Chapter 5: Settling In

"POTTER!" The yell of his name was quickly becoming natural to Harry despite the many different voices that did it. This time it was wonderfully old and wrinkly McGonagall who had the pleasure of berating the young but oh so powerful Boy-Who-Lived.

How he hated that title.

He decided that he would get his company to start working on a charm that would make everyone, barring a few people he let, forget that they gave him that title. He wouldn't make them forget about his fame, oh no he needed that for political clout, but that title just pissed him off for some reason.

After a sufficient amount of time he lazily glanced up at McGonagall noting her obvious distress over the comfortable leather arm chair that he had transfigured his uncomfortable desk into, it even had a footrest that popped out as he leaned back. Oh yes, very comfortable indeed.

"Something wrong?" he asked easily making sure to emphasize the pleasure he was getting at pissing a professor off.

Minerva McGonagall looked down trying to decide whether to strangle the boy or award a thousand points to Slytherin for a transfiguration that should have been impossible for any first year, Boy-Who-Lived – or not, to perform. His laziness and obvious disrespect made it easy to make a compromise.

"Fifty points to Slytherin for an amazing display of transfiguration, and a months worth of detention with me for your obvious disrespect!" she snarled. She was more infuriated when he just smiled.

While the rest of the Gryffindors were gaping at their Head of House, Slytherin was mentally cheering their by now unofficial leader on. Harry took no notice and replied easily, "I see my sources were correct in informing me that you weren't too prejudiced." noting her ire wasn't too high he set his goal to pissing her off as much as possible. "Hopefully," he continued smirking, "I can change that."

She gaped. She honestly didn't know what else to do, whatever she was going to teach to the class that day had flown out of her head and the only thing she wanted to teach was this young whelp some respect. "Seventy-Five points from Slytherin!" she snarled angrily.

Now it was the Gryffindors who were cheering Potter on while the Slytherins were glaring at him. He just laughed, "Now that's more like it. This should be easier than I thought."

Class continued more or less in that fashion with Slytherin gaining and losing points for his skill in transfiguration, and his disrespect to McGonagall. By the end of the class McGonagall canceled all her remaining classes and went off to see the headmaster about one slimy snakey Slytherin.

Harry grinned to himself as he left Transfiguration with an extremely pissed off and confused professor sitting at her desk. Mission accomplished. Although seriously, she was a Master at her art and could probably teach him a few things, he was too pissed off at Dumbledore for forcing him to come to 

Hogwarts to actually care at this point. Stupid laws and prophecies, only Dumbledore would enact an ancient law that was never revoked only because people didn't know it existed.

After looking into it, Harry realized that the agreement between him and Dumbledore, based around this obscure and utterly ridiculous law, didn't allow Dumbledore to expel him, although if the Ministry decided to expel him they could but Dumbledore would be forced to fight them every step of the way.

He took great pleasure in this knowledge, which Dumbledore undoubtedly knew but obviously kept from him for the 'Greater Good', and never missed a chance at breaking the rules, as so evidenced by the class he just left. Oh yeah and the current lack of uniform he was wearing.

It amused him to no ends how much he could torment the purebloods, and indeed his whole house, by simply wearing muggle clothes, black pants, black sleeveless T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. On his pants he wore a belt; the only piece of color he wore was the silver clasp of the belt that was fashioned into a snake. On the belt he had two gun holsters on each side, both hidden by his jacket as well as a dozen or so charms and wards.

Turning a corner, he gave a surprised yelp as he ran into someone. That someone also yelped and fell to the floor. Harry being much studier and stronger than any student, didn't even get pushed back. He was however annoyed.

"Watch where you're going you mentally retarded piece of ..." he trailed off as he noticed the 'someone' happened to be a small girl, obviously a first year, and obviously a Hufflepuff by the colors on her robes, but... no Hufflepuff would glare at another person like that.

Indeed if looks could kill, besides for a basilisk's obviously, he'd be deader than a doorknob, and would probably not come back as a ghost, as he had no soul.

"I was watching where I was going you dumbass!" snarled the girl. Hufflepuff indeed.

"It's just that your obviously over-inflated head doesn't allow you to look around. If you stick your nose any higher, your head would probably snap off your neck from being bent so far back. If only that happened, the world wouldn't have to suffer from a complete utter jackass as you!"

"Oh," Harry replied lifting an eyebrow, "and I suppose you would be the expert on having a nose in the air, or you a head-in-the-ass person, you stuck up shit-pile!?"

The girls jaw dropped as she stood up ready to start ranting again when Harry interrupted her. "I think I'll leave you to think up more insults, I'm sure you know who I am so come find me in two weeks when you have your comeback ready, until then." Harry smoothly stepped around her and continued walking, his mind now preoccupied with Hufflepuff girls who had the mouth of a Gryffindor.


Dumbledore was calmly sitting in his desk, worrying whether Harry would find out that he couldn't be expelled when he was alerted to Snape coming, quite rapidly actually, towards his office. He sighed, he 

knew the timetables and he knew that Harry had just finished Potions. He wouldn't be surprised if McGonagall visited him next, Harry seemed to want to make it clear that he was not happy here.

