A/N: Alright...I know you might be wondering what this is all about, you must also be wondering why I haven't updated my fic's ... so far...umm...(watches as people take out torches) I know you want to flame me...burn me....(sees the pitchforks) maul me, and maim me....(sees boxes with grenades) but I have reasons you know ... hehe...(gets behind pillboxes) you see....collage...isn't as easy as I had assumed it would be. I have a lot to do for it, and I need to study a lot for computer programming - the god damn teacher is a bitch and she just gives us exercises and tells us to do them thinking we have programmed a computer in our life ... before ... - and so...my time is a little short. I write about 1000 words per day, per story. Sometimes I write more or there are times when I don't write at all since I am not at home. - I leave at 8 in the morning and come back at about 8 or 9 in the night...sometimes -

I am doing the best I can and I hope you guys aren't too mad at me....I will update as soon as I can, I won't let the fics die....and once winter vacation comes I will have updates coming on a daily basis if I can help it....until then however, umm....you will have to wait a bit more? (sees an angry mob running towards him) O.o guess not....(Runs away)