She slid off his lap and held out her hand to him which he gladly took. House picking up his cane and Cameron picking up his bag they made their way slowly down the hall to the bedroom, there hands clasped tightly together.

Coming to a stop at the bottom of the bed House set his cane against the foot of the bed as Cameron set down his backpack and slid his arms around her from behind gently kissing her neck gently.

"I've wanted this for so long." He whispered.

Her right hand covered his and her left bend up and back to smooth through his hair.

"So have I." She murmured back in reply. "I wanted you for so long."

"And now you have me what are you going to do to me?" He said grinning against her neck.

"Anything and everything I want." She said with a matching smile and turning in his arms to cup his cheek and kiss him softly.

"I like the sound of that." He answered against her lips. "So what would you have me do?"

"Stand right there while I get you naked." She giggled back, her hands smoothing over his chest and down over his stomach.

"Yes meme." He said smirking, lowering his hands to his sides.

She smiled brightly and slid her hands over his hips and under his jacket. Her lips fell to his neck, cascading across his skin in gentle fluttering kisses as her hands un-tucked his shirt slowly with her fingers making the odd detour from his back to his ass before returning to their task.

House he tipped his head back unsure as to what to do in return but the touch of her hands and her lips encouraged him to forget and merely bask in the feeling of her being with him, longing for him like he longed for her. The touch was so soft, so gentle almost as if she were afraid to break him and yet her movements had a certain purpose to them, a certain purpose and desperation to them.

"You're not going to hurt me. That would be impossible." He murmured softly.

"I know I just…" she sighed softly her hands smoothing over his back and around to his stomach undoing the lower buttons of his shirt.

"Nervous still?"

She nodded her fingers still working slowly on his buttons.

He smiled. "Don't be. And even if you can't, don't worry about it. I brought enough condoms that we can stay here and practice until we get it perfect."

She giggled slightly sliding off his jacket before smoothing her hands over the exposed skin between the sides of his open shirt, tweaking his nipples gently and stroking the coarse hairs on his chest. "And exactly how many condoms did you bring?"

He picked up his bag and emptied it on the bed, from the pack poured forth a shirt, a pair of boxers, a pyjama set and at least 40 condoms in multicoloured packets.

"Jesus Greg you expect us to go through all these in one night?!" She exclaimed, her hands still moving over his skin.

"Who said I was only staying for one night?" he said sliding his arms around her waist and kissing her temple gently.

She loosed and gentle chuckle and cuddled up to him. "I love you."

"I love you too." He murmured back.

The air had all of a sudden become thick and swirling with dark and serious passion. Sharing a soft sensual kiss Cameron slid House's shirt from his body and let her hands explore his skin lavishly, her hand curling around the contours of his flesh and her fingers twisting in the rough hair on his body.

"Do I have to wait until I'm naked before I take this dress off you?" he murmured kissing down her neck, his finger tips stroking the zip of her dress but not moving it.

"Has someone been thinking about that all night?" She asked grinning and reaching for his belt buckle.

"I have now that you mention it." He answered with a grin.

She looked up into his eyes and slipped her hand down into his boxers and gripped his growing erection. "Is that why Maximus is so awake?"

"Quite possibly. More likely would be the fact that you're so amazingly gorgeous he can barely contain himself."

"He'd better contain himself." She warned lightly as she squeezed and stroked his length gently.

"Oh…hmmm… he will. I promise." He said finally sliding down the zipper of her dress, his fingertips teasing the skin at the small of her back.

Cameron slid his pants from his hips, holding him steady as he gripped her body to him and kicked away his pants. "I think we should move this to the bed." She murmured.

"Not yet." He said softly. "I want that dress off you first." He continued with a grin and rested his hands on her hips, slowly pulling down her dress.

"Oh baby you're stunning." He murmured as her breasts where revealed to him, his hands moving from her and up to her breasts, his thumbs sweeping across her nipples.

"Really?" She asked slightly meekly aware of his fondness for Cuddy's large "assets".

He smiled leaning forward and kissing her softly. "Yes, really. Allie you're perfect."

She smiled back and stretched up kissing him deeply, the action shrinking her waist enough to let the dress fall to the ground and pool at their feet. "Bed time?" She asked a gentle grin on her lips.

"Bed time." He agreed with a nod.

Cameron stepped out of her dress and moved around him to pull back the sheets and take away all the redundant and decorative pillows, setting them on the floor. She also made a small pile of his clothes on the beside cabinet and into the drawer she tossed the condoms, leaving it open for easy access. She also fished his pill bottle from his trousers and set them next to his clothes. House watched her with voyeuristic fascination, the way her body flowed with every movement and the gentle jiggle of her free breasts.

She turned back from the open bed to face him and looked nervous. "Do you um… do you want me to be on top?" She said worried about his leg and curious about his sexual habits since the infarction.

