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Chapter Six: When the Problems Combine

Otto looked over the readings nervously. He didn't like what he was seeing, and he could feel the eyes of his teammates on him.

"There's still no word from Sprx or his group," Otto said gravely. "And there seems to be some activity outside of the shield."

He put the papers aside and turned to the viewing screen. After a moment, the image of the force field that separated Shuggazoom City from the rest of the planet showed that thousands upon thousands of undead soldiers were pounding on the outside of the shield.

"What are they doing?" Nova asked, squinting at the screen.

"I highly doubt their mere fists are going to break the force field, right, Otto?" Gibson asked.

"Nah, no way," Otto said. "But I don't have a good feeling about this."

"Do you think they're trying to just get our attention?" Nova asked.

"Or trying to distract us?" Antauri murmured. "Nova, it's time for you and Jinmay to take your teams to face them in case they disrupt the shield. The civilians won't be able to hold them off."

"Got it, let's go, Jinmay," Nova said, the two girls leaving as the alarms sounded.

"It looks like it could be a difficult battle. Shouldn't we be out there as well?" Gibson asked.

"Normally I would agree, however you and Supa are needed to prepare the medical team for the likely injuries that will be coming in. Otto, you must make sure that the shield is not compromised. Alert the mechanics and have them prepare for the worst," Antauri turned to leave.

"What are you going to do?" Gibson asked, turning to follow him.

"I must see if this is a distraction. I don't like hat this attack is coming when we can't reach Sprx's squad."

"Sh-sh-sh-super Robot, do you read?" the radio crackled with static.

"Who is this?" Otto asked.

"Pilot Ulu of Sprx-77's squad. I'm sorry to report that we have failed in our mission."

Antauri and Gibson froze in the doorway, both watching Otto over their shoulders.

"Where is Sprx?" Otto asked, a heavy stone forming in his stomach.

"Unknown, we've lost a few of our pilots," Ulu replied. "It was a real mess out there."

Otto glanced back at Antauri; the silver monkey's expression was unreadable.

"Inform them of our situation, Otto, any pilots who cam fight will be needed. Those who have damaged vehicles or are injured are to receive repairs and medical attention immediately," Antauri ordered. He turned to Gibson, "take care of the pilots quickly in case you get those from the front of the force field. I pray it won't come to that, though."

Gibson nodded and Antauri was gone. The blue and green monkeys shared a worried glance before they moved to carry out their duties.

Nova and Jinmay stood at the front line, only a few feet from the shield that separated them from the fierce, undead army that continued to beat their bony fists and weapons upon it.

The number of warriors made Jinmay a little nervous. To her, they were a completely unknown enemy and outnumbered them by quite a bit. She had only seen the evil that Velina had committed, but she didn't have much first-hand experience with the Skeleton King himself.

Nova stared them straight in the eye. She outright refused to be intimidated by these piles of slime and bone, and she was determined to take them all down, by herself if necessary.

Then a movement above them made Nova glance up momentarily, only long enough for her to see the group of jets that Sprx had taken off with hours earlier. She went back to her staring contest, and it seemed that the undead she was staring down took no notice of her glancing away. Even though they probably wouldn't care that they were speaking and there was no guarantee that they could understand her, she still tried not to move her mouth when she spoke.

"Jinmay, it's going to be all right, Sprx is here," Nova murmured.


"Don't look; I just saw their squad flying overhead. We're going to be just fine," Nova said. The smirk was clear in her voice.

"Incoming!" someone shouted from the crowd.

Everyone looked up to see what looked like an oversized canon ball heading towards the shield.

"Retreat!" Jinmay ordered even as she and Nova started moving back.

The black ball hit the shield, splattering on it like a snowball made of tar. Everyone stared as it slowly slid down to the ground. The undead army stopped banging when the ball hit and the soldiers backed away, leaving an eerie silence.

The purpose of the ball became clear when the part of the force field it touched crackled, and then slowly, the ooze began eating away the shield like acid. The undead army immediately began climbing into the hole that was slowly being made.

"Uh oh," Nova muttered, and then she steeled herself. "Attack! Don't let them in!"

Their group surged forward to attempt pushing back the undead soldiers. The fighter jets above them began their own attack outside the edge of the shield.

Everyone gave it their all; everyone used every mood Nova and Jinmay taught them, Jinmay used her robot form to its maximum potential, and Nova pummeled everything in her reach.

In the back of Nova's mind, however, she wondered how long they could all keep it up.

Mobius Quint and Garup ran as fast as they could. Quint was being careful of every step, doing his best not to jar Sprx. The two were able to rig a backpack-like carrier to transport the comatose monkey. Though both of them had a good sense of direction, they still prayed silently that they were going in the right direction and back towards Shuggazoom City.

"How much longer, do you think?" Quint asked.

"Unknown, though I estimate perhaps another few miles," Garup replied.

"If you think you can get ahead, do it."

"I know, I'm trying."

Though Quint was going slower due to his cargo, Garup's little frog legs only kept him a few feet ahead.

"I believe the foliage is clearing," Garup said after they had traveled some more yards ahead. "Yes! I can see the Super Robo-"

Garup stopped short, his mouth hanging open in shock. It only took Quint a couple of steps to catch up to where his froggy companion stood motionless.

They looked upon the awesome sight of the massive numbers of undead soldiers fighting with their own, the force field shimmered, and it seemed it was shorting out and likely it wouldn't be online for much longer.

Quint tugged the strap of the makeshift backpack, suddenly very aware of the weight he was carrying.

"Let's get moving, froggy," Quint said.