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Chapter 4-The Black Order's Destructive Affairs?

Allen woke up with stomach grumbling. She had done something really, really stupid yesterday, it is, forgetting to go to eat; instead she went to sleep immediately after hearing Komui's explanation about her Innocence. She was too excited after hearing that she was actually an exorcist.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and put on her shirt and pants; for some reason, she liked wearing pants better than skirts. She thought it was more comfortable and convenient to wear. She glanced at her finder uniform she had just worn once and had gotten torn here and there. It didn't matter though, she no longer need to wear it. She smiled at the thought. She really glad she decided to go to Black Order after all.

Timcanpy fluttered its wings and then flew to land on top of Allen's head. Allen sighed and spoke softly, "I'm so hungry now Tim…I guess it's because I was too excited that I forgot to do what I like to do the most; eat." She chuckled.

"What do you say that we go to eat something now?" Tim flew to her side. "Decided then. We'll eat all things Jerry can prepare!" she said, giving her golem a thumb up.

When she came out of her room, there was a small sound of explosion from the lower ground. She looked down to it and saw only darkness. When a certain raven haired exorcist passed by, she immediately called him.

"Kanda!" the girl approached him. "What was that sound just now?" she asked.

"How should I know? Don't talk to me, bean sprout." He said gruffly.

"But what if something happens?" she asked again. Kanda snorted again and walked to his sleeping chamber.

"You're awfully noisy for this early in the morning." He said and left the girl alone.

"Don't worry about him. I'm sure he's in some kind of bad mood today. That's why his words are so harsh." Lenalee said, approaching the girl with a tray of coffee glasses.

"I see…" she said. "By the way, I wonder what that awful sound was earlier."

"There's probably something going on down in the science department. I'm sorry, my brother and the others are so noisy sometimes." She said.

"No…it's not necessary…oh yeah, are you going to the dining hall, Lenalee? I'll go with you." Allen offered.

"No way! You can't go to the dining hall now! You mustn't!" she said immediately.

"Huh? Why not?" The white haired girl asked.

"B-because we're in a middle of a big cleaning session. The jelly's a real problem so it's better not to get involved." She said with a sweatdrop.

"Oh, then I'll help you cleaning it up." She offered again. Lenalee immediately shoved her tray of coffee glasses in front of the white haired girl.

"Don't, please! Why don't you go with me down to the science department and help me bring this coffee to my brother instead of going to the dining hall?" she asked.

"Eh? But I haven't eaten anything since yesterday!" Allen protested but the older girl ignored it. Allen pouted but followed the older exorcist down to the science department.

"Section leader Reever, what if we have to work on this until we die?" Johnny, the guy with thick glasses moaned.

"Don't give up, it'll be over soon…" the brown haired man answered. "Maybe…" he added and the glasses man immediately threw his face to the table in resignation. "At any rate we're taking a break soon anyway."

"That's because today is Allen-chan's welcoming party isn't it?" Russel asked. Instead of answering it, the squad leader turned to the strange looking robot.

"Hey, 65, could it be that you're planning on MC-ing it?" he asked.

"That's a given, considering I am the most energetic one of the bunch." The blue robot answered.

"I'm jealous of you, 65, you don't even know how tiredness feels like…" Tapp Dopp whined.

"Geez, head officer, what is he doing in a middle of busy schedule like today?" Johnny groaned. "He could have helped a bit more!"

Suddenly a bit of crashing sound was heard and Komui entered the room with a cheery smile. "Hey everyone! Wake up, wake up! Look at what I brought you guys!" he said cheerfully.

"Head officer?" Reever looked shocked with the huge thing that was standing behind the head officer. "W-what the hell is that thing?"

"This is not a mere thing!" Komui pouted. "This is our science department's savior! His name is Komurin! I've just finished building it!" he grinned. "He has 100 of my brain and personality copied! He's an Innocence omnipotent robot." He finished in a sing-song voice.

"Yeah, so?" Tapp Dopp asked in confusion.

"You didn't let me finish!" Komui pouted. "He can not only decrypt files but he also has surgical and care support for anti-akuma weaponry. In other words, he's another me! Now it will make our work easier---!" he said in a super-confident mode before all science department members circled around him and hugged him with anime tears flowing. Some could even hear hallelujah chorus being played in the background.

"Head Officer---!!!" all shouted in unison while Komui's grin widened.

"I know, I know, I'm so great." He said proudly. Suddenly Lenalee and Allen entered the room with the trays of coffee.

"Anyone for coffee?" Lenalee smiled. Komui immediately turned around and smiled cheerily at his sister.

