Title: Arachnophobia

Summary: It's a sign. All we need is a sign. It's everywhere.

Arachnophobia: He knew a few women who were brave enough to face Akuma. And out of those women she would be deemed the bravest; it was enough to assume that she hardly afraid of anything… "Who would've thought." He smirked.

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She was so bored.

The Black Order has been too quiet lately that it was enough to surprise her. Even her brother who is usually seen annoying the wits out of her has gone quiet. Come to think of it almost everyone was out on a mission except her. Strangely her brother has become too cautious regarding her missions.

She allowed her feet to lead her aimlessly around the halls of The Tower.

She wanted to go around town today but, she preferred to have company. Miranda and Krory just returned from their last mission so it was understandable that they all they want for now was some good sleep. Meanwhile Allen was on the way home from Germany and Kanda was coming from Spain. Both of them would definitely cause a ruckus when they come back but, that would be after a week or so.

There had been no news from Lavi.

He's been gone for almost a month and there was absolutely no news about him.

Bookman wasn't with him but, he isn't with the Black Order either. Her brother told him that he left for some important business and, whatever it was it had nothing to do with them.

Before Bookman left Rinali shared her concern with him and just grinned at the evident worry in her face and said,

"He's alright. After all he is Lavi."

And it sounded like the perfect statement to describe the laid-back Exorcist with a goofy smile. She smiled at his statement and allowed herself to calm down. Yet her nature of constantly worrying over people bothered her and, she decided that she would be completely convinced once she sees him face to face.

Rinali winced at the realization of her train of thoughts. She was about to stop and ponder about it when she noticed a huge black door standing in front of her. Her fingers reached out for the knobs of the door and felt familiarity surging through her body. She took a deep breath, stretched both hands and opened the door.

The library was a huge, hollow room filled with books no one imagined existed. It had titles on all sorts of topics, in various sizes, with different book covers, tattered parchment paper with old scribbles of ink in assorted languages. She inhaled the strange and unique smell that could only be produced by these books.

The room was very dim and Rinali had to walk slowly around the room until she found the window curtains. She tugged at the curtains and slowly started to spread them open allowing the bright sunshine to give more light to the hollow room. The windows were as huge as the door so she didn't bother opening them.

The library is on the second top most floor of the tower.

After taking in the breath taking view outside, she turned around the room and frowned. Although the library is one of the Black Order's pride it was very…

Very dusty.

Not to mention cobwebs everywhere and random books scattered or stacked on the floor. Pages of some books were torn off and added to the clutter of the room. It reminded her so much of her brother's office where paper replaced the floor tiles.

Isn't this where Lavi resides all the time?

How he loves the atmosphere and the aura of the room she can understand that much but, the room seriously needs cleaning. Without second thought she left the room in search of a mop, bucket, rags and various cleaning materials.

Cleaning up the library would take a long time.

She dreaded the thought but, she had nothing better to do anyway. A thought crossed her mind and made her smile.

It would be enough to spend time on as she waits for the library's red-haired laid-back resident.


Dressed in a white apron, she tucked the sleeves of her black dress as she got ready to clean. She started as cleaning up as soon as she got all the materials she needed. Even when she went several floors down the tower just to look for cleaning materials she hadn't bump into any familiar face. Everybody was strangely occupied these days but, it didn't bother her anymore since she found something to distract herself.

She grabbed the ladder and decided to start dusting the cobwebs off the ceiling. She started from the huge doors going to the wide windows. She dusted off the cobwebs with her dominant hand and covered her mouth and nose with her free hand.

A bath sounds really good once she finishes whatever she can at the end of the day.

After the tedious task of dusting cobwebs she finally reached the windows. She was very relieved to have a breathtaking view to distract her thoughts.

Rinali absent-mindedly stopped dusting off cobwebs as she sighed wistfully at the view before her. It was like being on the top of the world to be able to see just the town's houses and people in minor detail. The sky looked a lot clearer and so close to her reach.

