"Stormer Switches Sides"
"Stormer Switches Sides"
Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: Welcome to the first in a series of Jem stories that I am writing. The title of this story gives away the plot: Stormer leaves the Misfits and joins the Holograms. The decision she makes is easy, but the transition itself does not come easily. But I've thought of this story ever since I saw "The Bands Break Up". Stormer needs this change, and she's better off because of it.

I tried to remain true to the original series. I did this by including references to a wide variety of episodes in all three seasons in an attempt to ground this story within, and tie it to, the TV series. It also serves to make this story seem a natural continuation of the series. The Jem Remix, which will appear at the beginning of every story I write, contains a list of all the episodes, in order of influence, that are referenced in that particular story.

Jem Remix: "The Bands Break Up", "The Beginning", "Roxy Rumbles", "The Talent Search" Parts 1 & 2, "Out of the Past", "Glitter and Gold", "One Jem Too Many", "The Presidential Dilemma", "Island of Deception", "A Father Should Be...", "The Battle of the Bands", "Straight from the Heart", "Britrock", "KJEM", "Kimber's Rebellion", "The Stingers Hit Town" Part 2, "In Search of the Stolen Album", "Journey to Shangri-La", "Journey through Time", "A Change of Heart", "Disaster", "The World Hunger Shindig", "Father's Day".

I wrote the first draft of this story from Monday, July 24, 2000, 3:00 PM to Thursday, October 12, 2000, 3:30 PM. My thanks go to Mooncat for reading this story and offering her comments and suggestions. I completed the second (which I thought was final) draft on Wednesday, February 14, 2001, at 4:16 PM. After two more "final" drafts the day before, in which I added some lines and fixed some continuity, grammar, and code problems, I completed the real final draft on Friday, March 23, 2001, at 11:11 AM.

This story takes place directly following "A Father Should Be...", the final episode. Comments and questions, both good and bad, are welcome. Enjoy the story.

Saturday, October 22, 1988, 5:45 PM

They all watched until she and her father got into the car and drove off. That was it. Ba Nee was gone.
Jem walked over and closed the double doors. She wiped tears from her eyes and turned to face the others.
"Let's get this place cleaned up." Jem said.
Most of the people in the room started picking up party plates, utensils, napkins, cups, and other items.
"You don't really expect us to work, do you?" Rapture asked Jem.
"It's up to you." Jem told her. "You can leave if you want."
"Let's stay and help Jem." Riot said with a smile.
"Uh,...sure." Rapture agreed.
"Yeah, whatever you say, Riot." Minx agreed.
The Stingers started picking up trash.
Rio watched them in amazement. "You've got the touch, Jem."
Jem giggled. "And he's got the power."
"Lame." Rio said.
"C'mon, Misfits." Pizzazz said, walking to the front door.
Roxy and Jetta followed her. Stormer lingered behind.
Pizzazz paused at the door. "Stormer."
"I wanna stay and help clean up." Stormer told her bandmates.
"Suit yourself!" Pizzazz opened the double doors and went outside.
"If you wanna be a goody-goody, go ahead." Roxy left the mansion.
"Bloody waste of energy is what it is." Jetta left as well.
Stormer closed the doors, then she walked over to Kimber.
"Thanks for helping, Stormer." Kimber said with a smile.
Stormer smiled back at her. "Glad to help."
"Are you all right?" Aja asked Jem.
Jem nodded. "I'll be okay."
"We know how much you miss Ba Nee." Raya said.
"Yeah, but you'll see her again." Shana said with a smile.
Jem smiled. "Yeah. Thanks for reminding me." She felt a lot better now. "C'mon, let's finish cleaning up."

Monday, October 24, 1988, 10:00 AM

The doors to Diskovery Records opened. Stormer walked inside.
She went to the New Releases section, picked up the new album by the Limp Lizards, checked out the cover, then read the track listing on the back.
"Hi, Stormer." a voice said.
Stormer turned around. Kimber was standing behind her.
"Oh. Hi, Kimber." Stormer greeted. "Got here early to check out the new albums, too, huh?"
"Well, that's the end result," Kimber told her, "but I'm really here to promote our new album - 'Jem and the Holograms - The Complete Collection'."
"Wow, a compilation album?" Stormer asked.
Kimber picked up the new album off the shelf and handed it to Stormer. "Here, check it out."
Stormer looked at the cover - which showed all five girls - and then turned it over and read the track listing.
"It's got all of our songs so far - including the rare 'Glitter and Gold Theme', which was only available on the tapes that came with the Glitter and Gold Jem and Rio dolls that came out after we won the Glitter and Gold Contest, and the songs that appeared on our doll commercials." Kimber explained. "And since it's a CD, all of the songs have been digitally remastered!"
"Neat." Stormer said.
"You gonna buy it?" Kimber asked excitedly. "Uh, no pressure, of course."
Stormer started to hand the album back to her. "I'd like to, Kimber, but I don't have enough money for it."
Kimber pushed Stormer's hand back. "Tell you what. I'll buy it for you."
"You'd do that for me?" Stormer asked.
"What are friends for?" Kimber replied.
"You still consider me your friend?"
"Sure." Kimber said. "Don't you consider me your friend?"
"I...I guess." Stormer said. Then she smiled. "Sure, I do, Kimber."
"Outrageous!" Kimber exclaimed and put her right arm around Stormer. "Ooh, the new Limp Lizards album is out?!"
"Yep." Stormer said.
"After you listen to it, tell me how it is." Kimber said.
"I'll buy you a copy." Stormer said with a smile. "I've got enough money for two. For some reason, the Limp Lizards' albums sell really cheap."

Two hours later, Stormer was sitting in her bedroom in her apartment, listening to her new Jem album on her stereo.

"Glitter and Gold Theme"
Jem and the Holograms

"Jem goes gold, Glitter and Go-o-old!

Truly outrageous and beautifully bold,
This is the year for Glitter and Gold!
No one's got moves like Glitter and Gold Jem!

Jem goes gold, Glitter and Go-o-old Jem!

The way she crosses her legs,
The way she moves her arms,
Jem is a girl with incredible charms!

Truly outrageous and beautifully bold,
This is the year for Glitter and Gold!

Jem goes gold, Glitter and Go-o-old Jem!


"Glitter and Gold Theme"
Jem and the Holograms

There was a knock at the door. Stormer shut off the radio, stood up, walked into the living room, and looked through the peephole.
She unlocked the door and opened it. Pizzazz, Roxy, Jetta, and Eric walked into the room. Eric closed the door behind him.
"What's up?" Stormer asked.
"We have a problem." Eric told them. "I need to speak with all of you."
Stormer closed the door and sat down on the couch. "Okay, what's going on?"
"'The Stingers Hit Town' is selling like hotcakes." Eric said. "But since Riot left the management of all the other bands signed with Stingers Sound to me, it's my job to get more Misfits merchandise selling."
"Well, what about our fashion dolls?" Stormer asked.
"They're not pulling in enough money." Eric replied. "Apparently, most parents would rather that their kids play with Jem dolls. They say the Misfits dolls are too scary."
"How about a cartoon series?" Stormer suggested.
"Shut up." Roxy said.
"Yeah, the networks would never go for it." Eric agreed.
"What are you listening to?" Pizzazz snatched the album case out of Stormer's hands. "A Jem record?! Ugh!"
"It's a gift from Kimber." Stormer said. "And it's a CD."
"What?" Jetta asked in surprise. "You've been hanging out with the enemy?"
"Again." Pizzazz added while reading the track listing. "Holy crap, all of their songs are on here!"
"Including the rare 'Glitter and Gold Theme'." Stormer added. She stood up. "Hey! That's it! We can release a compilation album - just like they did!"
Pizzazz's lips formed a smile. "Yeah!"
"First the dolls, now a compilation album?" Roxy asked. "Oh, no, we're not copying another one of their ideas."
"Hold on, Roxy." Eric took the album from Pizzazz and looked at it. "Stormer might have something here."
"But it's gotta be expensive." Pizzazz brought up. "It's a double-disc set."
"It is expensive." Stormer confirmed. "But remember, they've got a lot of songs. They need two discs. We don't have nearly as many songs as they do. We can easily fit all of them on one disc!"
"This'll make a lot of money." Eric realized.
"And with no work from us!" Pizzazz realized.
"Okay, I'll tell the recording engineer to get to work on it." Eric handed the album case back to Stormer and left the apartment.
Stormer grinned and jumped in the air. "All right! This is gonna be outrageous!"
Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta scowled at her.
"Oops, sorry, didn't mean to say that. Just slipped out." Stormer apologized quickly, blushing.

