Summary: Naruto dies by Kakashi's hands. As he stands and watches his body a shinigami comes and offers him guidance, Naruto starts a new life as a shinigami.

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Chapter 1: Death is only a start

Naruto stood looking over his body in morbid silence. His face was straight, no emotion visible on his face, he was confused. It is strange when you think of it. Many people fear death, they try to find ways to stay alive but somehow there are those that can't cheat death.

Naruto sighed, did his time really come? He didn't know, all he knew is that he was dead. Dead…what a strange and yet familiar word it was now to him. For years he heard people shouting and whispering the word, but it was followed by other words such as 'Death to the demon.' or 'the demon should die' or the well known 'Die demon!'

It was strange, oh so very strange. He couldn't help but feel relieved, dying was indeed a bad thing, but at least he did it for someone precious. He met her just a few days ago but still, he knew she was special. She deserved to be protected.

Naruto sighted again, he then shook his head, if he would sigh too much he would make it a habit. He glanced over his body again remembering how he died. He subconsciously brought his hand to his chest and shuddered.


Naruto was looking at the Hunter-nin's face in shock his anger for the death of Sasuke long gone. He was stunned to find out that the ninja they had been fighting was none other than Haku, the girl that he met in the forest when he was training.

He couldn't believe his eyes, why did she do what she just did? Why did she just kill Sasuke, he had no idea. She was going on and telling him she was a weapon. Naruto gritted his teeth when she told him to kill her.

"No, I won't kill you!" yelled Naruto

Haku was silent, but then she stood, her head bowed. "You don't understand… now you have taken away my reason for living. Zabuza-sama has no need for weak shinobi, or a defective tool…"

"You're not a tool!" snapped Naruto. "What makes him so special anyway!?"

Haku bowed her head, and told Naruto of her history. She explained how in Mizu no Kuni, those with bloodlines were seen as monsters and tools, and civil wars in Mizu no Kuni had resulted in the deaths of nearly all the Kekkai Genkai users in Mizu no Kuni. "My mother was one of them," she said, her eyes vacant. "And when my father found out, he killed her, and then tried to kill me… but I killed him."

"Then Zabuza found you," finished Naruto, his gaze saddened. Her life was somewhat like his… unwanted, and alone.

"Hai," said Haku. "He took me as his own, and trained me to be his perfect tool. But now…" she trailed off, looking to the side. "Zabuza-sama has no need for a defective tool, so please… kill me, Naruto-kun."

Naruto stood up straight. "Sorry but no, I won't kill you."

Haku turned her head to the side, then they both felt a powerful energy. Haku muttered something about Zabuza and immediately disappeared, Naruto turned his head towards Kakashi's direction and saw him approaching Zabuza with lighting on his hand.

Naruto's eyes narrowed when he saw Haku heading towards Zabuza and knew what she was going to do. He pushed as much chakra as he could into his feet and leaped away. He looked and saw Haku appearing in front of Zabuza and Kakashi just inches away.

Naruto pushed everything he had into his feet and reached Haku in time, he grabbed her arm and pushed her away landing in front of Zabuza and getting hit by Kakashi's attack in the chest. Naruto screamed in pain, Kakashi and Zabuza looked in shock at the boy. They heard someone scream, besides Naruto, and saw Haku with tears in her eyes at the sight.

-End Flashback-

Naruto shook his head; he didn't like the way things turned out, but as they say that's life. He looked at Haku and saw the girl pouring her heart on his chest.

"Why?" asked Haku crying "Why did you have to do it?"

Zabuza cleared the mist a while ago and was looking over the boy's body with sad eyes. Naruto glanced over at Kakashi and to his surprise he saw that his sensei was holding back tears, he saw the remorse in his eyes. He knew that Kakashi didn't mean to do that, he knew it would have been to late to stop the attack, he just gave Kakashi a small smile, even thought he couldn't see it.

"Naruto…" muttered Kakashi lowering his head in shame

Just then they heard someone clapping, they all turned and saw Gatou with his thugs on the end of the bridge, he had a smug grin plastered on his face.

"So impressive, the boy gives his life to safe the demon and his whore." said Gatou smugly

"Shut up!" yelled Haku with tears in her eyes

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Zabuza

"Hehehe…" chuckled Gatou. "The plan's changed. At first I wasn't going to pay you, and let the Hunter-nin from Kirigakure know where you were…"

Zabuza grimaced. He knew this wasn't going to end well.

"But then I saw this fight, and thought that it'd be better to kill off you guys, and give the girls to my men as part of a job well done." he said pointing to Haku

"You bastard." said Zabuza gritting his teeth. He took off his bandages and looked at Kakashi. "Throw me a kunai."

Kakashi nodded and took a kunai out. "Here." he said throwing the kunai

Zabuza caught the kunai with his mouth and looked at Gatou. "Consider what I do now as my way of saying 'I quit'" Zabuza said with venom in his voice. "Kid, wherever you are, this is for you." said Zabuza charging Gatou

Naruto smiled as he heard what Zabuza said, he muttered a thanks and stood watching. Somehow he was sad that he wasn't the one to kill that Gatou person, especially after what he did and said.

