. The room they were in was staff sleeping quarters, previously unused. The House Elves had really out done themselves. Though the room was small it reminded Harry exactly of his room in the Gryffindor Tower, expect the bed was much smaller. Red and golden hangings and banners hung around the room, and the single window was covered with a red curtain.

'It's still too red,' Cedric groaned lying back down and pulling Harry with him. 'I don't think I can stand it much longer,' he said seriously.

'Is that why we have to take a bath?' Harry asked groggily, gazing around at the sea of red.

'That's why, we need to take a bath now,' Cedric said running a finger up Harry's chest.

'You're just trying to seduce me,' Harry accused, rolling away and nearly falling off the bed. 'It's not going to work.'

'Oh really?' Cedric rolled him back over and smirked.

'Yes really.' Harry grinned back.

Cedric sighed dramatically and slid from the bed. 'Uh-huh,' he said again before pulling the covers off him.

'Cedric!' Harry yelped. 'What are you doing?'

Cedric bent down and scooped the raven haired man up in his arms, bridle style. He walked over to the door, not even staggering under Harry's weight. 'Merlin, Harry do you even eat?'

'I eat your cooking don't I?' Harry tittered. 'I just don't weigh much, you should now.'

'It was more of a statement then a question and my cooking is not fatty.'

'Yes, it is. It's wonder we have both managed to retain our beautiful figures.'

'The lighter you are the easier it is for me to force a bath on you!' Cedric said gleefully and strolled up the corridor. The corridor was deserted, but the portraits that were beginning to wake up looked on in interest as the barely clothed men made their way. The walls were still lined with torches, and those were burning just as brightly as ever. Harry prayed that no students or professor's found him being carried in Cedric's arms. If that did happen, he'd just hide in the crook of Cedric's neck and play invisible.

'Jeez, Cedric,' Harry whined. 'What if there are students or professor around?'

'They'll get a show then,' he smirked and walked the familiar route towards the prefect's bathrooms. As they rounded a corner, Cedric nearly pelted straight into Neville Longbottom who was cradling an odd looking plant. Neville promptly dropped the plant and Cedric dropped Harry.

'Ow!' Harry glared daggers at him and scrambled to his feet.

'Hey Harry, Cedric,' Neville said bending down to pick up the plant, that had swollen into a pink and purple mass from the shock of being so rudely let go. When Neville looked up at the two his eyes widened. 'Guys, do you realize you only have your underwear on?'

'Perfectly aware!' Cedric said, the encounter had not embarrassed him like it had Harry.

'Don't you think you should you know…?' Neville asked nervously, caressing the plant. Harry saw – with relief – that the swelling had subsided. The dark haired, plump man had always liked dangerous plants, even if they didn't like him.

'Put some more clothes on?' Harry asked. 'I think that's a wonderful idea!' He scowled and turned around trying to get away and back to the safety of their bed.

'Oh no you don't!' Cedric shouted loudly, and grabbed Harry's waist, pulling him back. 'We are going to take a bath,' he informed Neville. 'What's the new password to the prefect's bathroom?'

'Lavender Salts,' Neville said, with the briefest of smiles. 'See you two later, I've got some work to do,' he said and walked purposefully down the corridor.

'You thought you could get away!' Cedric teased Harry. 'It's Bath Time!'

Harry absentmindedly pawed at a clump of bubbles, watching how they disappeared under the water and vanished. The water felt so warm around him, wafting over his slim body and Cedric's who was pressed against him. The bathroom hadn't changed, everything was so similar. The only difference was that a portrait of a male merman hung beside that of the mermaids. The merman had a blue sparkling tail, and vivid eyes to match. His hair was long, black and silky. Harry almost envied its shine. When the portrait caught him staring he winked and ran his fingers through his hair, much in the same fashion his female friend did. Harry quickly tore his eyes away and rested them on Cedric. The man was leaning his head on Harry's shoulder, eyes closed in bliss. Harry kissed his head, and stroked his soft brown hair.

Cedric opened his grey eyes and smiled up at him, reaching down to touch Harry's inner thigh. 'That was fan-tast-tic,' he said throatily, drawing the word out and meaning every syllable.

'Mm, it was,' Harry agreed his eyes glazing over when Cedric kissed his shoulder.

Cedric lifted his head from Harry's shoulder and swam over to the taps turning the hot water on.

'Ced,' Harry sighed swimming after him. 'It's too hot to turn the water on,' he said grabbing his arm before he reached the tap.

'Because you're in the water,' Cedric grinned kissing him swiftly and firmly.

'Did you come over here and pretend you were going to do that, just so you could use that stupid pick up line?' Harry asked breathlessly.

'Uh,' Cedric said, pretending to think. 'Yeah.'

Harry laughed and put his arms around Cedric's neck, pressing his forehead to his. 'You're unbelievably adorable when you do things like that, did you know?'

'No,' Cedric shook his head. 'I didn't know, maybe I should use adorably stupid pickup lines more often?'

'Mm, please do.'

'Do you remember when we first came here?' Cedric asked him, brushing his damp hair from his eyes.

'We weren't a 'we' then,' Harry pointed out. 'You seduced me into coming.'

'Is that your word of the day?' he asked grinning. 'Seduced?'

'Only because you keep enticing me,' Harry said with a laugh. 'Oh what do you know? I didn't use that word!'

'Enticing means exactly the same thing!' Cedric chuckled. 'Anyway, I remember when I so wrongly seduced you into coming here, you were absolutely delightful.'

'You looked like a god,' Harry then added, 'you still do.'

'And then Moaning Myrtle caught us making out.'

'That was funny,' Harry commented. 'Very funny.'

'Oh! Do you remember the Yule Ball?'

'I was so jealous all night,' Harry said, snorting as he remembered.

'But then we made out some more in the Rose Gardens, you looked gorgeous.'

'But you looked sexy'!

'Best year at Hogwarts ever,' Cedric said using gestures to emphasis his point.

'It was my favorite too, all because of you,' Harry said, kissing Cedric softly. When they broke apart Cedric pushed gently on Harry's neck, bringing him back on for more. Letting his hand wander freely, Harry smiled as he ran his fingers over Cedric's spinal cord and over his buttocks and across a thigh. Cedric shuddered at his touch and stroked Harry's chest with his knuckles.

'I'm touched,' Cedric said softly, lifting Harry's hand to his mouth and brushing his lips across it. 'Emotionally and literally,' he said, laughing.

Harry smiled widely. 'You know how much I love you don't you?'

Cedric nodded and said; 'To the ends of the Earth, and that's a direct quote!'

'It's true, I love you so much. Forever and ever.'

'Come on, Harry, we've been together so long now. I know you love me. Each other's childhood sweetheart, what we have is amazing.' Cedric smiled at him, cupping his cheek and kissing him just below his eye. 'I love you so much. Forever and ever and ever.'

Harry's eyes swelled with tears as he looked at Cedric.

'What's wrong Harry?'

'Nothing,' he said, whipping his eyes dry. 'Just remembering how the last time we were here we admitted we liked each other.'

Cedric smiled at him and kissed his lips, softly and first but then strongly. His large hands were stroking the back of Harry's neck. When the kiss broke Harry grasped Cedric's hand firmly under the water, smiling at his partner.

'Things have come in full circle now,' Cedric said, pulling Harry onto his lap and kissing his ear.

The End.

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