At noon, Kimber and Stormer walked into an ice cream parlor together. They went over to the counter.
"I'll have chocolate ice cream, three scoops, please." Stormer said.
"I'll have the same." Kimber said.
When they both got their bowls of ice cream, they paid, took plastic spoons and napkins, walked over to a table by a window, sat down, and started eating.
"Hey, guess what." Stormer said.
"What?" Kimber asked.
"The Misfits are making a compilation album, too." Stormer said.
"Neat." Kimber said.
"Thanks for the idea." Stormer said. "Hey, you want a copy?"
"Do you sing?" Kimber asked.
"Just background vocals." Stormer replied, suddenly sounding disappointed. "Pizzazz does most of the singing. She never lets me sing."
"Thanks, but I'll pass." Kimber said.
"Yeah." Stormer said.
"Hey, cheer up." Kimber grinned. "Wow, I just had the most outrageous idea! Would you like to come with me to The Scene tonight and perform together?"
Stormer smiled. "Sure!"
"When I get home, I'll call Samantha Newark, the owner, and have her schedule us." Kimber said. "Wear something outrageous."
Stormer nodded. "You got it."

When Kimber got home, she picked up the phone in the living room and dialed.
"Hello?" the voice on the other end asked.
"Hi, Sam." Kimber greeted. "This is Kimber Benton of the Holograms."
"Hi, Kimber!" Sam said. "What's up?!"
"Well, I was wondering, can Stormer and I perform tonight?"
"Well, I've already booked the Limp Lizards, but you two can share the stage with them." Sam said. "7:00 okay?"
"Sure." Kimber said.
"Okay, see ya then." Sam said. "Bye."
"Bye." Kimber hung up the phone.
"Who was that, sis?"
Kimber turned around to see Jerrica standing there.
"Oh, Jerrica." Kimber said. "That was Samantha Newark from The Scene. Stormer and I are performing there tonight."
"Oh, a Kimber & Stormer reunion concert, hmm?"
"Yeah." Kimber said, excited. "Wanna come?"
"Sorry, I can't make it." Jerrica apologized. "I got a call from Ashley's math teacher this morning. Her grades aren't that good. She wants me to see her after school, and then I have to do the grocery shopping. I don't know how long I'll be."
"Oh." Kimber said, slightly disappointed.
Jerrica placed her hands on her sister's shoulders. "I'm sorry, Kimber."
"That's okay." Kimber said. "Well, I guess I better go pick an outfit to wear."
She headed upstairs to her bedroom.

Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy, Jetta, and Eric stood outside Stingers Sound. Eric had called a press conference. Reporters were gathering, taking pictures and filming the band.
"All right, one at a time." Eric said. He pointed at a reporter. "You."
"What should we expect to see on the new Misfits album?" the reporter asked.
"It will be a compilation CD of all their songs, digitally remastered and extended." Eric replied.
"Anything new?" a second reporter asked.
"Hmm, there should be. That's a good idea." Eric said. He turned to face the Misfits. "Girls, come up with three new songs for the album."
"All right." Stormer said.
"Whose idea was the CD?" a third reporter asked.
"Why, mine, of course." Pizzazz said.
"What?" Stormer asked in surprise.
Roxy clapped a hand over Stormer's mouth. "Shut up."
"Yeah, you wanna start an argument in front of the press?" Jetta whispered.
Stormer was silent for the rest of the interview and tried her best to keep from crying.

"Pizzazz, what's the big idea?!" Stormer yelled once they were back in the building.
"What?" Pizzazz asked innocently.
"You know very well what!" Stormer yelled. "You hogged all the credit for the album!"
"As the leader of the Misfits, I have to come up with good ideas." Pizzazz explained. "Now get to work writing those songs."
Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta walked off.
"Eric, - " Stormer began.
"You heard her." Eric walked off, leaving Stormer alone.

At 6:15 PM, Stormer walked into the recording studio, where the other Misfits were already gathered.
"I've written the songs, Pizzazz." Stormer said, waving the music sheets in her hand.
Pizzazz took the sheets from her. "Let's see what you've got here." She handed one sheet to Roxy and one sheet to Jetta.
The three of them read over the songs.
"Ugh!" Pizzazz said in disgust. "They're so sweet! I hate 'em!"
"Yeah, they suck!" Roxy agreed.
"Eric could write better songs!" Jetta added.
"These songs are shit, Stormer." Pizzazz tore up the music sheet. "I want new songs by tomorrow morning." She threw the pieces of paper on the floor.
Roxy and Jetta tore up their music sheets and threw them to the floor as well.
"Yes, Pizzazz." Stormer said, choking back a tear. She crouched down, picked up the strips of paper, stood back up, turned, and left the studio.

Stormer drove up to the gate in front of Starlight Mansion. She pressed a button on the intercom.
"This is Stormer. I'm here to pick Kimber up." she said, then she released the button.
The gate opened.
Stormer drove up the driveway and parked in front of the mansion. She got out of her Porsche and walked up the steps.
The double doors opened.
"Hi, Stormer." Raya greeted.
"Hi, Raya." Stormer replied. "Is Kimber ready?"
"Yep!" Kimber called. She walked down the stairs.
"Back to the, um,...atypical make-up, I see." Raya said with a smile.
Kimber grinned. "Yep."
"Have fun." Raya said.
Kimber walked out the double doors, and Raya closed them.
"Hop in." Stormer said, opening the passenger side door for Kimber.
"Outrageous!" Kimber exclaimed. "I've never ridden in a Porsche before!"
Kimber got in the car. Stormer closed the door, walked over to the driver side, and got in.
They fastened their seatbelts and locked their doors. Stormer started the car and drove off.
Kimber looked at Stormer. Her face was more visible now, thanks to the brightness of the street lamps.
"Is something wrong, Stormer?" Kimber asked. "Your face is all red. You look like you've been crying."
"Oh, uh,...I'll tell you when we're in the club." Stormer said. "I don't want to get into an accident."
Must be serious, Kimber thought.

Stormer parked her car by the curb, and she and Kimber got out.
They walked into The Scene. Immediately, they heard the Limp Lizards performing "Broken Glass" on stage, and they felt the cool air touching their bodies.
"Aaahhh, air conditioning." Kimber said in delight. "It was really hot out there."
"Yeah." Stormer said.
"We've got a few minutes before we start to play." Kimber said. "Let's get something to eat, and we'll talk."
"Okay." Stormer agreed.
They sat down at the counter.
"I'll have a peach thick shake." Kimber ordered.
"I'll have a vanilla cola - make it a double - and a hot fudge sundae - three scoops - with a banana." Stormer ordered.
They got their meals and paid for them. They started eating.
"What's wrong, Stormer?" Kimber asked.
"It's the Misfits." Stormer began.
"Shoulda guessed." Kimber said.
"Pizzazz claimed she came up with the idea for the compilation album." Stormer said. "Then, when I wrote some new songs for the album, she said they were shit, and they tore up my music sheets in front of me!" She started to cry.
Kimber placed her left hand on Stormer's right hand. "I'm sorry."
"Thanks." Stormer sniffed and wiped away her tears. "But it's not just that. It's the insults, the put-downs, the pressure into doing things I don't want to do."
"What will you do?" Kimber asked.
Stormer shook her head. "I don't know. I'll try to stand up to them, I guess."
"Yeah, defend your work." Kimber told her.
The Limp Lizards finished performing their song.
Samantha Newark walked up on stage. "Let's hear it for the Limp Lizards!"
A few people clapped their hands.
"Now, as a special treat, Kimber and Stormer have reunited and will perform a concert here right now!" Sam announced.
The spotlight was cast on them, and people started applauding.
"Are you okay?" Kimber asked.
"Yeah," Stormer replied, "I'm okay."
The two of them stood up and walked up to the stage, the spotlight following them. Sam walked off the stage. Kimber stood in front of a keyboard, and Stormer picked up a hand-held keyboard.

"I'm Okay"
Kimber and Stormer

"Sometimes I feel so alone, on the mend.
Sometimes don't know where to turn
Or who to call my friend.

But I'm okay. (I'm okay.)
I have faith in myself.
I'm okay. (I'm okay.)
I'm gonna make it through the day.
I'm okay.

Sometimes I go through so much in my mind.
Sometimes the space that I need
Is no place I can find.

But I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I have faith in myself!
I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I'm gonna make it through the day!
I'm okay!

I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I have faith in myself!
I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I'm gonna make it through the day!
I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I'm okay! (I'm okay!)
I'm okay!"

"I'm Okay"
Kimber and Stormer

The audience cheered, whistled, and applauded.
Stormer took off the keyboard, and she and Kimber took bows. They walked off the stage.
Samantha walked over and hugged them. "That was great! Perfect! You two are a dynamite team!"
"Thanks, Sam." Kimber said.
"Yeah, thanks." Stormer added.
"Will you two perform together tomorrow night, too?" Sam asked.
"Sure!" they answered together.
"Great!" Sam said. "Thank you!"
Kimber smiled at Stormer. "Feeling better, Stormer?"
Stormer smiled back at her. "A lot - thanks to you, Kimber."
Kimber and Stormer hugged each other.

