Chapter 1: The Plan

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, nor do I care to take credit for such wonderful books. Frankly I am way too lazy to even think of creating and writing such an extraordinary series. I'm not going to write down the first chapter with Dumbledore and McGonagall. I'm going to assume everyone knows it, and start from the second chapter of the real book. For those of you who haven't realized it yet, this is going to be a complete remake from book one. Enjoy.

Nearly ten years had passed since the Dursleys had woken up to find their nephew on the front step, and Privet Drive had changed drastically.

In fact, Little Whinging, and even Surrey had changed just as much. The change had of course come from Vernon Dursley's plan. The plan he had shared with his wife after careful thought.

"If we have to have a wizard in the house Petunia, we should take advantage of it!" he had stated emphatically. "Imagine what we could do! Practically become kings! Punish and even kill people who dont listen, have it make things for us out of thin air!"

"I don't know Vernon, these freaks have their own laws. What if they find out?"

"But the gossip you could know, he will probably be able to read minds, and think, you walk into any store and want something- POOF- you have it, even if we don't have the money to pay for it!"

It had been the last two arguments more than anything that had clinched it for Petunia. Harry Potter was there to stay, and grow up knowing and learning to do magic.

The 'training' that Harry had been put through was crude at best.

"BOY!" shouted Uncle Vernon, "You better smash that vase by the time I get to three or you will get the beating of your life!"

Was usually how it went, with the smashing of the vase being any example of something Vernon wanted. From money being created out of thin air, or the next door neighbor's dog dropping dead.

It had taken a few beatings for Harry to actually begin doing anything, and even so, after it he had been extremely tired until he got used to it, similar to the feeling after working out for a while.

But when he had managed to master a skill, he was given 'prizes' in reality books to help him learn more and give him more ideas to train.

The new computer he had gotten at age five was a good example as the budding World Wide Net helped him learn things like Telekinetic Energies and how to master them.

Telekinetics was not magic per say and he had even managed to teach his relatives how to do it within the year, but mixing it together with his magic and they became a deadly mix.

Harry had been told to start changing the house, slowly but surely it started to look like Buckingham Palace. The Police force in Little Whinging was quickly overrun by the child wizard, and the city quickly turned into its own empire with Vernon and Petunia at the top.

Harry himself had been the 'bodyguard' for the 'Royal family', of course forcing a local Sensei to teach him Martial Arts, through what he realized later was a variation of the Imperious Curse.

He had also been taught from former officers, what gun was what, and how to shoot and aim properly, using the same technique that was used on the Sensei of course.

It had not ended well for the Dursleys. At age nine, testing his mind reading skills on his Aunt, he had quickly come to the day of when he had been dropped on the front step, and learned of whom his parents really were.

He had learned that day of the rest of the Wizarding World, and had wondered why they hadn't come by to take care of the situation, never realizing that the protections he had placed around the city were too powerful and easily blocked the ministry from finding out what went on.

It was that day that Harry had learnt of his Aunt's and mother's childhood. A childhood of Petunia stealing Lily's books in a fit of jealousy and reading them. It was then that Harry had a crash course in seven years of Hogwarts, quickly becoming a fully trained wizard.

It was then that Harry began to impatiently wait for his eleventh birthday when he himself would be able to go, and spend seven years learning whatever he wanted about his unique ability.

It was also that day that the reign of the Dursley's came to an end, and the reign of Harry Potter started.

It was that day that Harry killed without remorse each and every one of his relatives.

A/N: Well that's the first chapter, I dunno if its any good, but it hit me and I'd like to see where this goes. Basically Harry is a fully trained wizard capable of doing any magic –wandless to boot. He has budding skills in Legilimency, but doesn't yet know of Occlumency. Also notice he has no morals, being that his loving relatives didn't see fit to teach him any before their untimely death.

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