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A/N: Well, it's decided my dedicated readers- I have finally chosen out of the two fanfic ideas that you guys have reviewed about. Honestly, it was both an easy win, yet a not so easy win. Most of you liked the second one better than the first, but to tell you the truth, I really favored the first one. I had uber ideas and such for that one, but the second one was actually a little interesting and since you guys liked it the most, i've done a little experimenting with it and believe it or not, i'm in love with it. Yes, I have chosen the second fanfic for my new sequel for Regrets In My Heart. I've decided to call my new fanfic, "I Hate to Love You" and i've actually finished a few chapters. But just to tease you guys, you'll only be getting two, lulz. Just to see how you like it. Remember to review 'cause I just absolutley adore your comments, plus look out for another fanfic i'm in the midst of working on. It's a Sesshomaru and Rin creation and they're my absolute favorite anime couple. It's not finished yet, but keep your eyes open- you'll love it. So just hurry on and read the new fanfic, let me know what you think!

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