Tuesday, October 25, 1988, 8:55 AM

Stormer walked into the recording studio at Stingers Sound.
"So, have you written the songs we're gonna play?" Pizzazz asked.
"Yes, I have." Stormer handed music sheets to Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta.
"Are you daft?" Jetta asked. "These are the same songs you wrote yesterday!"
"What are you trying to pull, Stormer?" Pizzazz asked, getting in Stormer's face. "I told you to write new songs!"
"I think these are good!" Stormer told her.
"They're not your best work, Stormer!" Pizzazz yelled.
"Look, I worked hard on these songs, and we're gonna play 'em!" Stormer told them.
The other Misfits were surprised at Stormer. She had demanded something of them only once before.
"The Misfits can't play goody-goody songs like these!" Pizzazz told her. "They clash with our image!"
"Eric wants the compilation album out on Monday!" Stormer told her. "If you don't play these songs, we won't have new songs for the album! Eric's gonna wonder what the hold-up is, and I'm gonna tell him!"
Pizzazz scowled. "Fine! We'll play your damn songs!"
Roxy smiled. "That's telling her off, Pizzazz."
"Shut up!" Pizzazz yelled.
Pizzazz picked up her guitar, Roxy picked up her bass guitar, Stormer picked up her keyboard, and Jetta picked up her saxophone.
"Oh, Pizzazz?" Stormer asked.
"What?!" Pizzazz barked.
"I want to sing lead vocals." Stormer said.
"Don't push your luck!" Pizzazz said. "We're ready!"
"Okay, baby, ready up here." the recording engineer said. "Start the first song."
"Stop calling me that! I am not your baby!" Pizzazz yelled. "Okay, hit it, Misfits!"
They started playing the first song. Pizzazz sang the lead vocals.
Stormer wasn't very thrilled with the singing or playing, but she decided to not speak up for the rest of the recording session.
One victory at a time, she decided.

Two hours later, Stormer drove up to the gate of Starlight Mansion.
She pressed the button on the intercom. "Kimber! I've got some great news!"
"Hold on, I'll let you in." Kimber replied.
The gate opened, and Stormer drove up and parked in front of the mansion.
She got out of her car and walked up to the front door. Kimber opened the double doors.
Stormer walked into the living room, and Kimber closed the doors.
"So, what's the great news?" Kimber asked eagerly.
"I stood up to Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta and demanded that they play my songs," Stormer said, "and they did! They're gonna be on the compilation album!"
Kimber hugged Stormer. "Ooh, outrageous!"
Stormer hugged Kimber. "Well,...not really. Pizzazz is singing them."
"Oh." Kimber said, disappointed. "I was all ready to buy the album - just for your songs."
Stormer smiled. "That's nice of you, Kimber. Maybe next time." She held up some music sheets. "Here they are, if you wanna look at 'em."
"You bet!" Kimber snatched the sheets out of Stormer's hand and read them over. "Wow! These are great!"
"Thanks." Stormer said.
"I wish I could have an album of you singing these songs." Kimber said. She thought for a moment, then she slapped her forehead. "Oh, I'm such a ditz! I can have an album! We can record it at Starlight Music! That is...if you want to."
Stormer grinned. "Sure!"
"I'll sing background vocals!" Kimber said excitedly. "Let's go!"

"That's it." Tim said once Kimber and Stormer had finished performing the third song. "I'll have the albums ready for you by tomorrow, girls."
"Thanks, Tim." Kimber said.

Wednesday, October 26, 1988, 11:52 AM

Kimber and Stormer went to have lunch together at the Red Rock Restaurant in the Fashion Plaza Mall.
After they were seated, a waiter came up to them. "May I take your order?"
"Grilled beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, vegetables, and a glass of Pepsi - regular, easy ice." Kimber ordered.
"I'll have the same." Stormer ordered.
The waiter was surprised that they would order such a common meal at such an expensive, high-class restaurant. "Yes, mesdames."
He walked away.
"Hey, Stormer, I was wondering." Kimber began. "How'd you join the Misfits?"
"Well, if you'd like to know." Stormer said. "Craig had just moved to London. Our parents had died in a car accident a year earlier, so, without him, I was on my own. With Craig's permission, I sold our house. I moved into an apartment cuz it was cheaper. I got a job as a waitress at a coffee shop, when one day,..."

Wednesday, May 15, 1985, 2:27 PM

Mary walked over to the young woman that had just sat down at the counter.
"Hi." Mary greeted.
"Gimme coffee - regular, two sugars, two creams." the woman ordered.
"Uh,...okay." Mary said, surprised by the woman's unfriendly attitude. She got the coffee and gave it to the woman. "$1.00."
The woman took a dollar out of her front left jean shorts pocket and put it on the counter. Mary took it.
"I'm Mary."
"So?" the woman asked.
"Well, uh,...I just thought that, since there's no one else here right now, we could...talk." Mary said.
"Roxanne." the woman said.
"Where ya from, Roxanne?" Mary asked.
"Philly. I just got here. Lookin' for a place to stay."
"Have you checked the Los Angeles Times?" Mary asked.
"Of course I have." Roxanne said. "Couldn't find nothin'."
Mary frowned, doubting Roxanne was telling the truth. She couldn't believe there was nothing in the paper about apartments for rent. She decided to not ask any more about it, though.
"Well, I just got an apartment. You can stay with me." Mary offered.
Roxanne frowned. "Why are you being so generous? What do you want in return?"
"I'm just trying to help you." Mary said. "After you get a job, you can start paying half the rent."
Roxanne was silent as she considered the offer.
"It's a nice apartment." Mary added.
"Okay." Roxanne decided. "I accept your offer."
Mary smiled. "Great." She offered Roxanne her right hand. "Mary Phillips."
Roxanne shook Mary's hand. "Roxanne Pelligrini."

After Mary got off work, she and Roxanne drove to Mary's apartment.
They walked inside the building and into the landlord's office.
"Mr. King?" Mary asked. "I'm Mary Phillips, one of your tenants."
"Hi, Mary. Call me Richard."
"Okay." Mary said. "This is Roxanne Pelligrini. She's moving in with me."
"All right. Hold on just a minute." Richard stood up and walked over to a file cabinet. He came back a few seconds later with a sheet of paper and filled in some information in pen. "Both of you will have to sign this new lease."
Mary took the paper from him and read it, then she signed it. She handed it to Roxanne.
Roxanne looked it over. "Um,...excuse us, Mr. King."
She pulled Mary over to a corner of the room.
"What's wrong?" Mary asked.
"Tell me what this says." Roxanne whispered.
"Why?" Mary asked.
"Because I can't read." Roxanne said.
"You...can't read?" Mary asked in surprise.
"No! Now tell me what the damn thing says!" Roxanne demanded.
"It says I'll pay the entire monthly rent for every month until you get a job, then you'll start paying half of the rent every month." Mary told her.
Roxanne and Mary walked back over to Mr. King's desk, and Roxanne signed the lease. She handed it to Mr. King.
"Thank you." Richard said.
Roxanne turned and left the office.
"Bye." Mary waved, then she followed Roxanne.

Mary unlocked the door to her apartment and opened it.
"Well,...this is it - home sweet home." Mary said.
Roxanne walked into the apartment, and Mary followed, closing the door behind her and locking it.
"It's all right." Roxanne said. She sat down on the couch in front of the TV. "Where's the remote?"
Mary picked it up off the coffee table and handed it to her. She sat down next to Roxanne, and her new roommate clicked on the TV.
"I'm surprised you didn't bring anything with you from Philadelphia." Mary said. "Clothes, a car."
"I ain't got a car. I rode the bus." Roxanne said. "I sold most of my clothes to pay the bus fair."
"Gee,...that sucks." Mary said. "I'll take you shopping this Saturday."
"Yeah, okay." Roxanne said.

