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Shifting from his seat on the berth, Optimus cast a wary glance at Mei/Erin and Rewind curled up on the human-sized cot, deep in recharge. Or so he had to assume.

Ratchet looked up from welding the slice on his arm shut. "Don't worry; they're all asleep." He said quietly.

"Are you sure?" Optimus asked, looking back at them speculatively.

"As sure as I'll ever be." The medic replied. "Is something wrong?"

"You have spent more time with Mei, so tell me this: is she really the Allspark?"

Ratchet's hands remained steady, tugging on severed wires and replacing them if needed. "As far as I can tell, she is. I suppose that's why Erin can't go very far from a shard."

"It seems impossible, and yet here they are in front of us. A human and the Allspark sharing a body." Optimus shook his head. "What do you think our course of action should be?"

Ratchet paused to look at the two bodies on the berth, conscious that there was more to Erin than what he could see right now. "Let's talk to them when they wake up." He suggested. "Get more information before choosing on a course of action."

"Ratchet, if the Decepticons got the Allspark, do you think they could revive Megatron?"

Ratchet looked up at his patient who had his eyes on Erin. "If she wanted to, I suppose she could." He said at last, going back to repairing his leader's only injury. "However, I doubt she would. There. Done." He patted Optimus' shoulder gently. "Get some sleep, and I'll wake you up when they do."

With a grateful nod, the enormous Autobot lay back on the berth and slipped into recharge even before Ratchet reached his office.


'Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your innovations–'

"Not in the mood,"

'Every time I stop to watch the moon
Dance across the early evening sky
Every time I hear a country tune
I can see the shores of Waianae
Every time I listen to my heart telling me it longs
To go back home
And it makes me want to
Cause I miss you, my Hawaii–'

"Too depressing,"


Erin laughed. "That's so sweet it's sickening."

Mei, who also understood the Asian language playing over the improvised television laughed, a sound like wind-chimes in the girl's head. 'Perhaps it's time you found a mate, then.'

Erin made an odd sound. "No! No, no no. Never. " Mei merely laughed again, but their argument had drawn the attention of Ratchet and had woken Optimus from his recharge, something they had been trying to avoid. Two pairs of optics turned to glow at them, and both fell silent, the entity turning off the improvised television without taking her eyes off the two Autobots.

"Uh…morning?" Erin said rather unconvincingly, sensing their stares.

"If you don't mind, we'd like to ask you and Mei a few questions," Erin swung her legs nervously, clenching her fists in her lap.

"Okay," Mei answered, taking over due to her host's nervousness.

"Are you the Allspark?" Optimus asked.


"Is it possible to separate you two?"

Mei/Erin paused and ran a hand through her long black bangs, sighing. "Technically, yes."

"Technically?" Ratchet echoed. "How?"

Mei hesitated. "Theoretically, you'd take out the shards of metal in Erin's chest, and we'd be two separate entities once more." She said at last.

"Are there any detrimental side-effects to you being in an organic body?"

Mei looked at the medic, silvery eyes cold. "To me or to Erin?" from her little corner, Erin was radiating indignation and trust.


"No 'detrimental side-effects' to either of us." The Allspark said, echoing her host's indignation. "With a little work, Erin won't need to keep a shard of my former body (if you could even call it that) near her for her to function."

'Tell them that I'm up for it even if they aren't.' Erin said, nudging Mei who obeyed.

"What I don't understand is how you know what is going to happen before it happens." Optimus said in confusion. "How are you able to do that?"

"How are you able to function? How am I able to give and take life away? When you can answer that, you'll have your answer." Was the flat reply from the entity in the blind teenage human. "Is that all you wanted to ask?"

"What will happen next?" Optimus wanted to know. "Will the Decepticons attack again?"

Mei smiled thinly. "From what I've heard from Jazz and Prowl and Jordan and Katie, they will undoubtedly attack again until they've all been destroyed. That you know, Optimus Prime. However, when I know their plans, I will be sure to tell you." That caught the massive Autobot off-guard. "I know I should be impartial, but I'm not perfect, no more than you are. Now I have another job: give life, take life, and protect Erin." Mei raised her hands and flexed them, watching the long fingers and strong hand close smoothly, then the muscles ripple in her forearm as she moved her arm around. "I have a larger range of motion now, and this time I can actually have a say in things. I can hear and smell and feel and taste and see, and I love that. I never knew what I was missing, and not only that, I'm not all alone. Erin talks with me all the time and in a way, we keep each other company. So yes. Protecting Erin is a high priority for me."

'Can't we discuss this later? I wanna see what happens on that Japanese soap.' Erin said plaintively, and inwardly Mei chuckled.

'I know, Erin. I doubt think the questioning will last very much longer, so I don't think you'll miss a whole lot.'

"What about the remaining Stunticons? Drag Strip and Motormaster. What should we do about them?" Ratchet asked Optimus.

Mei coughed. "Drag Strip won't last very long, and neither will Motormaster. Their lifespans will be much shorter if you toss them in the same cell, too. Anyway, the acid Armonie had in her gun is slowly eating through the wires in his cortex and will kill him with agonizing slowness. If you want, I'll give him a mercy stroke."

The two Autobots traded glances. "Is there anything we can learn from them? Surviving Decepticons? Plans? Anything?" Ratchet asked, obviously not wanting to kill them in cold blood.

Mei shook her head. "Nothing. They were outcasts since they landed here."

Ratchet sighed and looked at Optimus. "Well? Orders?"

Mei snorted as if to say 'I don't take orders from you' but waited for what the Autobot Prime had to say. "What else could we do with them?"

"Nothing." Mei replied hollowly, already reaching mentally for their sparks.

The Prime covered his face with his massive hand. "Is there any other way?"

"It is a mercy stroke." Mei told him woodenly. "I don't like it any more than you do, but both of them will die long, agonizing deaths which will be made even worse by being in the presence of the Autobots." The sparks and the Matrix called to her and idly she answered back. There was a pause, and the med-bay became two bodies quieter. "Done."

It was silent for a long moment. 'Japanese soaps?' Erin asked hopefully, brushing off the deaths in a way only she – or a total stranger – could.

And so a minute later, Mei obeyed and went back to watching Japanese soaps with her host, leaving the Autobots to deal with their own problems.

'Everything will be hectic, won't it?' Erin asked abruptly. 'No one will like that you're in me, and the Decepticons will keep coming to try and get you once they figure out why I have a strange energy signature.'

Mei hesitated, not wanting to scare the girl, but also not wanting to lie to her. 'That is certainly true,' she said at last. 'Everything will be crazy.'

Erin snorted. 'More than usual?'

The Allspark smiled. 'Definitely.'

There was a long pause as they sat in comfortable silence, listening to the Japanese soap that was playing. 'Wait…are they cops?'

'Yes, I believe so.'

'You believe so? I thought you were the one who could see!'

'Fine, yes, they are cops.'

'And one of them is named Jordan?'


'And her partner is named Prowl?'

'…That's just freaky.'

'But funny. Definitely funny.'


Songs used in order:

"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
"I Miss You my Hawaii" by NaLeo Pilimehana

Why the Japanese? 'Cause I was bored in school. ;)

"…But I have to write a report."
"Prowl, work is over and we can go home or eat lunch. Let's go!"
"You can go."
"No, we're going together."
"No, we're going now."
"Fine. You're beautiful."
:) "You're a good cop, aren't you?"
"No, I'm a very good cop." ;) "You're the best, though."

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