"Lenalee, Lenalee, congratulate your brother in making a savior for our science department. This is Komurin II! Komurin, meet my darling sister Lenalee and oh, Allen-chan's here too!" Komui said while skipping to his sister cheerfully. Lenalee sweatdropped at the huge robot who was currently staring at her and Allen curiously.

"Komurin II?" Allen tilted her head. "Why the "II"?" she asked. Komui pouted.

"Because…before I could show my former one to everyone, it got decimated by Kanda-kun…" he said. "He said something about eating his soba or such…" Everyone sweatdropped.

"That doesn't sound like much of a useful robot does it?" Tapp Dopp whispered to Johnny. Johnny nodded.

"Or else it was just not a good time for Kanda's bug to be around." Johnny added.

"But this one is different! This one is the copy of me! I guarantee this guy will be useful for all of us!" he said certainly. Suddenly the robot (being the exact copy of Komui) took the head officer's yosshi coffee cup and drank it.

"Nii-san, can this guy drink coffee?" Lenalee asked while the robot finished the coffee that was supposed to be Komui's share.

"What are you talking about, Lenalee? Even though he is an exact copy of me, he is only a robot, of course he can't—" Komui paused at the burping sound from the robot. "Ah, he drank it all."

Suddenly Komurin began hiccupping like someone who has stomach indigestion and sparks of electricity flew around his head. The guys began to panic as the robot uttered something like, "My…name is…Komurin. I make…exorcists…stronger."

"Th-that's right, Komurin. That's a good boy!" Komui praised the robot.

"H-hey, Head Officer, that thing's acting strange, are you sure it's okay?" Reever asked doubtfully.

"Hahahaha, acting strange you said? Komurin is my creation so he's perfect in every way, get it, huh, huh, huh?!" Komui said waving his hand at Reever continuously.

"Oh Nii-san…" Lenalee sighed. The robot turned his attention to the girl and began to move toward her.

"I will perform surgery to make this girl macho." He said. Everyone jaw-dropped and yelled a horrified screams.

"To make Lenalee macho???!!!" Komui shed anime tears all over. "No, no, stop! I can't even imagine it!!!" he said getting panicked.

"No, I will definitely make this girl stronger by making her macho." Komurin chanted as it stepped forward and Lenalee stepped back. "Surgery time, surgery time."

"Ah, Lenalee, run, quickly!" Komui was more panicked than her. Suddenly the robot's arms stretched out and grabbed Lenalee's smaller form. She shrieked and dropped the tray she was carrying.

"Aah!" Lenalee cried.

"Lenalee!" Komui yelled.

"Ah, he took Lenalee!" Allen said.

"What is going to happen? Ah, this is so wrong!" Johnny said as he began to shake Allen beside him violently.

"But somehow I'm a bit excited…" Tapp Dopp said.

"Does this even an appropriate time to say that?!" Reever yelled in panicky at his friend's enthusiasm.

"Someone hurry up and do something to stop Komurin!" Komui yelled in panicky. Reever sighed and took out a laser gun from a box near the bookshelf.

"Oh god, Head Officer, where is that robot's main circuit?!" he asked, while the weapon began to charge for energy.

"Oh, that is…" Komui smiled and went silent. "UNACCEPTABLE!!!" he yelled and cried anime tears again. "I built Komurin with my sweat, tears, and love! I won't forgive you if you just destroy him like that!" he said. Reever sweatdropped and sighed.

"Then, you don't care what's going to happen to Lenalee?" the assistant asked.

"AAAH!!!" Komui yelled and more anime tears flowed out even more from his eyes. "That, that, that's unacceptable too!"

"Then what do you suggest we do?" Reever sighed and lowered his weapon.

"Nii-san, hurry up and let me down from here!" Lenalee said.

"Ah, my treasured Lenalee!" Komui said. Komurin, as if understood the head officer's weakness sent him a lovely (?) look and purred cutely. "A-ah, but I treasure Komurin too…but Lenalee is precious too…AAH! What am I supposed to do now?!" he looked like a real stressed out guy before a glimpse of slyness shone in his eyes.

"Ah, that's right, Allen-chan you're here aren't you?" Komui clasped his hands. Allen gasped and stepped back a little. Somehow, his tone made her feel something bad was about to happen.

"Komurin, good news! It seems that being: Allen Walker's injured anti-akuma weapon is bothering her!" Komui said suddenly. Allen dropped the tray in her hands in astonishment. What the fucking…

"Head Officer! He's planning to sacrifice Allen!" Russel who was hiding under a table said in panicky.