Saturday, May 18, 1985, 12:27 PM

Mary and Roxanne went to the Fashion Plaza Mall and walked through the food court.
"Hey, look! They're having a karaoke contest!" Mary said. "I've always dreamed of being a singer! Wanna try, Roxanne?"
Roxanne shrugged. "If you want."
They went over to a table and signed up, then they waited their turn. They stood in line behind a woman with wild green hair.
"Hi." Mary said.
The woman turned around and faced her. "Yeah, hi."
"I just found out about this contest." Mary said. "I don't care if we win the $200 prize. I just wanna sing in front of people - at least once."
"Yeah, well, stars sometimes get discovered this way." the woman said. "I'm hoping there's a music executive in the audience. When I win this contest, he'll be begging for me to sign with him."
"It could be a woman." Mary pointed out. "By the way, what's your name?"
"Phyllis Gabor." the woman answered.
"What's with the hair, Phyllis?" Roxanne asked.
Pizzazz grinned and ran a hand through her hair. "You like it? I've had it dyed ever since I was little."
"What's your natural hair color?" Roxanne asked.
"Blonde." Phyllis replied.
"Next up: Phyllis Gabor." the announcer called.
Phyllis walked up on stage.
"Oh, miss, you'll have to sing with a group." the announcer told her. "The thunderstorm is getting closer, so we'll have to get all the contestants to perform in case the power goes out."
"How 'bout it, girls?" Phyllis asked Mary and Roxanne.
"Cool!" Mary ran up on stage.
"Yeah, okay." Roxanne walked up on stage as well.
"I signed up to sing 'Material Girl' by Madonna." Phyllis said.
"So did we." Mary said.
"I'll sing the lead vocals. You'll sing background." Phyllis told them.
"Okay." Mary said.
"Yeah, sure." Roxanne said.
"Okay." Phyllis said, grabbing a microphone. "1, 2, 3, 4!"

"Material Girl"
Phyllis, Mary, and Roxanne

"Some boys kiss me; some boys hug me;
I think they're okay.
If they don't give me proper credit,
I just walk away.

They can beg, and they can plead, but
They can't see the light, (that's right)
'Cause the boy with the cold hard cash
Is always Mister Right,

'Cause we are
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.
You know that we are
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.

Some boys romance; some boys slow dance;
That's all right with me.
If they can't raise my interest, then I
Have to let them be.

Some boys try, and some boys lie but
I don't let them play.
Only boys who save their pennies
Make my rainy day,

'Cause they are
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.
You know that we are
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.

Living in a material world. (material)
Living in a material world.

Boys may come, and boys may go, and
That's all right; you see,
Experience has made me rich and
Now they're after me,

'Cause everybody's
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.
You know that we are
Living in a material world,
And I am a material girl.

A material, a material, a material, a material world.

Living in a material world. (material)
Living in a material world..."

"Material Girl"
Phyllis, Mary, and Roxanne

The audience applauded and cheered.
Phyllis, Roxanne, and Mary walked off the stage.
"Now, the judges will make their decision." the announcer said.
"I hope we win." Roxanne said.
"Of course we'll win." Phyllis assured her. "We sounded great!"
"Well, the audience's reaction was enough for me." Mary said with a smile.
"And the winners are Phyllis Gabor, Mary Phillips, and Roxanne Pelligrini!"
Phyllis, Mary, and Roxanne yelled in excitement. They ran over to the table.
"Here is your check for $200!" the announcer said.
Phyllis snatched the check from his hand. "Yes!"
Suddenly, the lights went out.
"The storm knocked out the power." Mary said.
"So much for clothes shopping." Roxanne said, disappointed.
"Oh, cheer up." Phyllis said. "I'll let you have some of my clothes."
"Thanks, Phyllis." Roxanne said.

The three of them exited the mall. It was pouring rain.
"Let's wait here until the storm ends." Phyllis said. "I don't wanna get my hair wet."
"Good idea." Mary said.
"You know, you two sounded good." Phyllis said. "Why don't we start a band?"
"A band?" Mary asked.
"Yeah." Phyllis said. "Can you play instruments?"
"I can play the keyboard." Mary said.
"I can play the bass guitar." Roxanne said.
"I can play the guitar." Phyllis said. "So, you interested?"
"Well, I'd like to," Mary said, "but I've got a job at a coffee shop."
"Quit it." Phyllis said. "We can make a lot more money as a band."
"Uh,...okay." Mary agreed. "Besides, I don't drink coffee anyway. It stains your teeth and is bad for your memory as you get older."
"Good." Phyllis said. "Can either of you write music?"
"I can." Mary said. "Music and lyrics."
"What about you?" Phyllis asked Roxanne.
"I, uh,...I can't read." Roxanne said. "But I've got a good memory. I can memorize the chords and words if you perform them for me first."
"Okay." Phyllis said. "I'll be the lead guitarist and lead vocalist - the leader of the group."
"Fine by me." Roxanne said.
"Yeah, me, too." Mary agreed.
"I'll use Pizzazz as my stage name." Phyllis said. "I use it when I visit clubs."
"Neat." Roxanne said.
"You'll need stage names, too." Pizzazz said. "Roxanne, you'll be Roxy."
"Hey, cool!" Roxy said with a smile.
"Hmm, now what about you?" Pizzazz asked Mary.
"What's wrong with Mary?" Mary asked.
"Mary?" Pizzazz chuckled. "That's too calm and innocent. You need a name that says 'tough'."
Just then, a flash of lightning lit the sky, and a deafening thunderclap immediately followed.
"That's it!" Pizzazz grinned at Mary. "Your name's Stormer!"
"Stormer." Mary repeated, then she grinned. "I like it!"
"Roxy, black hair just won't work for you. Stormer, the same goes for you and your red hair." Pizzazz said. "You two should dye your hair and put on wild make-up - like I do."
"I'll dye my hair white." Roxy said.
"I thought white would be appropriate for me." Stormer said. "White, lightning, storm, Stormer."
"You can't both be white." Pizzazz said.
"Then I'll dye my hair blue." Stormer said. "My brother, Craig, recently dyed his hair blue."
"Okay." Pizzazz said. "Now we need a name for the band - something that reflects our image." She thought for a moment, then her face brightened as she got an idea. "I've got it! We're the Misfits!"
"The Misfits?" Stormer asked. "I don't think I like that name."
"I like it." Roxy said.
"Okay." Stormer agreed reluctantly.
"I've got a guitar." Pizzazz said. "Roxy, do you have a bass?"
"No." Roxy said.
"Can you afford one?" Pizzazz asked.
"No." Roxy repeated.
"Then I'll buy you one, but you'll have to pay me back once you have the money."
"How generous of you." Roxy said sarcastically.
"Stormer, do you have a keyboard?" Pizzazz asked.
"Yeah." Stormer said with a smile. "It's a neat one that I hold like a guitar."
"Fine, fine." Pizzazz said. "We'll practice at your place."

Friday, May 24, 1985, 6:15 PM

Stormer looked at herself in her bathroom mirror as she clipped a plastic flower to her hair. She smiled and turned off the light.
"What do you think, Roxy?" Stormer asked, walking into the living room.
Roxy looked up at her and rolled her eyes. "Oh, gimme a break."
"Do you like it?" Stormer asked.
Roxy sighed and stood up. "Yeah, yeah, ya look great, girl."
Just then, they heard pounding on the door.
"Open up!" Pizzazz yelled.
Stormer unlocked the door to her apartment, and Pizzazz rushed in, excited.
"Girls, I've got some great news!" Pizzazz said.
Stormer closed the door and locked it.
"I've got us a gig!" Pizzazz said.
"All right!" Roxy said.
"Awesome!" Stormer said. "Where and when is it?"
"We're playing at The Scene tonight at 7!" Pizzazz said. "Put on your baddest outfits, girls! Tonight, the world meets the Misfits!"

Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer walked up on stage. Pizzazz and Roxy picked up their guitars. Stormer picked up her keyboard.
Samantha Newark walked up on stage and turned on a microphone. "Tonight, we've got a new band - the Misfits!"
Some people started clapping, and Sam walked off the stage.
Pizzazz grabbed the microphone. "All right, Misfits, let's show 'em what we've got!"

"Outta My Way"
The Misfits

"Outta my way.
Keep outta my way.
Outta my way.
I ain't playin' around.

Outta my way.
Keep outta my way.
Outta my way.
I've got to cover ground.

I've got what it takes,
And I'm on the attack,
Goin' after the prize,
And nothin's gonna hold me back.


Outta my way.
Keep outta my way.
Outta my way,
Or you're gonna pay.

Outta my way.
Keep outta my way.
Outta my way.
Don't you get in my way.
(Don'tcha, don'tcha, don'tcha)

Outta my way.
Keep outta my way.
Outta my way.
Don't you get in my way.
(Don'tcha, don'tcha, don'tcha)

Outta my way.
Keep outta my way."

"Outta My Way"
The Misfits

A lot of people stood up and cheered and applauded.
Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer took bows and walked off the stage.
"Excuse me, girls."
They turned around and saw a young man with short black hair approaching them.
"Hi, my name is Eric Raymond." he said.
"Yeah, so?" Pizzazz asked.
Eric chuckled. "You might not have heard of me. I run Starlight Music, and I think you sound great! I want to sign you."
"Really?" Pizzazz grinned, suddenly willing to listen.
"Cool." Roxy added.
"Let's go back to my office and talk." Eric said.
As they walked away, Samantha walked over to Pizzazz.
"You guys were great!" Sam said. "Can you play again tomorrow night?!"
Pizzazz shoved Sam out of her way. "Sorry, Sam, we've hit the big time."
"I'm sorry, Sam." Stormer apologized as they left.

