The Big Difference

By: Nezitsuki

Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran High School Host Club. Wish I did, but no. I'm just a poor High School student attempting to write stuff to make other people laugh.


The Hitachiin twins had a mystery to solve. It wasn't a silly mystery like 'Who took the last cookie from the cookie jar?' or 'Who gave Alice that love note last Tuesday?'.

It was a far greater mystery than any of those.

That was a pretty damn serious mystery to them. They had always prided the ability to act like each other in public, it was fun. But now this new girl came along and could easily tell the two apart. It was mind-boggling, heart wrenching and earth shattering for the Hitachiin twins.

Today was the day that they were going to do something about this mystery. The two waited until Haruhi was alone and cornered the cross-dressing girl.

Looking at the twins, Haruhi blankly stared at the two identical serious expressions on their faces.

Heh. Hitachiin twins. Serious. Inner Haruhi was laughing her ass off.

Ooooo look! Inner Haruhi pointed, Hikaru was speaking!

"How can you always tell us apart?"

Oh, Haruhi thought, she thought it was going to be important.

Haruhi looked between he both of them before giving one of her strange smiles. They were obviously expecting an answer, judging by their posture and strange facial expressions.

"Because Kaoru has the hickeys and you don't."

With that, Haruhi spun around on her heel and left the Hitachiin twins to react to her answer.

Complete silence.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

"What the hell!!!"

Flushing, Kaoru's hand flew up to his neck.

"I thought I told you to not leave any marks!"

"But Kaoru," Hikaru whined, "You looked tasty I couldn't help myself."

"That's it! You're sleeping in the other room tonight!" Kaoru shouted, turning around and running towards the music room.

"No! Kaoru! I'll do it where it isn't visible next time! I promise! Kaoru!" Hikaru frantically shouted after his twin.

A few minutes after the two twins left, a figure stepped out of the shadows.

"Hm…Interesting." One Kyoya Ootori muttered, writing in his book. "Very interesting."