As her thoughts started flowing she can't help but feel a strange chill in her spine. She felt small movements around the library and she wasn't sure what it was. The library door was huge; if anyone would come inside she should have seen the person instantly. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She slowly turned around trying to maintain her balance on the ladder.

Her deep violet eyes widened when it came to contact with a four tiny pairs of black eyes reflecting the shock t held. Its tiny legs were squirming very slowly as its body nimbly hang itself from the thin silky thread. It was black from head to body to legs and it didn't look to friendly. In Rinali's opinion that is, since it was just two inches away from her face.

The cold chill in her spine came again and there was no use holding back because she couldn't take it anymore.

He needed sleep pretty badly.

In all honestly he thought he would never get back in one piece. First the crappy train ride, then the good-for-nothing-map which had landmarks that were applicable ten years back, then the boat ride which almost sank no thanks to the Akuma, he lost his finder and in addition his wallet and… ah heck you probably don't want to hear the rest of it.

To cut it short:

It was hell.

Lavi was dragging his sore feet to his destination, his home. The tall black tower standing just a few miles ahead of him also known as The Black Order's Headquarters. And as always a wave of anticipation washed through him. It feels very nice to be home knowing that people were waiting for your return.

To distract himself from the length of his walk he wondered how everyone was doing. He hadn't heard from anybody since golem got eaten and the fact that he was always on the run hardly gave him anytime to communicate with headquarters; it was really frustrating.

From what he recalled Allen was in Germany and Yu was in Spain. He didn't know if Miranda and Krory where back from their missions but if they weren't then…. Headquarters sounded really gloomy right now.

He winced and remembered that Rinali didn't have any mission.

His brother had been very protective lately and had limited her number of missions. If that was the case then she must be pretty bored right now. And in an instant his thoughts swirled around the raven-haired exorcist.

He smirked as he wondered what she might be doing right now. Lavi guessed that her train of thought would run around something like this: I wonder how everyone is doing now?, I hope their safe, Is everybody doing okay? And other similar phrases that ran through the same thought. Sometimes it bothered Lavi that she worries too much and he would always assure her that everything will be okay.

For a selfless person Rinali is one of the few women he knows who is brave enough to battle an Akuma. She isn't the kind to be feared since the Dark Boots gave her poise and elegance but, even without activating it she still has those qualities anyway. Out of all those women he deemed her the bravest and it was safe to assume that she was hardly afraid of anything except losing the people dear to her.

And for some reason a part of him wanted to see her bright welcoming smile as he stepped through the doors of headquarters.

Lavi blinked and realized that he was already in front of headquarters.

He stretched his arms hoping some stretching would wake him up. His body may be fully awake but his mind and soul were as good as dead right now. A bath sounds really good now.


The familiar voice was enough to send an alarm to his body and it shook him awake instantly. It sent chills to his spine as he sensed fear wavering in her voice. He worriedly stared up and searched as to where the scream could've come from and sensed it coming from the second top most floor of the tower.

Without second thought he took his hammer and ordered it to extend until the second top most floor of the tower to the damsel in distress who's screamed for reasons who knows what.


Frozen stiff as she shakily tried to maintain her balance, Rinali clamped her mouth shut at the realization that her scream was probably strong enough to echo throughout the tower. She was now praying so hard that no one would come and witness such embarrassment.

The spider twitched some more and it looked like it was about to move. She decided to get down as soon as possible before the spider caused her to scream again. She was doing well going down when the spider strangely had the same train of though and started going down with the help of its silky thread.

That was it! She decided to jump of the ladder when she lost her footing and her deep violet eyes widened as she heard a familiar voice scream her name.



She turned her head slightly to see Lavi who broke through the window as he caught her fall with the help of his hammer. The huge window now had a huge crack and the shards were flying inside the library like bullets. He grabbed her petite frame close to him as they crashed heavily on the floor.

Rinali was the first one who got up and panicked at the grimace on Lavi's face.

"Lavi! Lavi are you alright?!"

His emerald eye cracked open just to be blinded by deep violet ones. He groaned as he felt a headache spinning through his head.