Eric led the girls into an elevator that went up the side of the Starlight Music building.
"Wow! Nice view!" Stormer said.
They walked down a hall.
"Gloria, I need some contracts to sign a new band." Eric said.
Gloria was in the middle of packing up her briefcase. "But you said I could go home at 7:30!"
"Then go home." Eric said coldly. "I'll find a more competent secretary tomorrow! You're fired!"
Gloria gasped. "You bastard!"
She finished packing her briefcase and left.
Stormer watched her go, choking back a tear. Should we really be signing with a guy like this?
"Here's my office." Eric said, opening the door.
Pizzazz and Roxy walked inside.
Stormer looked at the name on the door. "Um, Eric?"
"What?" Eric asked.
"If this is your office, why does it say 'Emmet Benton' on the door?" Stormer asked.
"He owns the place, but I'm running things for him now." Eric said.
"Oh." Stormer walked into the office. That means that he just fired his boss' secretary!
Eric walked into the office, closed the door, and turned on the lights.
He went over to the desk and took out three sheets of paper. He filled in some information in pen and handed one paper to each girl.
"These are recording contracts for Starlight Records." Eric told them. "Read and sign at the bottom."
"Uuuhhh,..." Roxy said.
"What's the matter? Can't you read?" Eric asked.
"No, I can't!" Roxy said. "So, tell me what the damn thing says!"
"Basically, it says you must perform with the Misfits for Starlight Records. In return, I, as your manager, will promote you and get you gigs. Now sign."
Pizzazz and Roxy signed their names on the contracts.
Eric noticed Stormer writing a bunch of words on the contract. "What are you doing?"
"As the songwriter for the group, I want to retain the copyrights on the music and lyrics." Stormer replied.
"Fine, fine, now sign." Eric said.
Stormer signed her name on the contract.
All three girls handed the contracts back to Eric.
Eric grinned. "Girls, welcome to Starlight Music."

Friday, May 31, 1985, 3:30 PM

Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer walked into the office.
"What do you wanna see us about, Eric?" Pizzazz asked.
Eric walked over to them. "I've just arranged the 1st Annual Starlight Battle of the Bands. It'll be held the day after tomorrow. You're going to compete, and you're going to win."
"What makes you so sure we'll win?" Roxy asked.
"Because I'm gonna get a bunch of losers and wanna-bes to compete against you." Eric said. "Compared to them, you'll sound terrific."
"Cool!" Pizzazz said.
"This will be your first major performance." Eric told them. "It'll launch your professional careers. Don't blow it. Practice 'Outta My Way' until you get it perfect."
"Got it." Roxy said.
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a funeral to go to." Eric said, walking to the door.
"A funeral?" Stormer asked.
Eric turned to face them. "Yeah. Emmet Benton, the owner of this place, died this morning."
"That's terrible!" Stormer said. "His wife! His daughters! What will they do?!"
"Don't freak out, Stormer." Pizzazz told her.
"His wife, Jacqui, died in a plane crash years ago." Eric said. "As for his daughters, Jerrica's old enough to take care of herself and her sister, Kimber."
Eric turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.
Stormer stood in shock, paralyzed by the cold tone of Eric's voice.

Kimber and Stormer sat silently after Stormer had finished telling her story. They had finished eating their lunch.
"I'm sorry about your parents." Kimber said.
"Thanks. I'm sorry about yours." Stormer said.
"Well, after you won the Battle of the Bands contest, Roxy moved in with Pizzazz. I stayed in my apartment. I wanted to avoid them as much as possible." Stormer concluded.
"I understand." Kimber said. "Let's go over to Starlight Music. Maybe our records are done."

Kimber and Stormer walked into the recording studio.
"Are the records done, Tim?" Stormer asked.
"Sure thing, girls." Tim handed one record to Stormer and one record to Kimber.
"Thanks, Tim." Kimber said.
"Yeah, thanks." Stormer said.
Kimber looked at her record. An idea was forming in her mind. "Ya know, Stormer,...I think I know how you can get back at Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta for the way they've been treating you."
"How?" Stormer asked.
Kimber looked up at her and grinned. "What if we released these songs?!"
"How?" Stormer asked.
"Did you forget?" Kimber asked. "You own the copyrights!"
"Oh, yeah!" Stormer said. "But do you think it's such a good idea? It'll really piss 'em off!"
"That's the point!" Kimber said, her grin widening. "They'll think twice before messing with you again!"
"It would teach them a lesson, wouldn't it?" Stormer pondered the idea. "Okay. Okay, let's do it!"
"Tim, start mass-producing this album as records and tapes." Kimber told him.
"Got it, Kimber." Tim said.
"I'll be back soon." Stormer turned to leave. "I need to get my copy of my contract from my room before Eric or the other Misfits find out what's going on and try something."
"Okay." Kimber said. "Meet me at Starlight Mansion. We'll talk with my sister about this."

Stormer walked into her room and opened a cabinet.
She searched through some files and finally pulled out a sheet of paper.
"Got it!" Stormer said.

Kimber and Stormer walked into the kitchen, where Jerrica was getting a bottle of Pepsi from the fridge.
"Jerrica, can we talk to you?" Kimber asked.
"Sure, Kimber. Pepsi?" Jerrica offered.
"Yes, please." Kimber and Stormer said simultaneously.
Jerrica tossed a bottle to each of them and closed the fridge. The three of them opened their bottles. Jerrica leaned against the fridge, and Kimber and Stormer leaned against the counter.
"What's up?" Jerrica asked.
"Well, Stormer wrote some songs for the Misfits' new compilation CD." Kimber began.
Jerrica sighed. "Leave it to them to copy our ideas."
"Yeah, well, Stormer and I recorded them yesterday." Kimber continued. "We'd like your permission to have Starlight Records publish them."
"What?!" Jerrica asked in surprise. "Kimber, Eric will sue us!"
"No, he won't." Stormer handed Jerrica her contract. "When I signed on, I retained the copyrights to all the songs I wrote."
Jerrica's eyes scanned the contract. "I see. Why do you wanna do this?"
"To teach the Misfits a lesson!" Kimber said.
"Hmm, they do have it coming to them." Jerrica said. "Are the songs any good?"
"They're outrageous!" Kimber said. She handed Jerrica the music sheets.
"These are good. Okay, girls, we'll publish them." Jerrica agreed.
Kimber jumped at Jerrica and hugged her. "Oh, thanks, sis!"
Jerrica chuckled. "Careful, Kimber, you'll get soda on the floor!"
"Sorry." Kimber said, loosening her grip.
"Thanks, Jerrica." Stormer said.
"Oh, Jerrica, can you help us promote the album, too?" Kimber asked.
"Sure." Jerrica said with a smile.
"But not until the album hits the stores." Stormer told her.
"Why not?" Jerrica asked.
"We've already recorded the Misfits' versions." Stormer said. "Eric wants the compilation album out on Monday, but if he sees or hears about our album, you can bet he'll try to get the Misfits' album out before ours."
"Hmm, good thinking." Jerrica said. "Okay, we'll get your album out on Sunday and then blast MTV, VTV, KLAK, KJEM, and KMAX with promos!"

Sunday, October 30, 1988, 10:00 AM

Jerrica, Kimber, Stormer, Aja, Shana, and Raya stood inside Diskovery Records when the doors opened.
"In a few minutes, the media blitz will begin." Jerrica said.

Eric was listening to KMAX on the radio in his office.
"This is Brian Morris with a surprise for all you Jem and the Holograms and Misfits fans! Kimber and Stormer have reunited and have released a brand-new album!"
"Whoop-dee-doo." Eric said, taking a sip of his coffee as he read a document.
"The songs are called 'Who is that Masked Man?', 'Hero in a Tuxedo', and 'The Shattering Rose'."
"What?!" Eric dropped his cup, spilling hot coffee on his shirt and pants. He stood up. "Ow! Damn it!"

Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta were driving down a street in their van, on their way to the mall.
Roxy turned on the radio and came across KJEM.
"This is Mondo!"
"And this is Switch!"
"This is a KJEM special announcement!"
"My high school bud, Kimber of Jem and the Holograms, and her friend, Stormer of the Misfits, have gotten back together!"
"Their new album has three new songs: 'Who is that Masked Man?', 'Hero in a Tuxedo', and 'The Shattering Rose'!"
"The album goes on sale today!"
"What?!" Pizzazz yelled.
"Those are our songs!" Jetta yelled.
Pizzazz made a U-turn in the middle of the street and headed to Stingers Sound.

