Charlie wasn't home when I arrived which gave Edward an excuse to be able to babysit me as I waited nervously for Charlie to get home. I was biting my nails as I sat on the couch shaking my leg nervously. Edward stood at the window having his back toward me the whole time. He seemed as tense as me but he always seemed tense.

"Hey" I finally said as the silence became too much

"Yes" he answered

"Are you always like this" I asked him

"Like what?" he asked

"Well, all tense and stand offish" I said making him look at me confused

"I suppose" he simply said after a while only making me groan

"Is something wrong?" he asked me

"You know it wouldn't kill you to make conversation once in a while" I said

"Well, what would you like to talk about?" he asked

"I don't know anything" I said leaning back as I lifted my legs to rest on the coffee table

"I don't know either" he stated, he was being stubborn and it was getting me annoyed

"What's your favorite color?" I asked

"Brown" he said keeping it short

"Why" I said

"Why brown?" he asked in return only making me roll my eyes at him

"Why is brown your favorite color" I said

"I don't know I suppose just because" he said shrugging his shoulders making me smile for some reason

"What is your favorite color?" he asked me

"It's pretty obvious" I said

"Pink!" I added in a high pitch voice only making him smile

"You like to make jokes don't you?" he asked

"It's called a personality" I stated which made him burst out into laughter

I smiled as I held back my own laugh as I saw Edward lean against the window casually almost human as he kept laughing. He seemed straight out of a commercial as I kept my eyes on him as his laugh subsided.

"Charlie is coming" he stated as he made a move to leave

"Wait, what do I tell him exactly?" I asked as I stood up

"Just go with the flow if I couch you through it you'll only panic and ruin it" he said as he stood at the door

"Gee thanks" I said and he was gone

I paced in the leaving room until I heard Charlie's cruiser in the driveway. I quickly decided to run up the stairs as I waited in my room, that way it won't look too staged.

"Bella I'm home" Charlie said

"Hey dad" I said cheerfully as I skipped down the stairs and I already wanted to slap myself, it was too cheerful obviously not me

"Hey kiddo" he said as I entered the living room

"What you do today?" he asked as he sat on the couch taking off his shoes

"I actually hung out with Alice today" I said

"That's one of Doctor Cullen's kids right?" he asked as he turned on the TV.

"Yeah she's in my grade" I said

"Did you have fun?" he asked

"Yeah we just hung out at her house since she has it all to herself this weekend" I said quickly but nothing skipped over Charlie

"By herself?" he said sounding worried, oh no

"Well not really her brothers went camping with their dad for some father and sons bonding thing they usually do" I said

"Oh" he simply said as he decided on a channel

"Yeah, and you see since it's only her and her mom and sister well Alice was wondering if maybe I could sleep over for the weekend" I said and took in a breath

"That sounds like fun" he said and I coughed on the air that I had taken in

"Really?" I asked and again I wanted to slap myself

"It's fine you haven't given me reason not to trust you or should I not trust you?" he asked and I quickly shook my head

"Good, well does this mean you will be spending the night at their house tonight?" he asked

"Yeah, I'll probably be back some time Sunday" I said

"Sounds good" he said

"Thanks dad" I said as I hugged him quickly before running upstairs

I nearly screamed as I saw Edward standing in the middle of my room already packing some of my stuff.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I saw him head for my underwear drawer

"Helping you back" he said as he stopped what he was doing

"I can do it" I said quickly pushing him back

"We need to leave soon" he said making me stop in my tracks

"Did something change?" I asked nervously

"Yes, but it's nothing to worry about but we're simply taking pre-caution" he said

"Pack light Alice already has most of your stuff already" he added as I opened the drawer

"Most?" I said as I looked at an empty drawer, did Alice think that I had accidents or something?

"She gets carried away but humor her" he said and I simply nodded

I added a couple of pairs of shoes and sweaters before quickly zipping up my bag and hung it over my shoulder.

"I'll be waiting outside" Edward said before vanishing

"Hey dad I'm heading out already" I said as I reached the bottom of the stairs

"Be careful" he said and that sounded odd yet very appropriate

I hesitated at the door before dropping my back and running into the living room to crush him into a hug. He seemed surprised but returned the hug just as hard.

"I love you" I said as I placed a kiss on his cheek

"And I love you" he said smiling

I blushed deeply as I turned around and rushed to the door getting my bag.

I wouldn't admit it but I was scared, terrified would be the right thing to say. Things could go horribly wrong and I probably won't see my dad again. I loved my dad I really did no matter what and that made me feel even horrible for being so hard on him these couple of months.

"I promise to change" I said as I heard clatter in the living room

"What brought this up?" My dad suddenly said behind me

"I've decided to change to make something of myself" I said as I turned around and gave my dad a smile

"That's what I like to hear" he said and I simply nodded and walked out

Edward was already in the truck when I got inside.