"He's a demon!" Tapp Dopp shivered.

"Head Officer!" Reever pointed his laser gun at the robot again.

"Wound…" The robot glanced at the green cross embedded to Allen's left arm and it seemed he mistook it for a wound.

"Ah, err…w-wait for a second…" Allen stepped back fearfully. Komurin began to scan the girl's figure and he immediately changed his target.

"Target changed: target changed. I will proceed to fix Allen Walker's left arm first." He said and a bottle of strange spray came out from the robot. The robot sprayed the strange gas at Lenalee and sent her limp in his arms.

"Lenalee!" Komui yelled.

"He paralyzed her with some gas!" Johnny said.

"Don't worry, her nerves are stable." 65 said while watching Lenalee with a pair of goggle.

"I don't think that's the point…" Allen sweatdropped.

"Target changed: repair Allen Walker's anti-akuma weapon first. Target lock on…locked on!" Komurin chanted as he placed Lenalee on the floor gently. Allen stepped back again.

"Head Officer!" Reever scolded as Komui ran to get Lenalee. "Allen! Run away!"

"B-but to where?" she asked in panicky.

"Anywhere! Just make sure it's far away from here!" the man replied.

"R-right!" Allen immediately dashed away from the place and ran out from the room. Komurin turned around and proceeded to chase after her out of the room.

Allen tried to run as fast as she could, but no matter how fast she ran, the robot seemed to have no trouble following her at all. She cried anime tears all over.

'Oh man, what did I do to deserve this?' she thought to herself as she circled around the home to avoid getting captured.

"So, do you understand, everyone? We must do what we can to stop that menacing robot and save Allen-chan." Reever said while Komui was still cradling the unconscious Lenalee and shed anime tears.

"Roger sir!" everyone replied.

"Squad Leader Reever! It may be presumptuous of me, but I have a good plan!" Tapp Dopp raised his hand.

"Oh, very well, what is it?" Reever asked. Tapp saluted.

"I like to call it: A Tear of Grief is A Ray of Light Plan!" he decided quickly on a name to give to his plan while Johnny and Russel put a strange look on their faces.

"What kind of a plan is it?" Reever gawked.

"We capture him with this rope!" Tapp said, causing Russel and Johnny to do anime fall. Reever sighed.

"That won't work…"

"Squad leader, you're way too thick-headed. In science, sometimes you must go back to the basics!" Tapp chuckled.

"Well then, give it your best." Reever sighed and gave a thumb up. Tapp Dopp smiled in triumph and ran outside the office.

"Here I go!" he said, twirling his lasso before crashing sounds were heard and he was flung away back into the office. "I screwed up."

"That was fast." Reever sighed.

"The enemy is moving at 30km/h northwest down the corridor!" Russel said looking at his so called radar. Johnny laughed in a creepy way.

"It seems my part has come." He put a sinister smile.

"Do you have any plan, Johnny?" Reever looked lazy. Oh man, why did he have to work with these kinds of people?

"Of course I do!" he took out a remote control. "This is it!" he pushed a few buttons and a strange robot with lots of stuff sauntered in. Reever almost fell from his chair at that.

"Another robot?!" he asked in surprise.

"He's got a lot of stuff." 65 said.

"Johnny, what the hell is this thing?" Reever looked more frightened than confused. Of course, after seeing Komurin, any robot would look dangerous.

"This is the robot I secretly build and still under more development now! It may look weak, but under further advances, it might even take down akuma and become a ultimate fighting robot!" he said proudly. Reever sighed. "Go now, my robot!"

And the robot sauntered out from the office like the way it sauntered in to help (?) Allen. Reever sighed. He had his doubts on that stuff.

Allen was still running around here and there while the huge robot didn't seem to be willing to give up chasing her. She had begun to feel tired and when she looked in front of her another strange robot appeared out of a corridor.

"Whoa, another strange thing!" she said. "It has a lot of cleaning gadget attached to it…"

"Allen Walker, go to the warehouse! Hurry!" the robot chanted.

"What? The warehouse?" Allen glanced backward and saw Komurin coming towards her.

"This way Allen Walker! Follow me!" 65 said while waving a strange radiating red glow. Allen didn't bother to think anymore and followed the two robots' instruction; she ran into the warehouse and closed the door behind her.

"Ano, I've entered the warehouse…" she said while propping herself on her knees and gasped for breath.

"Yosh, leave the rest to me!" Johnny said certainly. Allen was just starting to breathe in relief when the strange robot started to clean up the dust in the warehouse.

"Eh? It…it just started cleaning…" Allen sweatdropped.

