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In this one, Allen is a girl (which he would probably become if Hoshino Katsura-sensei didn't change her mind about it) and is called Vallentina Walker. I suddenly feel wanting to write a story about a girl Allen after reading other stories about a girl Allen. The storyline is about the same as the manga, though I will have Allen become a finder (cause she doesn't know that she has an Innocence which could make her an exorcist like the way she wished it to be). Will she become an exorcist later? Try and guess. 9(laugh shamelessly)

Will be Yullen as usual. Those who don't like yaoi…oh wait, this is a normal pairing because Allen's a girl in this story. Anyway, please enjoy! XDD Review me please!

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Chapter 1-He's a She; First Impressions

Keep walking and don't ever stop until the end of your life


A 15 year old boy with short white hair tied into a little ponytail and a brown suitcase followed by a yellow golem walked toward the direction of the huge tower slowly but also excitedly. He wore a pair of dark brown jeans, a white shirt and a dark green vest. A red ribbon tied to his white shirt and served as his necktie. This boy's name was Allen.

"Finally, Timcanpy, I can finally enter the Black Order soon! I'm so excited, Tim!" he said in a wide smile. The yellow golem flew around its master's head. They both were going to the famous Black Order, the organization of exorcists.

To get there, he had to climb a really huge cliff, though unknown to him that there was a lift to get there easily enough without climbing the enormous cliff. He was quite strong for a 15 year old boy. A red curse mark was scribed on his left eye and formed a red pentacle above the eye. His hands were both covered with a pair of white gloves, concealing what's under the left one.

"Finally…arrived at the Black Order…I hope." he stated with a sweatdrop. "Let's go, Timcanpy. I hope General Cross's letter has reached the supervisor he called Komui already…" he said while wiping his sweat covered brow. "That long climb was really tiring…they ought to make something to get to this place easier…" he sighed. (A/N: They already have, Allen-chan.)

"What did you say, Lenalee-chan? Someone is climbing that cliff?" a man with brown hair and a little beard on his chin asked, sounding a bit confused while looking to a little box made of glass that seemed to be some sort of a monitor.

"Yes, Reever-san. There he is now." A girl with long green hair tied into two ponytails on both side of her head whom the man called Lenalee-chan answered. "He has General Cross's golem with him." She pointed to the box.

"Excuse me!" the said boy called from outside the building. "My name is Allen Walker! I am sent here as a new finder by the recommendation of General Cross Marian!" he called again.

"By general he said?" a man with bandaged right eye and a tuff of dark brown hair on the top of his head asked.

"Hee…that guy's still alive?" the man called Reever asked in a rather indolent tone. "Head officer Komui, did you really receive something like that?" he asked a man with white hat and glasses behind him. The guy took a sip from his blue mug with a picture of pink bunny printed on it. The mug was filled with coffee, which seemed to be his favorite drink. He then stared at the boy with a serious look and frowned.

"I haven't." he answered shortly.

"Ah well…a new finder he might be but still…" Reever sighed as he took a headphone and spoke through it, "Well, please take a check-up from the gatekeeper first."

Allen heard the voice from outside and he looked around to look for the gatekeeper the man inside was talking about. When he finally found a stone-faced wall stuck next to the gate, he smiled and greeted it.

"Oh, hello." He said politely. The gatekeeper's wide eye suddenly looked like it was going to pop out of his eyelids as it stared to the boy under him. Allen turned white on it and shivered in shock.

"X-ray examination!" he yelled as light in form of a laser shone from his eyes. Allen stayed quiet and gulped. That was really startling, a stone face suddenly reacting to his presence like that.

After quite a while, the gatekeeper sweatdropped and thought, 'Nothing's showing. Is this guy an insect?'

Suddenly the sensitive ray found a source of dark energy from the pentacle above the boy's left eye and his eyes immediately rolled until they formed cross symbols. The gatekeeper growled in alarm and Allen immediately stepped back in shock as he sweatdropped.

"This guy is OUT!!!" the gatekeeper yelled. "He has a pentacle above his eye! He is a colleague of the Earl of Millennium! I think!!"

"WHAAAAT??!!" The guys inside yelled and the Head Officer named Komui sprayed his coffee at that.

"Spy alert, spy alert!!" the gatekeeper yelled again. Allen had begun to panic now. What should he do?

"Isn't there any exorcist in the building?!" Reever called in panicky.

"It's fine." Said a blue robot with a 65 character on its forehead.

"Kanda's already there." Lenalee said with a smile.

A figure of a man with background of the bluish-white moon was on the monitor. The exorcist they called Kanda jumped to the rooftop above the gate and landed gracefully there. Allen looked to the rooftop in a bit of awe and gulped. He was being treated as a villain? All because of that curse he had on him?

"You've got a lot of guts coming here alone." The exorcist said with a glare. The guy called Kanda has a black exorcist coat on him and a long black ponytail on his head. His long black hair flowed richly down his back. He took a long sword people in Japan called katana and unsheathed it.

"W-w-wait, there must be some kind of mistake here!" he said in panicky while waving his hands as a symbolism of his fear. Though it seemed the man didn't hear him at all.

The guy jumped from the roof as he swung his sword which was covered with yellow bright aura right now. Allen was too shocked to even move, but luckily he managed to leap backward a little just before Kanda's sword cut him in half. But unfortunately, the blade sliced the younger boy's shirt and vest and ripped them in half, revealing what's not supposed to be seen. They boy fell to his knees and stared at himself in shock at what just happened.

Kanda went agape. Under the white shirt was not what he had expected. It revealed a white bra and showing a little (just a little) of the rounded chest. The others inside the order who were watching the scene too, went agape. The boy(?) crossed his arms in front of his chest and his face was bright red in embarrassment.

"You…you're…" Kanda stammered in disbelief.

"That boy is…" the others stuttered too. Lenalee stared in disbelief as she felt herself went agape.

"A GIRL?!"



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