Run For Your Life

"Oh my God... I lost the key! I LOST THE KEY!"

"How could you lose the key?!" The Doctor shouted, reaching out to dig in her pockets himself, desperately searching.

"You're the one who voluntarily handed his over!"

"It was life or death!"

A shrill cry cut across the land and the Doctor began pounding on the doors. Rose dropped to her hands and knees, scrambling to look amongst the broken ground.

"I don't believe it!" The Doctor dug through his pockets, trying to find anything he could fashion a key out of. Thundering footsteps bellowed behind him. Rose backed up against the TARDIS door and he instinctively moved to protect her, then thought better of it and hid behind her.

"Dirty, bleedin', Time Lord pervert!"

A ceramic mug shattered against the TARDIS.

Rose stammered. "Mum... Please."

The Doctor was helpless as Jackie's fingers clamped down on his ear in a vice like grip.

"I can't believe you got her pregnant!"