"Oh no! The program is too delicate furthermore if it see a dust it has to clean it!" Johnny started banging his head to the wall and Reever sighed.

"I knew it would end up this way…" he took a walkie-talkie. "Allen, sorry about this, but hurry up and return to home! You will certainly be saved there!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!" Allen went pale when Komurin barged into the warehouse and destroyed the closed door. She cried anime tears and began to run out from the warehouse in panicky. Komurin again turned to chase her down.

"Wait! I must tend to your injuries!" Komurin said as he sent missiles flying towards the white haired exorcist. Allen tried her best to avoid getting hit by those dangerous looking things.

"This way, aren't you just giving me more injuries?!" her words seemed to have fallen to deaf ears since Komurin didn't bother to listen to her and just kept shooting missiles at the poor girl. 65 appeared from a trick door on the floor and waved his strange gadget towards the corridor.

"Don't give up Allen, this way." he pointed. Allen braked immediately and turned into the said corridor while 65 entered the trick door again and disappeared from the path just before Komurin could pulverize him into flatter than a pancake.

"I'm here, I'm Allen Walker!" Allen didn't know what else to say and suddenly an upside down pyramid shaped elevator Komui used to take her to Hevlaska yesterday floated up with every member of the science division on it.

"Oi, over here!" Reever said. Allen smiled in a bit of relief.


"Wait long? We've got you covered now!" he said.

Komurin's loud and noisy steps could be heard as he came running into the scene. Reever glared with a serious look and glanced at Johnny.

"Johnny, now!"

"Got it!" the glasses man answered. He pushed a button on the control panel and a huge gun appeared from the pyramid shaped elevator's side. He pushed buttons while other members pumped in the energy for the gun.

"Get ready, Komurin II! Don't underestimate us nerds!" Johnny said certainly. Just in time, since Komurin just burst in into the scene, and Allen was cornered on the railing. She glanced backward and saw deep endless dark hole and wondered if she could finally meet Mana again if she fell down there.

"Do it!!!" everyone exclaimed.

Johnny was about to shot the infuriating robot when Komui suddenly jumped in from the second floor with anime tears bursting out from his eyes. Reever and the others gawked.

"Don't shoot!!!" he landed on Johnny and circled his hands around the man's face. "Don't shoot my Komurin!!!" he cried anime tears.

"Don't you care about what's going to happen to Allen?!" Reever yelled.

"Komurin is not evil!!!" Komui defended, refusing to give up on the robot.

"Gotta…save Allen!" Johnny pulled a lever and gawked. "Oh no…"

The lever was a movement controller, and because he pulled it until its limit, the elevator started rotating around the room while shooting laser beam around here and there. Allen almost fell down if she didn't catch the broken railing while Komurin was busy dodging the rays.

"Head Officer!!!" Reever yelled while trying to hold on to the railing on the elevator and the said thing was still rotating in full speed.

"This is mutiny, this is mutiny!" Johnny yelled.

"What am I supposed to do?!" Komui was panicked too.

"What is this uproar?" Kanda entered with his usual frown.

"Kanda!" Allen called. "We will talk later. If we can't stop this thing…" Allen glanced at the robot. Kanda stared at him and the robot stared back.

"If we at least know his weakness, it'd be okay…" Allen said.

"I know where his weakness is." Kanda said flatly.


"I should, since I destroyed one like him before." He said, recalling the time when he sliced an infuriating robot that ate his soba in three with Mugen.

"Where is it? The weakness I mean?"

"The hollow place on the nape of his neck." The scowling samurai answered flatly.

"The hollow place on the nape of his neck, eh?" Allen took out a pen and a notebook. Where the hell did she put that in? Go figure. "Wait, where the heck is that?!" she asked again.

"Then I guess dying here is your fate as well." Kanda put a sly smirk and stepped back into the corridor where he had come from.

"Eeeeh?! C'mon where is it?!!" Allen waved her hands around in panicky.

"The enemy is approaching! Allen, be careful!" Russel called as the pyramid elevator finally stopped rotating. Komurin also stopped dancing around like some nuts and the door on his chest opened. A hand stretched out from it and caught Allen's right foot. The robot hauled her up upside down.

"Allen Walker, successfully captured. Preparing for surgery." Komurin chanted.

"Whoa!" Allen stared. Everything was upside down; or rather, it was her who was upside down.

"Allen!" Reever called.

"Allen!" Tapp Dopp stared in horror.