"Sayonara, Haku," said Zabuza, and ignoring Haku's calls for him to stop, he rushed towards his opponents.

"I like that man." said a voice behind Naruto. The blonde boy spun around and saw a tall man, no scratch that, a huge man with a bandage on one eyes. The man was dressed with white clothing which had a diamond on the back with kanji for eleven in it. The man had a funky hairdo, his hair was in spikes and at the tips he had bells. He also had a strange sword strapped to his waist.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto fearfully

The man looked at him. "Kenpachi Zaraki, captain of the eleventh division in Gotei 13." he stated. "Now shush, I want to see what that man does." he told Naruto pointing to Zabuza.

Gatou saw Zabuza coming and ran behind the ranks of his men, ordering them to kill him. They responded enthusiastically, but as Zabuza approached, they saw his aura surrounding him. "A true demon!" said one, and Zabuza began to cut through them.

Gatou was sure that Zabuza was dead, but Zabuza proved him wrong. He appeared before Gatou, swords sticking out of his back, and stabbed the short man with the kunai.

Zabuza was single-minded in his mission. "Hope you like the heat," he said, his eyes now shining with madness, "because where you and I are going, it's going to be HOT!!" With that, he severed Gatou's head from his body.

His mission done, he did a back flip and started running back to Haku and the remaining of Team 7. When he got there he stopped and turned to look at thugs, he gave them a sadistic grin before he collapsed on the ground panting.

Gatou's men turned to Team 7 and Haku. "You guys are dead!" one shouted. "Ransack the village!" yelled one, and another yelled "Take anything of value, starting with those girls!!"

Kakashi was facing the oncoming hordes. "Damn," he looked at Zabuza and saw his wounds but realized that he was going to live. He started doing hand signs and in a puff of smoke about twenty clones appeared.

Everyone was caught by surprise when an arrow landed in front of the gang of henchmen. "If you come on our island," shouted Inari, at the head of a group of vengeful villagers, "we'll stop you with everything we've got!"

The thugs seeing the masses knew that they couldn't do anything more and that they had already lost they started retreating. Naruto grinned when he saw that, those guys where a bunch of cowards in his opinion.

"Nii-san!" yelled someone. Naruto and Kenpachi turned to see Inari running to Naruto's body, he shook the body trying to wake him up even though he saw the hole in the chest. He started crying, this made Naruto tear up.

"Hey brighten up." heard Naruto a cheery voice. He turned to look at Zaraki and saw a young girl with bubblegum pink hair. She wore black robes and had a strange insignia on her arm. The little girl, like the man, had a sword strapped to her waist but her sword was shorter, fitted for her.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto

The girl gave a adorable smile to Naruto and answered. "My name is Kusajika Yachiru, Eleventh Division Vice-Captain."

"What are we going to do with Naruto's body?" asked Kakashi

"Sensei what about Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura

Haku sneered. "He is not dead, he is out cold."

Naruto turned back to his depression when he saw that even in death the girl he thought he loved didn't give a damn about him. The little girl saw the sad look and frowned, she jumped from Zaraki's shoulder and landed on Naruto's and started pulling his hair.

"Ah!" yelled Naruto grabbing his head "What are you doing?"

"Cheer up, you are too sad." giggled the little girl

"Got off me!" he yelled while trying to take the girl of him.

"Hmm…Yachiru, look over Naruto while I send that spirit to it's rightful place." said Kenpachi as he started walking towards Gatou apparently.

Naruto turned his attention back to the group on the bridge; Yachiru got off him and stood near him. She was shorter than him; she only reached to his waist or so. Naruto couldn't help but grin thinking that he wasn't the only one short around here.

"Naruto-kun…" murmured Haku

Zabuza put a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry Haku." he said

The girl just nodded not taking her eyes of Naruto or from the boy that was still crying over his dead 'nii-san'

Just then Tazuna came and looked with a sad face. "We should burry him." he said

Kakashi nodded. "Do you think you could burry him here?" he asked "I'm not sure that people back in Konoha won't stop from defiling his grave."

"Why is that?" asked Tazuna turning to look at Kakashi

The silver haired jounin sighed. "Lets just say that he carried something he didn't ask for and everyone hated him, not being able to see past their own fears."

Tazuna nodded and picked up Naruto. "I'm going to make him the best grave I can, he will always be remembered here as a hero." he said walking away followed by everyone.

In the end all that was left on the bridge where corpses and of course Naruto with the two people. Kenpachi had returned from what he did, he had a sadistic smile on his face that made Naruto shudder inwardly.

Yachiru looked at Naruto and asked. "Why do people hate you?" she put it bluntly

Naruto sighed. "Well I guess that I can tell you if you tell me what you are and what is with this chain." he said grabbing the broken chain that was coming out of his chest.

"Sure." said the girl cheerfully.

