Why had I fucked up so many times? Why couldn't I for once listen to my mother?...Oh I know because she was no better than me. For a long time we were just leaving "happily ever" but then he came into the picture. Phil ruined everything ruined her but how could she fall so easily to his stupid charm. Thanks to my rebelling against their "love" like she put it, why the hell would I care about her? When she didn't give a fuck about me!, I'm stuck now on a stupid plane to forks to get straightened out but come on! Really if I didn't listen to her then what made her think I would listen to a father who I hardly knew?

The flight was so boring as hell that I almost as committed suicide just to have some fun. When I got off the plane there my father, Charlie, stood waiting for me with wide eyes. I couldn't blame him I wasn't his little pig tail wearing little girl anymore. I was different…so different that sometimes I didn't even know myself. When finally I was in arm length he hugged me awkwardly since I didn't hug him back.

"You look…different" he said scratching the back of his head as he looked me over again as though making sure I was …his daughter.

"Yea…you too" I said as I just stood there. I couldn't blame him people always stared at me. My hair was no longer a chocolate brown, my eyes no more brown, my make up wasn't light and my dressing wasn't any better. I don't care what people thought I liked the way I was and that's that.

"Are we leaving any time soon?" I asked annoyed as I tapped my foot against the tile floor.

"Yea…sorry" he said blushing as he walked ahead of me and I followed behind him. Finally, we reached his car and I smiled. I was too familiarized to riding in a cop car.

"What?" he asked as noticing my smile

"Um…" I said as I got into the front seat of the car "I'm usually in the back seat"

"Bella…" he said shaking his head disapprovingly and I just glared his way

"Don't even" I just said as I turned on his radio and blasted an Ozzy song.

The ride home seemed to last forever but we made it home late at night. I got my stuff and walked into the house that was the root of my nightmares. I stopped right in front of the stairs hesitating to go up when Charlie came up behind me scaring the shit out of me.

"I'm sorry kiddo you okay?" he said trying to hold his laugh

"Peachy" I said as I stormed up the stairs not really wanting to be on them too long.

"Well some one is in a hurry" Charlie said from the leaving room.

The minute I stepped to the room I let out a breath that I was holding in. Then I took in my room. Nothing had changed everything remained the same from when I had last visited and that was when I was ten. First thing was taking down all the lame cute animal posters along with all the pop singers posters. I crumbled them and opened my window to toss out the crumbled posters. I placed what clothes I had into my brown armoire. I sighed as I saw the out dated computer and unplugged it out and took it into the hallway closet. I placed my new lap top on my brown desk and dusted the rest of my room before collapsing on my twin sized bed. Just as my eyes closed…his face flashed into vision making me sit up. I rubbed my eyes lightly and then I realized I still had my contacts on. I walked to the bathroom and took a good look at my self under the bright naked bulb.

I was…different. My hair dyed black totally noticeable against my pale skin. My bang that hung over my right eye dyed a dark purple with red tips was just the cherry on top. My Marilyn Manson eye contacts made me smile. I remembered the first time I got them and all the kids at school thought I had a disease or something. Stupid kids…I mean I was the most popular girl and then second year to high school I changed and my supposedly "friends" ditched me, But I don't care they weren't my real friends. My only friend…my best friend was my mother…I know how lame but she also ditched me. I sighed and took off my contacts placing them on their containers and then I stripped. I turned the water as cold as it would get and I went in feeling the water pressure massaging me as washing away all my troubles.

The next morning to my luck I woke up late. For some odd reason I was thinking that the bright sun would wake me up but instead I woke up to a cloudy day that made me smile until I saw the clock.

"Shit!" I said rushing out of bed as I pulled out whatever clothes and put them on. I rushed into the bathroom and did my hair as I stuck a toothbrush into my mouth.

"What time is it?" I screamed to myself as I ran into my room and saw it was eight o'clock. "Damn it" I said under my breath as I hurried back into the bathroom and looked at my outfit to match my make up with. I wore a back and white stripped tin-top with a black skirt with black and white stripped tights and my usual combat boots. I went with black eye shadow and heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick and kissed my image before running out the bathroom to my room and as I grabbed my bag back I realized…how the hell am I getting to school?

I went down stairs and there on the living room coffee table where a pair of keys and a note from Charlie. 'Hope you like it' was all he wrote and I grabbed them as I saw the clock and it said 8:15.

"Damn It" I said and walked out and saw a beat up old red truck. I rolled my eyes as I just threw my bag back in and started the truck. The engine roared to life making the whole truck vibrate roughly. I pulled out the driveway and speeded to school. I wanted to avoid being noticed but me arriving late to school wasn't going to help. It was 8:45 by the time I got to school and I cursed the whole time as I walked the empty hallways and made my way to my class which took another fifteen minutes meaning I didn't arrive till nine o'clock.

I stepped into the classroom with all eyes on me. I tried to avoid all the stares and especially the giggles and rude words.

"Well hello" the teacher said as I handed her my schedule and she smiled "go ahead and sit next to him" she said as she pointed to blonde guy and then said "Mike". Mike looked at me and then whispered something to the girl in front of him and she looked up and both of them laughed. This was nothing new to me.

The rest of the class passed by uneventful as I just looked at my notebook and heard all the comments kids where already saying especially that guy mike and the girl in front of him whose name I knew as Jessica. Great I had enemies already but as long as they didn't attack me personally we were cool.

My next class sadly was no better. Kids whispered and commented on me as I passed by them. Finally, when I was about to get up and hurt someone the bell rang signaling lunch time.

I casually made my way to an empty table as everyone's eyes were on me. As I sat down I looked around and then to my surprise a group of five kids paler than me! If you can believe that stood awkwardly as they looked at me. Great was I sitting at their table? Well too late I was already sitting down I wasn't about to move but knowing them they will provably turn around and leave. I rested my head on my left hand and let my bang fall in front of my face as I sighed and then I heard the sound of trays being placed on the table. I looked up to see a pixy like girl sit across from me, a blond guy sat next to her as he looked at me intently. Then too my surprise a big bulky guy sat next to me making me jump a little and he chuckled as a tall blonde girl sat next to him. Then the last to arrive was a bronze haired guy who sat on the other side of the pixy girl as he also looked at me intently.

"Hi!" the pixy girl said suddenly startling me. She patiently waited for my answer. Well if they were willing to at least sit with me... or maybe they were hoping to scare me away but making the pixy girl talk to me in an overly pitched voice. I wasn't about to let them win either way.

"Sup" I finally said

"I'm Alice" she said as she extended her hand in a hand shake and I shook my hand declining. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to put on my gloves which was not smart at all. I was screwed basically but so far I was keeping up.

"Okay…well here is Jasper" she said pointing at the blonde guy next to her "that Rosaline and Emmitt" she now said as she pointed at the blond girl and the big bulky guy "and this is Edward" she said pointing at the bronze haired guy who was still staring at me almost frustrated. Okay this was too weird don't take me wrong i'm all about weird and creepy but this was just …different. I don't know what it was maybe because they looked eerie enough like …him but I couldn't just sit there and pretend we were all the best of best friends. I just got up and quickly walked away.

This was harder than I thought. Maybe I just need a break. I quickly made my way to my truck and drove off.

"Nice, cutting on your first day already Bella?" I told my self as I got out the parking lot speeding off to some where…somewhere else than here.