"Let's do surgery, let's do surgery, let's do some surgery already!" there were small white robots inside Komurin's opened chest and Allen swore they looked a lot like robot versions of Komui. They were holding scissors, drills, hammer, and even knives dangerously.

"I-Innocence, activate!" Allen invoked her left arm and formed the large white claw. She just shivered at the thought of getting operated by some strange distrusted robots.

"Oh, it's her anti-akuma weapon!" Reever said hopefully. "And she is a parasitic type too! A rare kind of exorcist!"

Suddenly a small dart went flying from a blow pipe and stabbed Allen's back. Her arm immediately turned back to the normal scaly form and she went limp.

"Ha? HEAD OFFICER!!!" Reever yelled at Komui who was putting an innocent look while holding a blow pipe in his hand.

"Ha…I can't move…" Allen said. Her body felt numb all over. The dart seemed to be containing some sort of anesthesia that paralyzed her system.

"He has a blow pipe, he has a blow pipe! Take it! Take it!" Reever and his men started besieging Komui and climbed onto him, trying to snatch away the blow pipe from him.

"Bu-But if she had attacked, Komurin would—Komurin would—" Komui struggled while Reever, Johnny and Tapp Dopp grabbed a hold on him and pinned him down to the floor.

As they managed to take the blow pipe, Allen's groaning voice could be heard. She was slowly being pulled into the robot's chest.

"It's no use…I can't gather any strength…" she murmured.

"Allen!" Reever yelled.

All the ruckus caused someone who was sleeping peacefully in the corner of the room to awaken. Yes, it was Lenalee. Realizing her friend was in danger, she activated her Innocence straight away. Lenalee Lee's anti-akuma weapon was the Dark Boots.

"Innocence, activate!" she invoked the anti-akuma weapon and started floating in the air with them. Komurin sensed some kind of danger and thus he shot missiles at her but she dodged them gracefully, performing an arc in the sky before gracefully kicking Komurin's dark purplish eye in the middle of his head.

The robot's grasp on Allen's feet went loose and she was sent flying toward the outlet in the middle of the corridor. The home part of the black order was built in form of a ring and thus the core was not floored. It was vacant, restricted by some strong steel railing.

If you stared down the vacant space, you'd see nothing other than pure darkness below. If one fell from there, no one knew what would happen to them. No one had dared to try to do so before (and no straight-sensed people would dare to try to do so if they still loved their lives!)

"Allen!" Lenalee gasped in surprise. She hadn't expected Komurin to be throwing Allen out of the way as the white haired girl fell down from the outlet down to the endless darkness below.

"No! Allen!" Reever called.

'Oh crap…' Allen thought as she tried to activate her arm, but again; no avail. The anesthesia was still taking effect. Nicely if one might say.

The cursed white haired girl closed her eyes. She prepared herself for the inevitable fall, when a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her body protectingly and when she realized, she was lifted in bridal style by a certain dark haired exorcist.

'K-Kanda?!' Her eyes widened. The scowling samurai had leaped without warning from the lower ground and caught the girl in his arms. He made use of the long iron gun barrel stretched out from the mid lower part of the pyramid shaped elevator as a kicking anvil and created enough force to leap to the upper ground safely. He landed very gracefully that Allen didn't even feel the slightest vibration when they landed.

"Kanda!" Lenalee smiled in relief after seeing her friend had been saved from the dangerous fall. The girl turned her attention back to the robot. She leaped in the air, again performing a graceful arc before pulverizing the robot, destroying every system. Finally, victory reigned.

Realizing there was no more danger, Kanda put Allen down to her own feet and the girl could feel her cheeks reddened in embarrassment. She stumbled slightly from the remaining effect of the anesthesia and made the dark haired boy caught her again in his arms.

"K-Kanda…ano…thanks…for saving me." she stuttered, face bright scarlet. Kanda snorted.

"Che, you're such a trouble, stupid beanpsrout." He spat. Actually he surprised himself by saving the girl once more after he had vowed to himself never to save the girl ever again. But strangely, he felt the very duty to do so whenever he saw her in trouble. When he saw the girl fell from the upper ground earlier, his body moved on his own and he didn't even realize what he was doing until they landed safely.

"Oh gee, thanks a lot." Allen said sarcastically but then smiled. So Lenalee was right after all; Kanda was really a nice person deep inside. The entire science department crew clapped their hands and applauded at the magnificent rescuing Kanda just done. Allen flushed at that and Kanda sent them death glares, shutting them off at once.

"Allen, are you okay?" Lenalee asked worriedly. Allen nodded.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks Lenalee."