"I'm so glad you're alright!!!" She took his hand and held it in hers as she tried to suppress the tears forming in her eyes.

He could only grin, "Idiot." She giggled and beamed with her usual bright smile. It was either that or his headache was making him dizzy. He slowly sat up and looked around the room, "What were you doing here anyway?"

"I was cleaning up until you arrived."

He raised a brow, "Eh?"

"It was pretty boring while everyone was out on their own mission and everyone seemed strangely preoccupied today."

He took a few minutes to register what she just said and agreed, "Oh."

Then he popped the question, "Why were you screaming? Did something happen?"

He didn't fail to memorize every detail on her face when she blushed, "Nothing."

Lavi being the mischievous prat that he was, took her by surprise as he tightened the grip on her hand as he stood up and made her stand up with him. Curiosity and mischief was dripping in his voice, "Oh really?"

Annoyed, Rinali just stared somewhere else and refused to meet his eye. "I told you it was nothing."

Curiosity was starting to kill Lavi as he restlessly wondered what it was that would make this brave, selfless and not to mention beautiful woman, scream in fear.

By the looks of her face she looked pretty determined not to talk about it. Lavi accepted this as a losing battle and decided to change the topic when a small black object started slinging itself downward with the help of long silk thread. He was about to point it out to Rinali when he noted she was biting down a scream as she shuddered and quickly hid behind him.

"I.don't.want.to.see.it." She muttered against his back as she gripped on his clothes tightly.

His glances shifted from the innocent spider dangling two inches from his face and the petite frame who was hiding behind him. His gaze remained at the innocent spider that was coated black all over, with four pairs of tiny black eyes and eight squirming legs.

This made her scream and shudder.

This made him fly to the second top most floor of the building.

This is what she was afraid of??

As he registered the amusing discovery in his head he was grinning like an idiot deep inside as tried his very best to keep it to himself. To think that he was just thinking about her being one of the bravest women he's ever known. He just couldn't help it and this time he was mentally laughing.

The bravest woman he knew was actually arachnophobic.

"Who would've thought?" He smirked as he took the tiny hammer from his pants and sending the innocent little spider flying out the window. He muttered a small 'Thank You' and the smirk on his face grew wider. I come home for the first time in many weeks and this is what I find. It's so nice to be home.

"You can look now."

Rinali popped her head from behind his back and blinked in relief to see that the object of her dread was nowhere to be seen. Lavi turned to face her and she quickly took a few steps back. Frustration and embarrassment was mixed in her face.

"If it helps," He paused as he caught her attention with her deep violet eyes glaring at his emerald ones, "I won't tell anyone."

If looks could kill Lavi was lying in the pool his blood right now, "You won't tell anyone?"

He gulped as he raised his hands in surrender, "I promise." Her expression relaxed a little as she gave a small and shy smile, "I'll take your word on that."

He took a deep breath and was very thankful that she wasn't glaring right now when she suddenly spoke up again, "In exchange you have to help me clear up the mess you've caused."

Lavi blinked as he glanced around the room. She was right the place really was a mess with all the shattered glasses scattered on the floor. He frowned as he thought of a way to escape his predicament.

"Fine but I have a condition as well." Lenalee raised a brow in curiosity.

A deviant grin crept up his face and Rinali didn't look pleased, "I won't tell anyone about it if…" The death glare stared back at him again, "If?"

"If you don't mind sharing a bath with me, besides I'm sure you're dying to have one after all the cleaning you've---"


A rag came flying to his face and stopped him from finishing his sentence.

I'll take that as a no then. "Ri-Rinali I was just joking." He waved his hands frantically to emphasize that he was because she was walking closer to him.


She tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek coloring his cheeks with a shade of bright red. He winced and looked down at her bright smile and can't help but return the smile as well.

"This should be enough for a thank you."

And after that Lavi swore to kill all the spiders he would come across to if he were to be kissed for every spider he killed.

Of course he won't forget to thank you.

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