"Well it's like this, twelve years ago my home village Konoha was attacked by the nine tailed demon fox Kyuubi. Our leader the Yondaime was forced to seal the fox in a new born baby because a mere human couldn't kill a demon. So he sealed it in me and died. That is why everyone in my home village hates me, only a few, a handful or so don't hate me." said Naruto

"Hmm…" said Kenpachi rubbing his chin "Well since you told us we will tell you, we are shinigami."

Naruto raised an eyebrow "But I thought that there was only one shinigami."

"Correction, there are more. Also there are those spirits that posses abilities can become shinigami by attending the academy, when they graduate they are put in a squad and they hunt down Hollows." said Kenpachi

"What are Hollows?" asked Naruto

"A Hollow is a spirit that doesn't have a heart anymore, you can see which one is a Hollow by the fact that they have a hole where their heart should be." said Kenpachi again

"Ok so what is with the chain?"

"That is the chain of fate, when it breaks you are dead. If you stay too long on this world while time passes the chain will erode and when it disappears you will become a Hollow or you can also become one if a Hollow devours you."

Naruto cringed. "And what are you going to do to me?" he asked afraid

"Silly spiky." said Yachiru giggling. "We are going to send you to the after life so you, in Soul Society."

"What is that?" the blonde asked

"You people call it Heaven." responded Kenpachi

"Oh…" said Naruto

"So do you want to go?" asked Kenpachi even thought they said they will send him there

"Well…I would like to see my funeral if it's possible…" said Naruto

Kenpachi nodded. "Alright"

Yachiru jumped on the man's shoulder and turned to Naruto. "Come jump in Ken-chan's back, he will take us there." she said cheerfully

"Umm…I don't think he would like it." said Naruto uncertain

The girl giggled again. "Silly, Ken-chan doesn't mind, don't you Ken-chan?"

The man just groaned and nodded slowly. Naruto climbed on his back and he dashed away at amazing speed.

---A day time later---

A day had passed and everyone was prepared for the funeral, Naruto had to wait for a day, it wasn't all that bad if you scratch the parts when the girl bugged him to tell him about ninja's and such. Naruto swore that the girl had more energy than he did, she wouldn't stop smiling, talking, bouncing. He wondered how Kenpachi deals with such a thing.

Speaking of Kenpachi, Naruto found out that the man was insane when it came to battles; he was always looking for strong ones to fight to the death. Naruto thought he was insane to wish such a thing but then again he found out that the man was so powerful he would give old man Sarutobi trouble.

Now Naruto was standing on top of a hill looking at the people gathered there. True to his word Tazuna spent all night to build the perfect grave, fit for a hero. Everyone in Wave country helped his build the grave. The grave itself was simple like any other but the grave itself was surrounded by a white fence, the entrance was like a gate on top of which was written 'Wave's savior'.

Naruto looked at the people assembled, everyone from Wave was present and everyone was mourning for him, it was strange for Naruto since he hasn't seen anyone except for Iruka, the old man Hokage and a few other cry for him.

Naruto glanced at Haku and saw her crying, her eyes where red and the blonde boy suspected that it were from crying all night. He tried to hug her but found that he couldn't, he tried to talk to her but she didn't hear. She just cried.

She then walked to his grave and placed a white flower on it and stood there watching the grave with tears in her eyes. Naruto sighed and felt himself tearing up.

"You know." said Yachiru "If you become a shinigami you will be able to come back here and see your girlfriend."

Naruto blushed at the girlfriend remark and turned to the small girl. "You serious?" he asked

The girl nodded happily. "Yeah"

"Alright!" yelled Naruto "Then I will defiantly become a shinigami."

Kenpachi smirked, it was a scary smirk. He was glad the boy decided to become a shinigami, he hadn't told him but his spiritual energy was immense but out of control. With training he would become as strong as a captain or even more, Kenpachi wanted to fight Naruto in the near future.

Naruto walked over to Haku and put a hand on her shoulder and listened to what she said.

"Naruto-kun (sob) why did you have to (sob) save me?" she asked sobbing "Why did you (sob) do it?"

"To save you Haku-chan." said Naruto "you are my precious person, I didn't want you to die." he knew she couldn't hear but it just felt right for Naruto to tell her

"What will you do know?" asked Kakashi

"I have no idea." said Zabuza "Still I'm tired of running."

"If we could…" said Haku "Could we join Konoha? For Naruto-kun." she said with teary eyes

Kakashi nodded. "We will talk to the Hokage, I am sure he will agree with it."

Haku smiled. "Thank you." she said and then turned to face the grave again "I promise I will become strong for you Naruto-kun." she said blowing a kiss to the grave

Naruto blushed madly at the sigh and hugged Haku. "Thank you Haku-chan." he whispered

Haku tensed for a second, she thought she heard someone; it was like Naruto's voice. She smiled thinking that his soul was watching her.

Naruto for his part got back on his feet and turned to Kenpachi. "Alright, I'm ready."

Kenpachi nodded and motioned to Yachiru. The girl leaped to Naruto and took her sword out and put the swords hilt on his forehead. Naruto was slowly dissolving in a blue light. Before he disappeared he heard the little girl.

"Meet you on the other side." she said happily

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