"No, I'm sorry, I was careless and almost let you fell if it wasn't for Kanda. Good thing you were there, Kanda." Lenalee smiled. Kanda snorted and threw away his gaze.

"Yo, Allen, are you okay?" Reever and the others ran towards the girl. She smiled reassuringly and nodded.

"Yes, thanks for worrying." She said.

"Sorry about the head officer. He's sometimes that crazy but it was true that Komurin II was built to treat exorcists' wounds. It didn't work well though." The Australian sighed.

"I understand. I'm just glad everyone's all right." Allen giggled seeing the members of the science department began to kick and threw things at the fallen robot.

"What's with 'Komurin II'? This is such a useless robot!" they said. "Dispose it! Dispose it!" they threw small rocks at the robot. Komui abruptly climbed unto the robot and clung to the robot to defend him.

"Komurin is not evil! The evil one is coffee!" he said. "Hate the game, not the gamer. Hate the coffee, not Komurin…" he said with an anime tear on the corner of his eye. Allen sweatdropped. Where the hell did that guy get that strange quotation? Lenalee re-activated her dark boots and floated to her brother's side.


"Lenalee! Please stop everyone!" Komui pleaded.

"Why don't you try to go repent on this?" she kicked the robot and Komui who was still clung to it into the dark outlet and both fell down with Komui shrieking. A crashing sound was heard not too long after, indicating both the robot and the scientist had reached the bottom. Well, he was first to anyways. Finally, someone lunatic enough to try to reach the bottom (though not deliberately).

"Is he okay?" Allen asked worriedly with a mental sweatdrop. Kanda snorted.

"Who cares?"

"Sorry about that, Allen." Lenalee smiled. "Why don't you go back to your room and rest a bit while we clean all this mess and come to the dining hall later on? 6 o'clock, okay?" she winked.

"Eh? 6 o'clock but-but I haven't eaten anything since yesterday!" Allen protested. "And this entire ruckus has caused my hunger to go unbearable…" her stomach growled a little and she flushed. Lenalee sighed.

"I'll bring you a little something to eat later on. But for now please, please won't you return to your room for now? Pretty please? With sugar on top?" she pleaded. "Thank you! Kanda, could you take Allen to her room please?" she cut before Allen could even respond to that particular pleading. Everyone sweatdropped at Lenalee's enthusiasm. It was as if she was eager to prepare for something special.

"Why me?" Kanda twitched his brows.

"Aw, you're the one who saved Allen, right? I'm sure that if she's with you, she will be safe even if any other mischief occurred. Besides, you've been holding her in your arms since earlier, right?" she smirked naughtily. Kanda immediately released Allen from his clutch and the girl fell down to the floor.

"Ow! That hurt Kanda!" she groaned, rubbing her bottom. "I wonder how much anesthesia Komui-san put inside that dart…I still can't move my feet yet." She sighed.

"Sometimes my brother just doesn't know his limits." Lenalee sweatdropped. "Now then Kanda, please?"

"Che." Kanda spat. "Get up, beansprout." He pulled the girl's arm and forced her to stand limply on her numb feet. Allen pouted at that.

"Couldn't you be a little gentler since I'm a girl, bastard?" she pouted.

"Just shut up stupid beansprout." He scoffed and dragged Allen down the hall. Allen pouted but complied when Kanda slid his arm under her shoulders and hauled her up. At least someone was helping her. And why was it that…she felt surprisingly safe and comfortable near the raven haired exorcist? The thoughts sent shiver down her spine and flush up her cheeks. She could feel Lenalee grinning to her right now at the awkward scene.

"Remember, 6 o'clock okay Allen?" she reminded as the white haired girl waved back to her and proceeded to go back to her room with the irritable samurai.

"Now where is your room, beansprout?" Kanda asked. Allen flinched and then sent an awkward smile to the raven haired exorcist. Kanda sweatdropped. "You don't know."

"Sorry…" she grinned sheepishly. "I forgot where it is…I was always an expert at getting lost. Especially since there was all that ruckus going on, so…" Kanda sighed.

"You were, and are still an expert." He scoffed and led Allen to some rooms left untouched on the two grounds up above from the destroyed one down bellow. He clicked the door open and Timcanpy immediately greeted its master by spinning around the girl's head.

"Timcanpy!" she smiled. "So you fled here when Komurin started chasing me didn't you? Good thing you're okay! Oh wait, if you're here then it means…" she glanced around. "…this is my room? Kanda how did you know this is my room?"

"Shut up, you went outside this room earlier this morning, stupid." He scoffed and dropped Allen on her bed. Just when he was proceeding to go out Allen stopped him.