"This is Lindsey Pierce! Attention: all Kimber & Stormer fans! Be sure to stop by your local music store and pick up their brand-new album!"
Eric shut off the small TV in his office.
The door to his office slammed open.
"Eric!!!" Pizzazz screamed.
Eric walked over to her. "I know, I know."
"Well, do something!" Pizzazz demanded.
"Yeah!" Roxy added.
"Come on." Eric said, walking out the door. "We're going to Diskovery Records. They're probably there promoting the album - as usual."

Jerrica, Aja, Shana, and Raya watched as people purchased the new Kimber & Stormer album, called "Back Together", which showed the two girls dressed in tuxedos and wearing masks. The customers then went over to a table, where Kimber and Stormer autographed the albums.
"Wow! Our album's a big hit!" Kimber said.
"I wonder if it'll go double platinum like the last one!" Stormer said.
"Hold it!" Eric walked into Diskovery Records with the other Misfits right behind him.
"I was expecting you, Eric." Jerrica said.
"Jerrica, didn't you know that the songs on the new album are Misfits songs?" Eric asked.
Jerrica shrugged. "Yeah, sure."
"I'll sue Starlight Music!" Eric threatened.
"No, you won't, Eric." Jerrica said.
"Eric, in case you forgot, when I signed on with you, I retained the rights to all the music and lyrics I create." Stormer said. "Read my contract!"
Eric gasped. "Damn!"
"I'll sue you, Eric, if those songs appear on the Misfits' compilation album tomorrow." Jerrica threatened.
"Bu-but that'll push back the release date!" Eric cried.
Jerrica gave him a demented grin. "I know."
Eric groaned loudly, turned, and left the store.
Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta scowled at Stormer, then they turned and left.
Jerrica and the other girls laughed.
Eric, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta walked out onto the sidewalk.
"That contract will cost me millions!" Eric said. "I'm going back to my office to alter it. You girls go search Stormer's room for her copy. I'll meet you there."

Eric walked into his office and closed the door.
He went over to his desk and opened a drawer in a file cabinet. He took out Stormer's contract.
After cutting a piece from a sheet of blank paper, he placed the piece over Stormer's handwriting on the contract and put it face-down on his Xerox machine. He photocopied the contract.
When Eric looked at the copy, he grinned. Stormer's handwriting wasn't there. He shredded the original contract. He then placed the copy in the drawer and closed it.

At 12:00 PM, after two hours of signing autographs, Stormer left Diskovery Records and went home.
When she entered her bedroom, she saw Eric, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta ransacking the room.
"That contract's gotta be here somewhere!" Eric said. "I destroyed the original, but I need the copy!"
"You're too late, Eric!" Stormer said. "I took the contract to Starlight Mansion! Jerrica has it!"
Eric looked at her with an angry face. "You bitch!"
Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta walked towards her.
"How dare you do that to us?" Pizzazz asked.
"You had it coming!" Stormer said. "You've never taken me seriously! Well, now you will!"
Pizzazz slapped Stormer.
Eric was furious. "Stormer, you're not coming to practice today, and you're not getting paid! You are suspended from work until I figure out what to do with you!"
"You can't do that!" Stormer told him. "When Riot finds out, - "
"Riot's not going to find out." Eric said coldly.
He, Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta walked out of the room.
"Guard her." Eric ordered. "Make sure she doesn't try to leave or call anyone."
He closed the door and walked away.
When Stormer heard him walk away, she sat on her bed and started to cry.
This hadn't gone the way she had hoped. Instead of gaining respect, she was being punished. Whether she went along with the group or opposed them, she was treated badly.
An idea was starting to form in Stormer's mind. It was an idea she had thought of once before. She would break away from the Misfits. After all, they had never truly appreciated her. She had never even felt like a real Misfit. It just wasn't in her. She wanted to be good. Furthermore, it was her lack of self-confidence that had kept her from leaving the group earlier. From her last breaking with the group, she had proven to herself that she is a good singer and songwriter. It was only the Misfits' need of her and their promise to treat her as an equal partner that had convinced her to return. Their need. That was the only reason they wanted her in the group. They needed her talent. They didn't really like her. Now she wished she had taken Jerrica up on her offer to join the Holograms.
Stormer's mind was working at full speed now. Tears ran down her cheeks. Damn them all! she thought. She came up with a plan. Quietly, she reached over, picked up the phone, and dialed.
"Craig?" Stormer whispered.
"Mary, is that you?" Craig asked.
"Yeah." Stormer said.
"Why are you whispering?"
"Listen, Craig, I need your help." Stormer said. "The Misfits were treating me like dirt, so I stood up for myself, but I've really pissed them off. Eric suspended me from work."
"He did what?!" Craig yelled.
"I wanna leave the Misfits, Craig, but I'm scared of what they'll do to me." Stormer said. "Craig, you promised you'd be there for me if I ever needed help. I need your help now."
"Okay, Mary." Craig said. "I'll fly over right now on a Concorde."
"Thank you, Craig." Stormer said. "I love you."
"I love you, too, Mary." Craig said.
Stormer hung up the phone.
She laid down on her bed and waited.

Craig drove to Hawthorne Manor in Wissex and parked outside.
He ran up to the door and pounded on it. "Mason, open up! It's Craig!"
The door soon opened, and Mason Hawthorne walked outside.
"Craig, what's all the excitement about?" Mason asked.
"My sister Mary's in trouble!" Craig told him. "I need to take your Concorde to L.A. right now!"
"Sure!" Mason said. "This way!"
They ran to the back of the building.

Stormer was worried.
Even if Craig took a Concorde over, it would still be a while until he arrived. But she might need help sooner than that, depending on when Eric made up his mind.
Stormer picked up the phone again and dialed Kimber's phone number.
"Kimber!" Stormer whispered.
"Stormer!" Kimber said. "Is something wrong?"
"Eric and the Misfits are really pissed at me!" Stormer said. "Eric suspended me, and Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta are standing guard outside my room!"
"That's terrible!" Kimber said. "What can I do?!"
"Get - "
The phone receiver was pulled out of Stormer's hand.
Stormer turned around. Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta were standing behind her.
"What do you think you're doing?" Pizzazz demanded.
"Stormer?!" Kimber asked frantically. "Stormer!"
"Kimber, get help!" Stormer yelled.
Pizzazz slammed the phone down.
"Bring her!" Pizzazz ordered.
Roxy and Jetta each grabbed one of Stormer's arms and pulled her. Stormer kicked, but it was no use.
They took Stormer outside, threw her in the back of the van, and locked the doors.
Then Pizzazz drove them to Stingers Sound.

Kimber slammed the phone down, left her room, ran through the hall, and entered her sister's room.
"Jerrica!" Kimber yelled. "Stormer's in trouble!"
"What kind of trouble?" Jerrica asked.
"The other Misfits have her, and I think they're gonna hurt her!" Kimber told her. "She needs our help!"
"Okay, you go to Starlight Music and get Rio." Jerrica told her. "I'll go to Stingers Sound and get Riot."
They ran out of her room and down the stairs, into the living room. They headed for the front door.
"Jerrica, aren't we going to practice?" Raya asked.
"Raya, Aja, Shana, come with me!" Jerrica said.
The five of them ran outside.
Jerrica got behind the wheel of the Rockin' Roadster. Aja got in the passenger seat. Raya and Shana got in the back seat.
"What's up?" Shana asked.
"Yeah, what gives, Jerrica?" Aja asked.
"I'll explain on the way! Buckle up!" Jerrica hit the gas, and the car took off with a jolt.
Kimber got behind the wheel of the Glitter and Gold Roadster and drove off.

Kimber parked on the street and ran into Starlight Music.
She entered a room where Rio was sitting at a desk, working on his synthesizer.
"Rio!" Kimber yelled.
"What's up, Kimber?" Rio asked.
"Stormer's in trouble! She needs help!" Kimber told him.
Rio stood up and ran with her out of the room.
"What kind of trouble?!" Rio asked.
"Eric and the Misfits!"
Once outside, they ran across the street to Stingers Sound.

The door to Eric's office opened, and Pizzazz walked inside.
"Eric," Pizzazz sang, "Stormer's been bad."
Roxy and Jetta walked into the room, pulling Stormer with them.
"She got a call out to Starlight Mansion." Roxy told him.
"What do we do with her?" Jetta asked.
Eric walked over to the door, closed it, and locked it.
He then walked over to Stormer and gazed at her with an evil grin.
Stormer tried to put on a brave face, but she wasn't succeeding.
"What do I do with you, Stormer?" Eric asked. "Hmm?"
"Fire me." Stormer answered.
Eric shook his head. "I don't think so. You're not getting out of this. Of course, if you beg, I might let you come back to work."
"Fuck you." Stormer said.
Eric laughed. "Oh, come now, Stormer! Beg! Let me hear it!"
Stormer spat in Eric's face.
Eric wiped the spit off, gazed at Stormer, and then struck her face with the back of his hand.
Stormer cried, and her face reddened. She gazed at Eric with hate in her eyes.