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to" Edward said but that was really annoying to say at a time like this

I gladly ignored the comment and started the car which Edward didn't really like but I ignored him. If I tried to make conversation with him then he would have tried to convince me to change my mind. At this point I would be easy to be convince to change my mind but I didn't want that. I had to do this not just for me but everybody.

"Just to warn you it's kind of hectic in my house" Edward warned as I drove into his driveway

"Is there something you're not telling me?" I asked him as I parked the car

He ignored my question and just got out. He was so annoying! I take back ever thinking that he was cute.

"Bella!" Alice said as she met me and Edward at the door

"So what's the plan?" I asked

"Rosalie and Esme are staying behind" she said which I had already guessed

"You will be leaving with me and Jasper while Carlisle, Emmett and Edward stay behind until I see where we are heading" she said

"You don't know where we're going?" I asked surprised

"Alexander is avoiding making decisions but I do know mine and I see us driving somewhere I just don't know where we stopping" She admitted sounding a little defeated

"Well I trust you Alice" I said making her smile wide as she pulled me into a hug at the same time dragging me inside the house

"When are we leaving?" I asked as I stood in their living room

"In a couple of hours you might want to rest before we leave" Alice said

"No, I'm fine" I said shaking my head as I sat down on their couch

"Okay, we'll be pretty much busy so entertain yourself for a while" she said as she threw the TV remote at me

"What are you going?" I asked as I watched between Alice and Edward

"I have to make preparations to possible outcomes" she said and then gestured to Edward

"He needs to hunt" she added as she was now pushing him out of the room smirking to herself

I slouched on the couch as I simply stared at the black screen of the TV. I felt weird being in their home as the empty house seemed to be suffocating me. I fidgeted in the couch as I looked over my shoulder as I felt like I was being watched and then I heard it.

'Bella my dear' His voice rang through the empty halls of the house and I jumped to my feet

It's all in my head I thought as I shook my head and sat back down

'Yes I'm in your head' he said with a chuckle and I stiffened at the sound of his voice

'What do you want?" I said in my head as I bit down on my bottom lip feeling stupid

'You know what I want' He said and I hung my head in shame as I shook it

'Why are you doing this?' I said in a plea

I waited for the answer but it never came as I was suddenly surprised by the presence of Rosalie sitting next to me.

"Geez somebody was big time day dreaming" she commented as she eyed me curiously

"Sorry it's just the nerves I guess" I said shrugging my shoulders

"Come on they say I have to feed the human" she said as she stood up

"Oh I'm Fi…" I started to say until my stomach growled embarrassedly loud

"Never mind let's feed the human" I mumbled making her laugh

Two hours later I was fed and was now being babysat by Emmett who was intent on beating me on mash bros. He thinks that I'm cheating which I try to reassure him that I'm simply just pressing random buttons but he will here none of it.

"Will you stop that" he groaned

"I'm not doing anything" I say as I continue pressing random buttons

"You keep cornering me that's cheating fight fair" he whined which only makes me laugh

His character falls and I jump to my feet to do a dramatic victory dance only to annoy him more as he simply throws his control like a child.

"In your face rawr!" I said as I flexed my muscles like a wrestler

"Shut up I could break you with my pinky"

"I would like to see you try" I said motioning him forward which only made him smirk

"Please don't taunt him" I heard Edward say behind me

I turned around to see him walk in along with Jasper who carried a bag

"Are we leaving?" I asked as I eyed the bag

"Yes" Jasper replied

"Okay let me just get my stuff" I said

"No need everything is in the car" Edward said

"Okay" I said awkwardly

"Come on" he added and I followed him out to their garage

Alice was already at the driver's side as jasper placed the bag that he was carrying in the trunk closing it. Edward opened the door for me but I hesitated for a bit before I took in a deep breath and turned around to face him.

"Um… be safe okay" I said as I blushed and looked down

"I should be saying that" he said chuckling

"I know what you're all risking and I just want to make sure you all know that I'm grateful" I said

"Do you know what you're risking?" he asked

"What I die deal with it" I said frustrated

"Don't ever joke about that!" he growled as he stepped closer pressing me against the car

"I'm not joking I rather it be me not one of you guys" I said as I tried to push away from the car but he was there pressing me against it

"Death isn't the worst thing that could happen to you" he growled in a threatening tone which threw me over the edge

"What I become a vampire! So what! What's the big fucking deal! You need to chill the fuck out!" I snapped as I pushed hard against him but he didn't budge

"Don't" he growled but then suddenly both our shoulders relaxed and this wave of calming hit us as he stepped back and I let out a breath of relief

"Would it be so bad if I became one of you guys?" I asked

"Who would want you to be one of us?" he asked in return

Arrogant asshole!

