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The one word that would fill Jack Dawkins with both dread and excitement at the same time. His feet hit the uneven pavement of the street, his legs carrying him as fast as he could, his musky coloured coat filling out behind him as the wind hit the boy as he belted away from his victim, his loyal partner, Master Charley Bates, alongside him.

You see, the reason that young Master Jack Dawkins, who would rather have you call him the Artful Dodger (thank-you every much), was running away from an old lady like his life were in danger was that, in fact, his life was indeed in danger; as a young pickpocket apprentice of the one and only Fagin, he had got caught nabbing a wipe and now and Charley were running…for their lives.

He knew what would happen once they reached Fagin's house. If he didn't cop it from their angry old victim he would most defiantly from Fagin. Once Fagin knew that they had been caught by someone…Dodger would be throttled! But they had nearly reached the alleyways-


Dodger nearly tripped over his own feet from the shock of the sound. The London street erupted into screams as a gun shot was sounded through the air…but this did not stop the Dodger running (it was only later that he regretted not stopping). The boy kept up his flight and he was so concern from getting off the open street and away from any policemen that he did not noticing Charley's missing presence next to him. People were screaming some sort of chant. Dodger guessed it was "theft! theft! Stop them boys!" or some other chant the crowds of people of London were only too excited and happy to join in on a good chase of criminals.

Finally! thought Dodger as he reached the safety of the dark alleyway. He slowed to a halt, gasping for breathe. What an escape! Turning around he expected to see Charley's smiling face of excitement from their near capture. However all that greeted him was the opening of the alleyway, with no Charley Bates emerging into it.

Something tightened in Dodger's chest. Slowly he approached the alleyway opening into the London street. Carefully he reentered the street but Charley was no where to be found.

Perhaps he's still running, thought Dodger, no wait, he was right next to me…he would have seen the alleyway, we were heading straight for it!

But something else caught his attention; a crowd of people were crowding around some sort of amusement on the street. He moved closer; everyone seemed to have forgotten the incident with the thieves from the sudden gun shot.

He was curious though, the people were shouting in loud voices,

"He's hurt! Someone get a policemen!"

"Of for Pity Sake, give the boy some air!"

"He's been shot! Someone help him!"

He approached the crowd, pulling his hat further down on his head and avoided eye contact with anyone…best not to get attention. He moved his eyes to the fixation of the Londoners. His blue eyes narrowed in confusion then widened in horror of the realization of what he was seeing.

He knew instantly who the attraction was when he saw the navy blue coat and burgundy cap that belonged to Charley Bates on the boy lying on the ground, covered in dirt and blood. His already pale face had lost all existing colour it naturally had and Dodger could see the blood running down the boy's fingers of his arms and he knew Charley had been shot. His hazel eyes were half open and he looked like he would pass out at any moment from his blood loss.

"What's happening here?" asked a deep and authorized voice and instantly Dodger cringed within. It was a policemen, or in Dodger's words, a Trap.

"This boy's been shot!" exclaimed a woman opposite Dodger who was crouching down next to Charley trying to remove his blue overcoat, who in his half conscious state was trying to prevent her from doing so. If the situation had not been so serious then Dodger would have laughed. He wasn't surprised that Charley was struggling with the woman to not part with his coat, he loved the bloody thing, hardly took it off!

"Right," said the policemen, "I'll take him down to the station and we'll get a surgeon to look at him."

Dodger felt his stomach drop…station…Charley…oh no…

Dodger looked back down at Charley and to his utter surprise Charley was looking straight at him, for a moment their eyes met and Dodger watched as Charley opened his mouth as if to say something but then shut it again.

But nobody noticed it except Dodger himself. He felt something hit down on him hard. His best friend; his brother, was calling out to him and there was no way that Dodger could help him.

The policemen walked forward and picked Charley up. Dodger didn't move for his spot and he walked Charley being taken away from by the Trap, with a crowd of spectators following.

Dodger swallowed and recovered from his shock he moved quickly to the fastest way back to Fagin's place.

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