"Then why did you ask me where is my room earlier? Why bother to ask me when you already know?" she asked curiously. Kanda froze. Yeah, why indeed? Did it slip his mind? Or was it just because he wanted to speak with her or something like that? Nah…that can't be…can it?

"No reason. Don't talk to me, beansprout." He said coldly and went out with a slightly puzzled look. To tell the truth, he wasn't aware why he had asked her that when he already recognized which room was hers. And above all, Kanda Yuu wasn't someone who'd bother to memorize each his comrades' rooms, but it was as if he knew this room was hers from the first time. Why? Okay, let's ask again, why?

Allen was left dazed in her room. She swore that she just saw Kanda's baffled face and a slight flush painting his pale cheeks back there. She was also wondering why Kanda remembered where her room was located since he certainly didn't look like someone who'd bother to remember his comrades' rooms. Could it be that Kanda took her special above all his other comrades? Nah, that can certainly be removed from the list…right?

Allen shook her head and popped back to her bed. She sighed and rubbed her stomach which growled in hunger. "Lenalee said she's going to bring me a little something to eat later…but I don't think I can stand it any longer…I'm feeling faint from this hunger, Tim." She complained her newly found friend's selfishness to the golem. "I wonder why Lenalee won't let me go to the dining hall…"

"Ah, Kanda, back already?" Lenalee smiled when Kanda walked in into the dining hall with an annoyed look. "The preparation is almost complete." She said.

"Like I care." The swordsman answered.

"Oh c'mon, this is Allen's special welcoming party! Of course you have to care!" she said.

"Lenalee-chan, we need your help here!" Jerry called.

"Coming! Oh well, since I'm too busy, can you take this food over to Allen's place in my place? Sorry to bother you again, Kanda." She said and placed a tray of food in Kanda's hands before skipping away to help the cook with the other trays of food. Kanda was left stunned with a tray filled with food in his hands and stared at the blue silver tray in pure confusion.

"Oi! Lenalee!" Kanda tried to protest but was ignored by the girl. He then sighed and placed the tray of food on the nearest table.

'If that girl wants to give the food, she'll have to do it herself.' He thought, and walked out from the room when Lenalee suddenly yanked his uniform.

"Kanda! Take this to Allen! She hasn't eaten anything since morning!" she gave him the tray again. "Take it to her! Oh yeah, and please escort her here after she finished eating, okay? Thanks Kanda!" she said as she returned to help Jerry. Kanda twitched his brows. Somehow he knew that girl was trying to point out something obvious to him that she'd never leave him in peace before he take the tray to that white haired cursed girl.

'Give me strength…' Kanda groaned before walking down the hall to Allen's room once again, this time, with the tray.

"Where is Lenalee? She said she was going to bring me food…" Allen groaned while clutching to her stomach. "I wonder if the anesthesia had lost its effect or not…since I still can't move, but because of the anesthesia or from my hunger, I don't know…"

Suddenly the door was slammed open and a familiar scowling face entered the room with a tray of food. Allen nearly jumped when the door slammed open but when the dark haired samurai entered, she frowned instead.

"Kanda?" she pouted. "Didn't your mother teach you to knock before entering other people's room?" she glared. Kanda ignored her and placed the tray of food on her lap. Allen stared to the food and Kanda back and forth in pure confusion.

"Is this from Lenalee?" she asked finally.


"Thank…you." She said and opened the cloth covering the food. Her smile bloomed upon greeted by delicious looking meal. "Itadakimasu!" she said and wolfed down the food rapidly. Kanda sweatdropped. The girl's got quite the appetite.

Allen looked up and saw Kanda was staring at her. She immediately slowed down and bowed her head down in embarrassment, face glowing bright scarlet.

"S-sorry…" she murmured. "I was so hungry so…" to her surprise Kanda chuckled a little before sat down on a nearby chair. She awed at how handsome that irritable exorcist could be when he's smiling. The usual scowl gave him a certain appeal but his smiling (smirking) face gave him another kind of alluring spell.

"What are you staring at?" he scowled again. Allen flinched and then laughed embarrassedly. She was caught staring at the raven haired exorcist and how embarrassed she felt at that.

"N-nothing! Nothing at all." She shook her head and continued eating, this time a bit more slowly. She glanced to the raven haired exorcist and tilted her head. "What are you waiting for?"

"Am told to take you to the dining hall." He answered coldly. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this for you, beansprout." He glared. Allen gave a smile.

"I know that." She replied.

'But at least I'm glad Lenalee sent you here. I feel strangely relaxed near you, unlike with other people here in Black Order.' She added mentally.