The door to Dumbledore's office burst open in an amazing display of Snape's remarkable control he had over his temper, or rather his lack thereof. Dumbledore sighed again, the joys of being young and impulsive.

"Headmaster, I must insist you remove that menace from this school!" Snape's uncalm uncontrolled but still unshouted statement made Dumbledore bring out his poker face. The one everyone hated with his twinkling eyes and annoying calm look of the 'all knowing'. This of course just served to piss Snape off even more.

"Today, he blatantly disrespected me in front of the class, and forced me to –err remove points from my own house! Me remove points from my own house! And that's only after coming a half-hour late into class and interrupting at a critical moment that caused the potions to…" Snape trailed off noticing that Dumbledore was not listening.

Dumbledore in fact had suddenly tuned Snape out as he realized something that he knew he would regret sometime in the near future. Harry had the password to his office. Now normally that wouldn't be cause for concern but since Harry currently was not following any school rules, nor was there any way at the moment to discipline him this was cause for great concern.

His poker face slipped and his eyes stopped twinkling, he had not noticed that Snape was in front of him gaping at the fact that the unflappable Dumbledore was finally, at least in appearances, flapped! Snape knew what he had to do, turning around he let out a scream and shouted, "MINERVA! PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!" before dramatically falling to the floor.

As he hit his head on Dumbledore's desk, not part of the plan obviously, and began to black out, Snape swore that if what he just did didn't get Dumbledore out of whatever day dream he had just been in he would kill the old fool himself Azkaban be damned!

Dumbledore frowned; he could've sworn that Snape was here a minute ago. No matter, now that he was gone he could change his password before Harry got any ideas. Reassuming his poker face, and making a vow to never lose it again, Dumbledore closed his eyes and connected his considerable power, to Hogwarts' even greater power. Two minutes later the change was done and Dumbledore opened his eyes smiling. His office was now protected by a secure password and no one would be able to get in.

Nodding to himself happily, he grabbed another Lemon Drop and proceeded to suck it while turning to his favorite muggle series. The Hardy Boys Mysteries, written by Franklin W. Dixon was great entertainment for Dumbledore and he was reading the series again, for the fifth time.

It was some time later that a screech was heard from outside his gargoyle. Shockingly, the screech seemed to have said something along the lines of, "DUMBLEDORE!!" and seemed to be in a familiar voice, but Dumbledore, being Dumbledore, passed it off easily as coincidence and continued to enjoy 

sucking lemon drops while reading about Frank and Joe messing around with magnets in order to find a secret passage.

That was until an explosion shook his office. Suddenly very worried, Dumbledore got up quickly and moved to his door, however to his surprise, he found himself sprawled along his floor having tripped over a Severus Snape, and would have knocked himself hard if not for the wandless cushioning charm he performed as a reflex, one of the few usefull benefits of the previous war.

Looking at Snape Dubmledore frowned, 'I wonder how he got there,' he thought as he quickly woke him up. Snape shook his head and looked around, only to jump in shock and pull his wand when the door behind him opened with a BANG! Dumbledore took one look at McGonagall's face and sighed. Harry had just finished Transfiguration.

Scene Break

It was a few weeks later when Dumbledore and the rest of the staff finally found a way to discipline Harry to a point. Dumbledore after having watched the amusing interactions between Harry and a Hufflepuff first year named Susan Bones, which had continued through out the days, theorised that by giving Hufflepuff points for anything Harry did wrong was a surefire way for Harry to protest and stop what he was doing. To a point.

They still could not force Harry to wear uniform, nor could they force him to sit at an actual desk and take notes but they did curb his disrespectful behavior, at least everyone but Snape did. Snape had not even considered the option of giving Hufflepuff points and so still suffered from Harry's sarcasm and wit.

When McGonagall first gave Hufflepuff points for Harry interrupting her lesson, Harry had stared at her in shock, as had the rest of students, before he shrugged it off as another wacky idea from Dumbledore, and ignored it like he did the other times of attempted discipline. However the word had gotten around school that Harry Potter was actually earning points for Hufflepuff with his misconduct, and the next time he saw Bones she had smirked at him and said, "Keep it up Potter, we may actually win the House Cup this year." Since then Harry took the threat of Hufflepuff gaining points seriously.

Once he had stopped disrupting, McGonagall realised that Harry had an amazing potential, as had Flitwick and the two of them had offered personal tutoring, to which he had reluctantly –at first- agreed to. Now he enjoyed the sessions he had with McGonagall and Flitwick and learned a lot, although he was able to wipe the floor with them during an actual dueling session; something which Flitwick always enjoyed, to the point where McGonagall had begged Dumbledore to personally tutor him in dueling something which both Harry and Dumbledore refused.

Harry had made his move, checking Dumbledore, and after a few weeks Dumbledore had managed to block it. Now, even though he enjoyed Hogwarts to an extent, Harry spent most of his free time trying to think up his next move, something which would hopefully checkmate Dumbledore and enable him to leave and continue his life the way it was before Dumbledore stepped in.

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