House could hardly believe his eyes... so he closed them. He remembered well and fantasized often enough to memorize the sight and be able to draw it blindfolded.

He could hardly believe she was in his arms again after so long. She moved over him with that strong calculating precision he could remember so well. His body seemed to remember it well also; his hips and arms instantly shifting in time to the pulse of her movements, like some sort of sensory memory ingrained in his muscles.

He guided her as if she was part of his own body.

But every so often there would be something different, something that didn't fit with his memories or fantasies of her.

It was a brutal reminder among such perfection that she had been away from him for so long, that she'd changed, that he'd changed and she had perfected a new rhythm with another.

He swallowed a wave of revulsion at the idea of her and Mark's sweaty, healthy bodies rolling around on an endless mattress. He cursed his superior brain and its capacity to think so clearly during sex. Even as she did something delicious with her hips that made his eyes roll in the back of his head and made him groan against her neck his mind was still whirring just as fast and not the incoherent mush that it should be when having sex.

Consciously he made a decision to flick through all his fantasies and dreams to aid the process as his fully functioning brain detected her exhaustion and the nearness of her climax.

He wanted to enjoy this fully. Give it the appreciation it deserves what with it being the first time he'd had sex in 6 years.

Sure there'd been the occasional $20 blowjob but never any more than that.

But considering that this was the case shouldn't he be enjoying it more already? The woman he'd pined for over the past 5 years was back in his arms and pleasuring him wonderfully and he had to "try" to enjoy it.

He dismissed the thought quickly and buried himself deep in her body and in his thoughts.

Warmth poured through him as his hand guided her hips harder over him.

Erotic thoughts danced through his mind like her nipples danced before his eyes. He fell into them. He pressed his head to her neck and kissed and bit her skin gently, careful not to leave a single mark. He fell further. His palm slid up her long back and through her hair that seemed to grow at his touch, snaking down the back of his hand, those long curls teasing his forearm in a manner that made his gut quiver. He fell further still. Eyes closed, her felt her pulse thrum faster and her skin taste sweeter.

"Greg." She moaned almost incoherently as her climax drew closer.

His name was almost his undoing, the sound made his blood run hot and a shiver run down his spine.

"Yes." he hissed, his hands pressing so hard to her hips that he knew they'd leave bruises. His brain was officially absent at that moment all that matter was the sensation, the vision of her. He was moving on pure instinct and need.

"Oh... oh god... Greg!" She half screamed, half moaned as her arm tightened around him and her body shivered over the edge crying his name over and over.

A single thrust later and he followed her into blissful pleasure with just one word escaping his lips.


The whole world seemed to still. Breath and heartbeat sounded unnaturally loud in the seemingly complete and utter silence that surrounded them.

"Allison?" Stacy's voice snapped harshly.

"What?" House asked dumbly as his mind fought desperately to process everything that had happened in its absence.

"You said Allison." She said as her arms fell from around him despite being so intimately pressed to him elsewhere. "When you came inside me you said Allison."

"I did?" His mind suddenly confirmed her words. He sighed. "I did, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did. I can't believe you Greg!" she said angrily as she pulled herself from him, a wince passing over her features at the pain that moved through her thighs and the loss of him from inside her. She hopped purposefully from the bed and started pulling on her clothes in quick angered movements that threatened to pull the buttons from the cloth.

She took a breath and continued.

"You manipulate me and pull me and tease me. Even pulling the whole "I can change puppy dog act" which I didn't buy for a second and the instant you got me into bed, into a position where I would be jeopardizing my marriage you think of someone else during sex! I just can't believe you... you know what?" She said with a fake chuckle. "I can; this is exactly what Greg House would do. He'd round up all the toy's in the playpen and watch ever other kid cry. He wouldn't play with them himself, just watch; too interested in the misery he'd created to pay his toys any attention."

"So you want attention?" He said slightly confused and unable to prevent the slightly sarcastic tone from ebbing into his words. He was too lost in his own mind right now. There was no way he could answer her.

"I don't want to be a part of your game. Your entertainment." She shot back at him.

"You're not." He whispered.


"I don't know!" he shouted.

"Who is she?" she asked angrily.

House searched his brain high and low for a famous blonde bimbo with the name of Allison but it seemed that his brain could only work in spurts at the moment.

"Cameron?" Stacy said her brows knitted in thought. "Her first name is Allison isn't it?" She continued with anger and annoyance rumbling and bubbling beneath her words.

He couldn't deny it so he stayed silent and still, his gaze falling to tangled bed sheets.

She laughed mirthlessly. "It's always hard to resist someone who seems to be totally in love with you." she said with a bitter tongue as she remembered his actions and behaviour over the past few months, ever since she'd arrived at PPTH.

But she had been all that he could think about. She was all he could think about. It was an obsession over a lost love. A fixation and enchantment on his mind so that he could hardly think about anything else, he wouldn't allow himself to feel anything else other than the utter desperation to reclaim a lost love.

Until now that is.



He wasn't even aware he ever really thought of her as Allison in his own mind before.

He frowned.

This was the result of switching his mind off for just a few seconds.

Stacy smirked at the end of the bed and pulled on her shoes; something akin to spite and vengeance spread through her. He'd put her through emotional hell these past months, now she was going to make sure he felt it.

"You're a sad sick old man." she said her parting words as she picked up her purse and left with the door slamming loudly behind her.

House lay there, still naked in his bed with sheets and blankets bunched and the scent of sex hanging thick in the air. His body was still but his mind couldn't have been working faster unless it was concentrating on a case and the patient only had an hour of life left in them.

What the hell had just happened?!