Riot was sitting at the head of the table in the conference room.
Various people were sitting at the table with him, including Rapture and Minx, who sat closest to him.
"How are the Stingers fashion dolls coming along?" Riot asked.
"All right," a woman said, "but the cost is a bit too high, considering how poorly the Misfits dolls are selling. I suggest not putting out any more Misfits dolls if you want us to release the Stingers dolls."
"Fine." Riot said.
"Also, I suggest reducing the size of the dolls to 11 1/2 inches in height and not releasing tapes with the dolls."
"What?!" Riot asked in shock.
"If we reduce the size and don't include tapes, it'll drive the cost down." the woman explained. "So will the resulting smaller box sizes."
"Are you crazy?!" Riot asked.
"Our music is a part of us." Rapture said.
"And we're a part of it." Minx added.
"The tapes stay, and the dolls remain as they are." Riot ordered.
The woman sighed. "Fine. They'll be released on November 14th."
"Next order of business." Riot said.
Suddenly, the door opened, and Jerrica, Aja, Raya, and Shana ran into the room.
"Riot!" Jerrica yelled.
"Jerrica, can't you see that I'm in the middle of a meeting?" Riot asked.
"Eric and the Misfits are holding Stormer prisoner!" Jerrica yelled.
"Don't you even know what's going on in your own company?!" Aja asked.
Riot was shocked. He, Rapture, and Minx stood up.
"What?!" Riot asked. "Come on, girls!"
Riot, Rapture, and Minx ran with Jerrica and the Holograms out of the room.

Rio and Kimber arrived at the door to Eric's office. Rio tried the doorknob.
"It's locked. Stand back." Rio backed up, then he ran at the door and hit it with his right shoulder.
The door didn't open.
"Stand back, Rio." Riot said.
Rio backed away. "Go ahead, Riot."
Riot tried running at the door and hitting it as well. Still, it wouldn't open.
"Damn!" Riot swore.
"Let me give you a hand."
They all turned and saw Craig running toward them.
"Craig!" Aja said in surprise.
"What are you doing here?" Shana asked.
"Mary called. Said she was in trouble." Craig explained.
"Well, we're sure glad to have you here, Craig." Rio said.
"On 3!" Craig told Riot. "1, 2, 3!"
Craig and Riot ran at the door and hit it with all the force they could.
The door burst open. They all ran into the office.
Eric punched Stormer, and she fell to the floor.
Upon seeing that, Craig was filled with rage.
He walked over to them. "Eric, how dare you hit my sister?!"
"Craig!" Eric yelled in surprise.
Craig crouched down and placed his hands on Stormer. "It's okay, Mary. I'm here. Are you all right?"
Stormer hugged him and leaned her head on his left shoulder.
The two of them stood up.
Craig took hold of Stormer's head and looked at her. A red bruise was forming on her face.
"Go to the others, Mary." Craig said. "I'll take care of this."
Stormer ran over to the others.
Craig walked over to Eric and grabbed him by the shirt. "I warned you, Raymond. You didn't listen."
Eric was nervous, but he tried his best to regain control of the situation. "Craig, you're going to hurt me with all these witnesses around?"
Rio stepped forward. "He's got my blessing."
"Mine, too." Riot added, stepping forward as well.
Craig picked up Eric's lamp off of his desk and unplugged it.
"Not the lamp!" Eric begged.
Craig bent the lamp around Eric's neck.
Eric gasped for air. Craig punched him in the face.
"Craig, stop!" Eric begged.
"Sure." Craig shoved him toward Rio and Riot. "Boys?"
Rio and Riot each took hold of one of Eric's arms.
"Eric, are you a Flint Westwood fan?" Rio asked.
Eric shook his head. "No."
"Well, allow me to introduce you to my favorite film of his!" Rio made his right hand into a fist and punched Eric in the face.
"My turn." Riot said.
"Be my guest." Rio said.
"Yay, Riot!" Rapture cheered.
"Kick his stupid American ass!" Minx cheered.
"Eric, unfortunately for you, I'm wearing my steel-toed cowboy boots." Riot said.
"Oh, shit." Eric said.
Riot kicked Eric in the ass. Eric fell to the floor. Riot placed his left foot on Eric's back.
Craig walked over to Eric's file cabinet and opened a drawer. He searched through it, throwing folders and papers on the floor, and finally found Stormer's contract. He ripped it up.
"Hey!" Eric yelled. "That contract is my property!"
"He already destroyed the original!" Stormer told Craig. "That one's a copy with some stuff removed!"
Craig examined the paper closely. "You're right, Mary."
He walked over to Eric, crouched down, unbent the lamp, and took it away. "I need this."
Craig stood up, walked over to Eric's desk, set the lamp down, and plugged it in. He dug through the trash can for the original contract that Eric had shredded.
"I'm not taking any chances with you." Craig pulled the strips of paper out of the can and placed them in his right hand with the copy.
Craig drew a knife out of his front left blue jeans pocket with his left hand and threw the knife on the desk, cutting the lamp's chord. He tossed the contracts onto the chord, and they caught fire and started to burn.
Rio took a fire extinguisher from the wall and put out the fire. Then he sprayed Eric and put the extinguisher down on the desk.
Craig, Stormer, Jerrica, Rio, the Holograms, and the Stingers turned and left the office.

A half-hour later, they were in the living room at Starlight Mansion.
"Thank you so much, Craig." Stormer said. "Thank you, everyone."
"What are you going to do now, Mary?" Craig asked.
"Well, Kimber and I will continue performing together." Stormer said.
"Starlight Records will publish all of their future albums." Jerrica said.
Stormer smiled. "Thanks, Jerrica."
Jerrica smiled. "No problem. I...have one more offer...if you're interested."
"What's that?" Stormer asked.
"How about joining the Holograms?" Jerrica offered.
Jerrica nodded. "Really. The offer was still there the whole time. You and Kimber can alternate on keyboards and guitars and even play together sometimes." She looked at the Holograms. "It that okay with you guys?"
"It's fine by me." Aja said.
"I'm okay with it." Shana added.
"So am I." Raya added.
"I'm definitely all for it!" Kimber added, full of excitement. Then she calmed down. "In fact,...I was disappointed when you didn't accept before."
Stormer smiled. "This time, I accept your offer, Jerrica."
Jerrica offered Stormer her right hand. "Welcome to Jem and the Holograms, Stormer."
Stormer shook her hand. "Thank you. Oh! What about Jem? Shouldn't we ask her permission, too?"
Jerrica gave her a reassuring smile. "Jem will agree. We'll talk with her in a few minutes."
Stormer smiled and let go of Jerrica's hand.
That's when Kimber threw herself at Stormer and hugged her. "Outrageous!"
Jerrica turned and faced the Stingers.
"Riot, Rapture, Minx, why don't you three sign with Starlight Records as well?" Jerrica offered. "Leave Eric."
"Sorry, we can't." Riot said.
"Why not?" Jerrica asked.
"Two reasons." Riot said. "I believe you're still not willing to sell me half of Starlight Music. So, why work for someone else when I've got my own music company? Also, there's no way I'm letting Eric Raymond have my company."
Jerrica laughed. "Good points."
"I appreciate the offer, though." Riot said. He turned to leave and extended his arms. "Girls?"
"Yes, Riot." Rapture and Minx took hold of his arms and walked with him out the door.
"Say, let's give the world a huge introduction to the new Holograms!" Jerrica said.
"What do you have in mind?" Kimber asked. "A spot on Lindsey's show?"
"Not just that." Jerrica said. "Radio and TV teasers leading up to an interview tomorrow afternoon; a music video and concert tomorrow night; and advertisements, fashions, music videos, and documentaries for weeks following!"
Kimber and Stormer held hands and jumped in the air. "Truly outrageous!"
"Girls, come down here!" Jerrica called up the stairs.
Soon, the Starlight Girls came down the stairs.
"Yeah, Jerrica?" Ashley asked.
"I've got some exciting news for you girls." Jerrica said. "Stormer's a new Hologram!"
Each of the girls expressed surprise.
"You're not a Misfit anymore, Stormer?" Ashley asked.
Stormer shook her head. "No, I'm not." Then, in front of everyone, she knelt down in front of Ashley and placed her hands on Ashley's shoulders. "And...I want to apologize to you for not helping you when the Misfits had locked you in that trunk. I was so worried about what they'd do to me, I didn't do what my heart told me was the right thing to do." Tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Ashley."
Ashley hugged Stormer and started to cry. "I forgive you, Stormer."
Stormer hugged Ashley and held her for a few seconds. Then they let go, and Stormer stood up.
Jerrica put her right arm around Stormer. "Come on,...let's go to my room."

