Lost so far away

Mother computer Dorothy wanted to find her own answers to her own questions her solution The Family Program. Dorothy wanted to be god so capturing Human beings and using them for experiments in Michelangelo Memorial Hospital

These humans eventually saw Dorothy as a god and obeyed her without question. There names Birdman, Rita, Rainheart and Cain. In case Dorothy ever lost control there was a virus program Dr Pascalle's daughter holds that virus and Dr Steiner's Son hold the key to accessing it. The fate of human kind rests all on Rion and Lilia.


The top of the ruined tower, after a furious battle between two humans and a crazy computer.

Everything was over, the killing, the dying, the agony, the pain…over now ……………..

The tears fell from her face afraid of losing the boy she loves. She rocks him gently in her arms hoping he would wake up and be well

Lilia: Are you going to leave me? Even after you promised me you wouldn't whispering

She placed him on the floor gently

Lilia: Are you really going to leave me alone?

She touched his face and smiled slightly

Lilia: I will never leave you Rion

She wiped away the blood that came from his eyes

Cleaning his face until all the blood was gone

Lilia: there all gone

She touched his cheek like she did in the Babylon hotel, she just wished Rion would hold her hand like he did when she touched his cheeks. He was still breathing so he was still alive but he wouldn't wake up maybe he was resting, maybe he could hear her words. She smiled at the blond boy. A noise coming behind her the sound of the door opening. She quickly turned around only to face a man with bandages around his head.

Lilia: What are you?

Taking steps back trying to stayed away from it as much as she can but it came closer. It grabbed something from it's pocket it looked like a shaped knife Lilia began to panic.

Lilia: no stay back

It went to strike at her until…

Voice: Don't you dare harm Lilia

Lilia watched the thing's head blow to bits

Voice: Are you ok Lilia?

She turned around to see her beloved Rion standing there holding his side

Rion: did he hurt you?

She ignored his question and instead ran up to him and hugged him making Rion blush a little

Lilia: oh Rion you're awake and alive

Rion: of course I'm alive I promised you I wouldn't leave you

Lilia pulled away from her little cuddle

Rion: but right now we need to just get out of here

They went to the door and went to open it only to find it locked

Rion: ARR it won't budge trying to push the door

He started hammering on the door

Lilia: RION

Rion: what is it? What's wrong?

He noticed her staring at the glowing terminal

Rion: why is it doing that?

Lilia: I don't know

It opened itself up Lilia went to walk up to it only to be stopped by Rion

Rion: Don't go near it Lilia

A beam was coming right at them


He grabbed her and pulled her down. He had his arms around her protectively they got up

Lilia: Rion what was that?

Rion: I don't know but it's not safe we need to get out of here

He tried bashing the door again

Lilia: Rion?

Rion: yes?

Lilia: stay with me

Rion: I'm not going to leave you I'll protect you I promise

Lilia stared at the terminal

Lilia: it's glowing again Rion is it going to hurt us?

Rion turned around to see it glowing again

Rion: I don't know Lilia

A another beam came from it but this time it was impossible to dodge

Lilia: RION

Rion's Eyes widened He grabbed Lilia again to protect her but it was no use. The beam touched them and the only thing that was heard then was the screaming of the two teenagers.

Later on

Solider: MOVE MOVE MOVE bashing though the door

Solider 2: who are these two?

Solider: the boy is the son of Dr Steiner his name is Rion Steiner and the girl is the daughter of Dr Pascalle her name is Lilia Pascalle

Solider 2: I see…what the hell happened in here?

Solider: looks like they were trapped in this room

They look badly hurt

Solider 2: get them both take them to the hospital the clinic chief was looking for them both

To be continued

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