"I'm sorry, honey. I really am." Rose could feel the tears beginning to form. "It's twins."

Twins? She was going to have twins? As if the thought of being a single mother of some sort of human/time lord hybrid in a universe she didn't belong in wasn't bad enough, it was bloody twins.

Her mother gave her a weak smile and pulled her into her arms. "It'll be alright sweetheart. Maybe twins won't be so bad... They can keep each other company."

Rose sniffed, trying to keep from crying. "Yeah, but that doesn't help until after you get past the diapers and breastfeeding and up at all hours of the night part."

Her mum smiled. "Do they do that then? Little Time Lord babies. They don't pop out spouting statistics and swinging sonic screwdrivers around?"

Rose snorted, frowned, and gave a sigh of relief. "How could I not think of it before? Time Lord - two hearts. It's not twins, just one baby with two hearts."

She felt tears again slide down her cheeks, this time with relief. No twins. No changing ones nappie while the other tries to get into the cleaning supplies. No rinsing ones hair while the other pours on more shampoo. She'd only be chasing a toddler in one direction, not trying to run in both at the same time.

Jackie gave a sad smile. "Oh, I already thought about that sweetheart. Poor doctor thinks you're having quadruplets."