Stormer read over the contract that Jerrica had offered her and signed it.
"I still don't get it." Stormer said. "Shouldn't we have talked to Jem before I signed this?"
"Stormer," Jerrica began, "...there's something I have to tell you. But before I do, you must promise me that you will never tell anyone what I'm about to tell you."
"What is it, Jerrica?" Stormer asked.
"Promise me." Jerrica repeated.
"Okay,...I promise." Stormer said. "I won't say anything."
Jerrica walked over and checked to make sure that the door was locked. Stormer wondered what the big secret was. Except for herself and Jerrica, the only other people in the bedroom were Kimber, Aja, Shana, and Raya.
Assured that it was safe to speak, Jerrica walked back over to Stormer. "My father, Emmet Benton, and my mother, Jacqui Benton, were the original owners of Starlight Music. My father set up the Starlight Foundation. Our house became a home for foster girls, Starlight House. Aja and Shana were their first two foster girls, so they're sisters to Kimber and me. After my mother died, my father was devastated. However, we helped him through his grief, and he was happy that I had Rio to help out. In fact, I've known Rio for years. He helped my father run the recording equipment at Starlight Music. My father began working on a personal project - something that would benefit me and Kimber. He then bought the old Starlight Drive-In Theater and moved his project there." Jerrica paused and looked directly at Stormer. "My father created Synergy, a holographic computer designed to be the ultimate audio-visual entertainment synthesizer. Synergy's technology was far beyond anything else ever created, and it still is. It could generate completely realistic holograms. Soon, my father started to feel tired a lot. He had to find someone else to handle the day-to-day management of Starlight Music, so he hired Eric Raymond. My father wanted to patent Synergy's technology, but...he found out he didn't have long to live." Jerrica swallowed. "He...made one final part for Synergy - remote microprojectors disguised as a pair of red star-shaped earrings. My father wanted to give them to me on my 19th birthday, June 1st, but...he died in the morning on May 31st." Jerrica shook as she started to cry. "He...left instructions for Synergy to reveal herself to us on my birthday. We went to the Starlight Drive-In and discovered everything that he had left us - Synergy, clothes, musical instruments, and the Rockin' Roadster. The next day, Eric Raymond was going to hold the 1st Annual Starlight Battle of the Bands, and he had rigged it so that the Misfits would win. I was so angry at him. As it turned out, my father had provided the answer within Synergy. I came up with a plan, and then I noticed a hood ornament on the Rockin' Roadster. It read 'JEM'."
Stormer stared at Jerrica intently.
Jerrica's left hand trembled as it rose and touched her left earring. "Showtime, Synergy."
Before Stormer's eyes, Jerrica transformed into Jem. Stormer was shocked.
"My father had left the idea of Jem in Synergy." Jem continued quickly, afraid to stop or slow down now. "He knew that, since I would own Starlight House, also being a rock star would be viewed unfavorably and as irresponsible on my part. So, he suggested that I create an alter-ego should I choose to pursue a musical career. He left the specific appearance of Jem to my discretion. Being Jem also helped me in that Eric could not claim a conflict of interest when we performed in the Battle of the Bands."
Jem stopped talking.
Stormer turned away and thought about all of this in silence, trying to take it all in. Finally, she turned back to Jem. "I'm going to keep my promise, Jerrica. You can trust me."
Jem hugged her. "Thank you, Stormer." She touched one of her Jemstar earrings. "Show's over, Synergy."
She turned back into Jerrica.
"Does anyone else know your secret?" Stormer asked.
"Other than the people in this room, only the President of the United States knows." Jerrica answered. "No one else."
"Not even Rio?" Stormer asked.
Jerrica shook her head. "He's fallen in love with Jerrica and Jem. It's my fault. I threw myself at him as Jem. I almost told him twice, but we were interrupted. I can't tell him. He'll get real upset. I'm afraid I'll lose him."
"That's a really weird situation." Stormer said.
"Yeah, it is." Jerrica agreed.
Stormer suddenly realized something. "I saw you because the water disrupted the Jem hologram."
"That time on the cruise." Jerrica nodded. "Yes, that's right."
Stormer realized something else. "Synergy is what we saw in Washington, DC."
"Uh,...yes. You'll have to tell me the whole story later." Jerrica said. "C'mon. I want you to meet Synergy."

"Walk through the wall." Jerrica said.
Stormer blinked. "Huh?"
"It's just a hologram. Watch." Jerrica turned and walked through the wall.
"Come on." Kimber offered Stormer her right hand.
Stormer took hold of Kimber's hand, and the two of them walked through the holographic wall together, followed by Aja, Shana, and Raya.
"Ooh,...outrageous..." Stormer said in awe upon seeing Synergy. She walked over and placed her hands on it.
Synergy's screen turned on, and her face appeared. "Hello, Stormer."
"Aah!" Stormer leapt back in fear.
"Well, don't be rude, Stormer." Jerrica told her. "Say hi."
"Uh,...hi, Synergy!" Stormer said in surprise, waving.
"How are you?" Synergy asked.
"Fine." Stormer replied. "I had a busy day."
"Well, the day ain't over yet." Jerrica told her. "We'll help you move in. That is...if you want to live with us."
Stormer smiled. "You bet!"

Jerrica and the Holograms walked back downstairs, into the living room. They headed for the front door without stopping.
"C'mon, boys." Jerrica told Rio and Craig. "We're gonna help Stormer pack her stuff and move."
"Okay." Rio said.
"Sure thing." Craig added.

That evening, Kimber and Stormer were lying side by side on Stormer's bed, chatting.
"So then I woke up, and I wrote down the new songs." Stormer finished her story.
Kimber smiled. "Neat."
There was a knock on the door.
"Come in." Stormer called.
The door opened, and Jerrica walked into the room.
"Hi." Jerrica said. "Was I interupting anything?"
"Stormer had just finished telling me about the dreams she had." Kimber said. "She dreamed we went to Shangri-La and also that we traveled through time."
Jerrica smiled. "You'll have to tell me about those sometime." She offered Stormer a book. "This is my father's diary. You can read it. It fills in the details of the story I told you earlier."
Stormer took the diary and looked at it. The initials "EB" were on the front cover.
"Thank you, Jerrica." Stormer said. "I'll read it tonight."
"No, not tonight." Jerrica said. "We all need to get to sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow."
"Right." Stormer said.
She and Kimber stood up. Kimber and Stormer hugged each other.
"Good night, Stormer." Kimber said.
"Good night, Kimber." Stormer said.
Jerrica and Kimber left the room. Kimber closed the door behind her.

Monday, October 31, 1988, 3:58 PM

The living room of Starlight Mansion was being transformed into a place of horror. Skeletons, spider-webs, and other decorations filled the room.
Mrs. Bailey walked into the room. "Ooh, the place is really looking scary! Great job, kids!"
"Thanks, Mrs. Bailey!" Ashley said.
"This is gonna be the best Halloween ever!" Krissie added.
Deirdre nearly jumped down from the ladder. "Ooh! Lindsey's show is about to start!"
She ran over to the couch, jumped over it, picked up the remote control, and clicked on the TV.
All of the kids and Mrs. Bailey gathered around the TV set.
After the opening theme music, Lindsey came on.
"This is Lindsey Pierce! Well, you've all seen the flyers and the commercials! Now, you'll finally get to meet her! Please welcome Jem and the new Holograms!"
Lindsey stood up. Jem, Kimber, Stormer, Aja, Shana, and Raya went over to their instruments. Kimber and Stormer both played keyboards.
"Holograms, are we ready to rock?!" Jem asked.
"We're ready!" they all replied.

"All's Right with the World"
Jem and the Holograms

"All's right with the world. (All's right with...)
Everything is in sync.
Everything is all right.
Friends are friends again. (Friends are friends.)
Everyone is in the pink.
Everything is all right.

I feel great again,
Feel first-rate again.
I'm with the people I love.
Moonbeams are dancin' above.

All's right with the world. (All's right with...)
Everything is in sync.
Everything is all right.
Friends are friends again. (Friends are friends.)
Everyone is in the pink.
Everything is all right.

Things are hummin' now.
Things are drummin' now.
Harmony is restored.
We're singin' wingin';
Come on board.

All's right with the world! (All's right with...)
Everything is in sync!
Everything is all right!
Friends are friends again! (Friends are friends!)
Everyone is in the pink!
Everything is all right!

All's right with the (All's right with the...) wooorld!
Everything is all right!"

"All's Right with the World"
Jem and the Holograms

The End

Copyright © 2000, 2001 by Mark Moore