It was strange, she thought, that she felt most safe and comfortable near the most murderous looking guy in Black Order. But then again, he was the first person she met upon entering this place, and one of the strongest exorcists Black Order had other than the generals.

"Are you done?" Kanda asked impatiently. Allen wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and nodded.

"Thanks for the meal." She smiled, though the amount of the small meal was still not enough, she was grateful she even got something to eat after the earlier riot.

"Then follow me." Kanda instructed. Allen put a strange look. "To the dining hall."

"Oh, right." She tiptoed down from her bed and followed the boy.

"There. You go in." Kanda said, pushing Allen a little in front of the dining hall. The hall was the only one with the lights on right now.

"Aren't you coming with me?" she asked.

"No, I've had enough being near you today." The swordsman snorted and turned around. Allen caught the swordsman's sleeve and tugged on it shyly. "What?" the scowling samurai asked irritably.

"Err…can you come too? Please?" she asked. She was a bit worried. She didn't know what the Black Order members planned and why they called her here in the night after forbade her to come in all day. At least, if she was with Kanda, she'd feel a lot safer. Seeing Kanda wasn't about to follow it willingly, she gave him the lost puppy look.

Allen had seen Lenalee using it against the boy and it always resulted in her victory. Kanda seemed to be more patient against girls, though deep down, he wanted nothing more than exploding right there, launching a lot of words that aren't in the dictionary.

Kanda twitched his brows. No, he wasn't that pathetic girl's chaperone. No he wasn't. No, say no, say no, Yuu Kanda, say no…oh the heck…

"Grr…fine, fine! Stop that pathetic kicked puppy look, beansprout before I bloody well flung you!" he said in annoyance. Allen flashed a triumphant smile.

"Thank you. Now, shall we?"

"Che. Remember, this will be the very last time I'd ever be helping you, useless beansprout!" He spat.

"I'll try." She grinned. Kanda felt a vein pulsing on his forehead and gave himself a mental pat on the back. That smile kind of reminded him about a certain red headed annoying rabbit of an exorcist he knew.

When the two entered the room, the white haired exorcist gasped upon seeing a banner hung on the ceiling on which written: "Welcome, Allen Walker". Lenalee and the entire Black Order was there. They were smiling brightly at the girl. Lots of food was already prepared and champagne along with wine was filled into glasses, displayed on rows neatly on a counter covered with a beautiful tablecloth. Allen blinked her eyes.

"You're finally here." Lenalee smiled. "We had a really hard time preparing this party for you, Allen. You must've thought I was selfish for not letting you go into the dining hall this entire morning, right? Sorry, we decided to keep this party a secret to surprise you." She gave the white haired girl a glass. "Here's your cup."

"Lenalee, this is—" Allen was loss at words. In other word, she was really speechless.

"Yes Allen, this is your welcoming party." She explained. Allen shook her head and smiled awkwardly.

"I-I…I don't know what to say…" Allen stated.

"Let's all give a toast for Allen Walker, the newly recruited member of our family." Komui said, lifting up a glass. "Welcome to our family, Allen Vallentina Walker."

"Welcome home, Allen." Lenalee smiled softly. "C'mon, you too, Kanda."

"Che. Whatever." Kanda threw away his gaze.

Allen could feel tears stinging in her eyes threatening to spill. Her mind flew back to the past, to the time when Mana had just adopted her. She had just got back home from a little walk and Mana was already waiting for her inside their apartment.

"Welcome home, Allen." Mana said while lifting a glass of wine and drank it, but not before flashing a fatherly smile to the little girl.

"I'm home." Allen managed to get out those finally. She smiled happily.

"Let's party all night, guys!" Komui said.

"Yay!!!" all complied.

"Let's eat!" Tapp Dopp said happily.

"My feeling exactly." Allen laughed merrily. "Let's go to eat something, Kanda." She grabbed the older boy's hand unconsciously, dragging him to the tables. Kanda widened his eyes at that and jerked his hand abruptly. Allen flinched upon realizing her bold act. She turned around and looked down timidly.

"S-sorry. I-I got too carried on." She explained shyly and glanced up to see if Kanda was angry. To her surprise, his face reddened in soft pink tone. She gawked. Twice in a day she caught Kanda looking like that. Wow, a new world record. (A/N: Author gets killed by Kanda)

"W-whatever. Shut up, beansprout." Kanda said and turned around to hide his flushed cheeks. Allen smiled and nodded.

"All right! Let's go eat something!"


'Mana, I think I'm going to love being in here after all.' She thought.

'I'm home!'



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