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Chapter 4: Anger

Rion felt his head burning, it hurt so much, and he felt anger burn up. The nurse stepped back in fear. Rion eyes began to glow. The began to plead for Rion to stop "Rion! Stop it" Rion screamed out loud as the whole place around him was destroyed. Once his head hurt too much he stopped. But he hated himself for letting Lilia die he was never to forgive himself. He got on his knees "Lilia I'm so sorry" He was now alone in this world.

Lilia cried on her knees "Rion…Rion" The Doctor just stood there emotionless not even showing a sign of sympathy. Lilia looked up at him "I don't believe you Rion isn't dead he isn't I just know it" Doctor frowned "get a hold of yourself Miss Pacalle" suddenly Lilia got a shot of pain in her head. But how? Was it Rion? Was he alive but in pain? Lilia put her hands on her head "Lilia?" Lilia began to cry in pain "My head! It really hurt" The doctor took steps back "No how can it happen" The doctor tried to run for it but Lilia used her head to lock all the doors. The doctor was trapped "Lilia stop this at once!" Lilia stood up "I can't control it" her vision began to blur then it hit her. She screamed and bolts of electricity were destroying the place and even the doctor. When the pain went away Lilia collapse "How?" after a while she got up "Rion? Are you alive? If so I must find you"

Rion sensed something. Like great power that had just been used "what was that?" he walked out the destroyed room "Lilia? Are you here? If you are I must find you and this time protect you I promise" he ran through the endless, white, hospital corridor in order to find his childhood friend, the one who he really cared about.