I got into the back seat of the car slamming the door shut.

"Bella?" Alice said cautiously

"Aren't we leaving?" I snapped as I buckled myself in roughly trying to avoid looking out the window

"He didn't…" she started to say but I simply groaned

"Let him fucking fight his own battles his not a baby" I said

The car ride was awkwardly silent as Jasper and Alice held hands. I avoided looking their way as I glared outside the window trying hard to forget my conversation with Edward. We had already been driving aimlessly for about an hour and every minute seemed to irritate me even more. Suddenly the car jerked slightly and I turned my gaze to Alice who had that gone look on her face.

"Is she okay?" I asked Jasper as I leaned closer

Alice held the wheel tight as it still sped down the highway which slightly freaked me out but not as much as Alice's vacant stare.

"He's following us" She stated and I jumped back slamming myself against the back seat as I looked over my shoulder

"I'm going to pull over soon" she said and for a minute I thought she was talking to us but as I turned my attention to her and she was on the phone

Her lips moved in a blur and I heard an annoying buzz and that's when I knew that she must be talking at vampire speed

"Is everything okay?" I asked once again leaning forward

"She's just making sure that everyone else gets there as well in time" Jasper answered

"In time?" I questioned but they didn't answer and Alice closed her phone

"What's going to happened?" I asked

"We are going to pull over a few exits down at a rest stop it's going to be empty and that's when Alexander meets us" she said and I nodded trying not to freak out but I could feel Jasper's gaze on me

We remained silent as i forced myself to relax and not panic as immediate fear was crawling over my body. I was nervous and almost on the verge of puking as Alice started to pull over.

"Take deep breaths" Jasper said as I nodded bending over to rest my forehead on my knees

Was I having a panic attack?

My palms were sweating as I forcefully wiped them on my knees still taking deep breaths.

"Maybe you should step out for fresh air" Alice suggested

Had she seen this? Had she seen me panicking?

I stepped outside and took deep breaths as the cold wind stung my nose. It was cold and I was shivering but the cold air was helping me as I felt less faint. I leaned against the car just as Alice and Jasper stepped outside both very much on guard. They eyed their surroundings before they joined me in back of the car.

"Bella never leave my side" she said as she stepped close to me

"Okay" I said nodding

"I'm serious under no circumstances will you leave my side" she said warningly and I nodded

I knew though that I would not be able to keep the promise. A part of me knew that she had provably seen me do something stupid.

The atmosphere seemed to change as both Jasper and Alice looked off to the nearing trees. I looked as well but I saw nothing but then suddenly something moved among the shadows. I gasped as I could tell there was a shape to the moving shadow as it got closer. I gripped Alice hand as the shadow broke into the light and I could see his white skin.

There he was just like my visions and I nearly gasped as my body took a step forward but Alice held me back. I wanted to run and hug him but I had to remind myself that he wasn't the same Alexander I had gotten a crush on all those years ago.

"Ah, forgot about the physic one" he commented

"Alexander" She replied

"Alice darling how you been?" he asked with a smirk as he was now a good couple of feet away

"It's been what a hundred years Jasper?" he added

His questions went unanswered as he simply stood there and stared at them but his eyes never strayed to me and I felt hurt.

How could he stand there and not acknowledge me? Wasn't he here just because of me?

"I see we have company" he commented as I looked over at the direction he faced

Carlisle, Emmett and Edward walked out of the tree line as they cautiously walked over us never leaving their eyes off of Alexander. Edward took a protective crouch in front of Alice; Emmett took his position in front of Jasper but slightly in front of me as well as Carlisle took the leader role in front of us all.

"Alexander is there a way that we can work this out?" Carlisle said in his leadership role

"I believe not old friend" he said as he took another step toward us and I stepped back only pressing myself closer to the car

"There is no reason to spill blood tonight" Carlisle said

He remained silent as he still kept looking at everyone except at me. His eyes though seemed to mingle on Edward and then it hit me.

He wasn't going to kill me at all. Edward was his plan all along. It made sense now.

"It's Edward not me" I said as Alexander smirked and all hell broke loose.

I panicked right away as I was thrown over the car landing on the hood with a loud 'thud'. I groaned at the pain that shot through my back as I tried to gasp for air that was knocked out of me. My back stung as I rolled off the hood landing on the ground roughly. My throat felt dry and parched as I licked my dry lip as I tried to comprehend what had happened.

Everything happened so fast.

All that made sense was the growling noises and the sounds of colliding rocks were deafening.

I was scared and I couldn't help but cry as I laid flat down on my stomach unable to find the strength to move.

I felt pitiful.