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Oxford University, Oxford.

I sat at my desk and looked at the title on the laptop in front of me.

O.K, I thought as I began to type.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Daphne Reynolds- Dashwood. I'm 18 years old and was originally born in the United States of America. A couple of months ago I came to England, to meet my father, Henry Dashwood.

At first, I didn't fit into the whole society thing. A lot of people thought I was rude, messy and just a pain in the butt, but in my defence I was just trying to liven things up.

The first person I met in England was Ian Wallace. He was so nice and so kind to me and after we worked out what had happened when I transformed into a lady, we officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.

You see, after transforming into a lady, I had this debutante thing where I was presented to society. I just knew that I didn't want to be a lady; I wanted to be me again.

So, me and my mom returned back to New York City. My dad made a choice to come after us, so he gave up running for election for a seat in the House of Lords and dumped his political advisor Alastair, when he realized that Alastair knew all along about my mom being pregnant with me and told her to go and that he lied to my dad telling him that my mother had left because there was some other guy. Dad also dumped his fiancé Glynnis Payne and her pain in the butt daughter, Clarrisa.

I was filling in my application form for NYU at another wedding that me and my mom were working at when my dad turned up. At first, he kept losing what he was going to say until he finally told me, he loved me and that he wouldn't change one hair on my head and that he was sorry. After that we had our first father-daughter dance until that got interrupted with my dad bringing a present, my boyfriend Ian Wallace.

So after that, mom and dad sorted out what had been said all those years ago and got married once again. We moved here, I got to see Ian a lot more, my mom and dad were happy, I began at Oxford and me and my dad began to build our relationship.

So that's me, Daphne Reynolds- Dashwood.

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"Hey Percy!" I hugged Percy

"Miss Daphne, good to see you again."

"How are you, how is everyone?" I asked doing my seatbelt up

"I am fine and everyone else is fine." Percy answered

"Cool." I said rummaging in my bag

"Miss Daphne, Lady Dashwood asked me to remind you that there is a ball tonight." Percy said softly

"Oh no." I groaned

Percy looked at me and a little smile crossed his lips.

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