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First Impressions, Second Chances

In the aftermath of Cloud's fight with Sephiroth, the blonde hero was shot by the remnant, Yazoo. By some miracle, though he fell and appeared to be dead, he was revived aboard the Shera. His gunshot wound was healing rapidly and he stood on the bridge with his companions, surveying the wreckage of the battle scene.

"Cloud?" Tifa asked softly, her voice filled with concern. "Are you okay now?"

"Yeah," he answered, seeming more relaxed, "It's strange, like I was never shot."

"Well at least those sons of bitches got what was coming to them!" Cid interrupted on what could have been a private moment.

"It's all so sad," Tifa sighed, "sad and twisted."

"You're not feeling sorry for those freaks, are ya?" He asked with an accusatory tone which brought a look of surprise to the woman's face.

"Of course she doesn't!" Yuffie cried, replying for he stunned friend.

"Keep out of it, this is grown-up talk." Cid answered.

Yuffie's mouth fell open. It still shocked her when Cid was determined to treat her like an ignorant child.

"I am a grown-up!" She yelled. "SEXIST!"

"What?! What's sexism got to do with it?!"

"Everything, that's what!"

"Shut up, both of you," came the commanding voice of Barret, who was surveying the pair with an unimpressed expression. Yuffie pouted. It wasn't her fault, it was Cid who started it, it always was. She wasn't about to argue with Barret though. He could probably squash her with one hand.

"Don't tell me to shut up!" Cid ranted defensively, "this is my ship! You don't like it then jump off!"

"You're acting like a wee babby." Cait Sith piped up.

Cid turned his victimised scowl on the small creature, who promptly hid behind Red VIII's head.

Tifa held up a hand, waving it to silence them, as her phone began to play some awful jingling ringtne. Yuffie always thought Tifa had the worst taste in music. She fished about in her clothes, and pulled out her phone. Cid fell silent with a disgruntled expression on his face.

Tifa mouthes the word 'Reno' at them, and nodded a response to something the redhead was saying, despite the fact he couldn't see her.

"What?!" She cried, her expression suddenly changing to one of absolute horror and disbelief. She paled, her eyes wide as he told her more. Yuffie was dying to know what was going on. "They can't be...we watched them die..."

"Something tells me I ain't gonna like this."Cid frowned.

"Is it Yazoo and Loz?" Cloud asked grimly as Tifa flipped her phone shut.

She leant against the nearest wall, picking her words with care.

"Yes, they're alive. Somehow.Reno and Rude are guarding them, but the remants, are unconcious for now."

"I thought they died!" Exclaimed Barret.

Vincent, who had been stood qietly in an obscure part of the bridge, now moved into full view to impart his words of wisdom to the group.

"You should know by now, just how hard Sephiroth is to kill. He may have given up on Kadaj, but clearly not these two."

"So what, we wait for tem to change?" Yuffie asked fearfully. She had already seem a remnant transform into Sephiroth, Cloud have to fight him, and them almost die. She didn't want to watch it twice more. Those remnants must be even more freakishly strong than she'd first imagined, to survive an explosion. The idea of them just lying in a hospital bed, recovering freaked her out so much.

"They won't necessarily change," Vincent replied, banishing her immediate worries.

"Sephiroth can't regrow a head, right?" Cid asked, his mind working towards some undoubtedly stupid plan.

"No." Vincent answered.

"The we cut their heads off, problem solved!"

Cid grinned at what he seemed to think was a good idea. Barret and Tifa were staring at him in desbelief, and Yuffie felt a little sick as the imagery to accompany Cid's words floated into her mind.

"We're not cutting off any heads." Tifa told him.

"Dammit..." Cid grumbled in frustration.

There was a pause of uncomfortable silence as the group waited to hear Cloud's verdict. He usually got the last say in these things, much to Yuffie's distaste. Sometimes she was convinced the others thought he was a messiah or something.

"I want to see them." He announced.

"What?" Barret boomed.

Yuffie shivered. It was sad that the remnants had to die, but there was no other way. She hoped that Cloud didn't want to find an alternative to finishing them off. They weren't normal people, they couldn't live in society.

"You mustn't forget the Geostigma," Red VIII reminded him.

"He's right," Tufa smiled with relief, "we need to get you and the kids all fixed up before you deal with this."

"Alright," Cloud agreed. "But I have to finish this."

"Be careful," Vincent warned. "When they see you, there's a risk they may transform."

"I know."

The mood grew despondent again. This little revelation had killed the high they were all on after Sephiroth's defeat. Yuffie didn't want her friends dwelling on this bad thing. Sephiroth's defeat was bound to go less smoothly than they had thought. They should look towards the positve thing that was infront of them; there was a cure to Geostigma, and their lives could return to what they were before.

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