He frowned lightly and hobbled closer. "Did you ask every guy you'd slept with that question?"

"Well no." She said looking down.

"My leg is a problem when I try to walk. When I try to stand and when I try to jump. It is NOT a problem when I'm having sex and if it is I'll let you know." He said slightly sternly stroking her chin and lifting it so her eyes met his. "Do you want to be on top?"

"Not tonight." She whispered.

He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. "Good, because I want to make you mine. And I'll do what you want to know that I'm yours."

She smiled and backed away from him, lying down and moving to the centre of the bed. Her hair spreading around her head and over the pillows, those curls begging to be touched as much the rest of her. A small growl issued from the back of his throat and he moved forward bringing his body half over hers, his right arm holding up his upper body and fingering her curls as the left smoothed over her hip and his lips claimed hers hungrily. Cameron kissed him back with equal zest and mashed her tongue to his as her body curled instinctively towards him, accommodating his thigh between her legs welcoming the warmth and the friction. The touch of his lips, the caress of his hand, the scratch of his chest hair and the warmth of his thigh was driving her crazy. It was all so intoxicating and arousing. And she could tell it was the same for him with his erection growing harder and harder with each passing second.

She scratched his back gently and slid her hands down the marks and under his boxers to grip his ass and press him harder against her. "Oh Greg." She murmured.

He grinned sliding over her a little more until his hips slipped between her thighs and he was pressed against her a little more. "What?" He tried to ask innocently.

"I want you." She answered.

"You have me… I'm yours." He murmured rocking his hips to hers gently.

She whimpered softly. "Greg." She moaned in a needy slightly annoyed tone. "I need you."

"Oh you mean Maximus?" He said grinning.

She rolled her eyes. "Yes for crying out loud. We've been kissing all night and I'm wet as hell."

"I doubt hell is wet." He answered thoroughly amused by her need, reaching down and touching her wet panties, rubbing her flesh through them.

"Greg!" she hissed annoyed.

House smiled and drew himself back most of his weight on his left leg as her slid off her panties slowly tossing them he didn't know where and nor did he care. His fingers caressed her trimmed fuzzy mound as he withdrew his erection from his boxers.

"Is this what you want?" He asked stroking his member gently, keeping it hard.

She smiled up at him. "Yes." She whispered and brought herself up on her elbows as she reached over and grabbed a condom from the drawer, before sitting up and undoing the wrapper.

He cupped her cheek and kissed her temple gently as he felt her small delicate hand sheathing his hard length in latex protection. He kissed her temple once more. "Lie down." He whispered his gentle command which she followed implicitly, spreading her legs wide in anticipation. Her whole body shivered with longing and desperation, she could barely wait to have his long, thick hard length inside her once more.

"Greg…" Her breath ran out as he leaned forward and began to press slowly in to her wet core.

"Oh Allison." He murmured pushing ever deeper inside of her, filling her tight crevasse. He leaned his body over her and kissed her softly as he pressed the last inches of his cock into her body.

Cameron squeaked against his lips in sheer delightful ecstasy and the most wondrous pain, her legs curling around him tightly. "God I love you." She said between deep desperate kisses.

"I love you too." He whispered and began to move slowly in and out of her body.

They rocked for what seemed like hours sharing gentle kisses and tender touches.

Previously House had always found this part of love making rather boring and tedious but with Cameron every bit of his mind and body was switched on and focused solely on her. His mind and body attuned to her completely unable to think of anything else. Everything building so gently and so slowly ever threatening to erupt but they each held back wanting this to last as long as possible. Their rhythm was far from perfect, bodies bumping in odd places occasionally as neither could decide what to kiss, what to touch or what sensations they wanted at their hips but they found their way swiftly through each others wants and desires and satisfying them more than adequately.

All too so hearts were beating fast and lungs were drawing air in to their maximum capacity.

"Allison." He murmured softly against her neck as the tempo of his thrusts increased.

"Yes." She breathed, her body shivering as much as his with pent up arousal and her climax oh so close.

Utterly lost in her he pressed into her body over and over, his thigh was twitching at the constant movement but he felt no pain only able to concentrate on their joined bodies.

Their climaxes came swift and hard, bodies entwined in mutual rapture, lips pressed harshly together to keep nonsensical words and moans from pouring from their mouths. Lips parting House rested heavily over her his forehead resting against hers, his breath coursing down her cheeks and over her neck as he panted exhausted and tired.

"That was…" He gasped lost for words and short of breath.

"Everything I hoped it would be and more." She answered with her breathing in a similar state to his.

He smiled widely are her and kissed her deeply, rolling them onto their sides his exhaustion and the wine catching up with him. Cameron kissed him back thoroughly and curled against him before rolling him onto his side and reaching for his Vicodin and popping one for him then pressing it to his lips.

His lips were still dark with arousal but in them lurked confusion and utter appreciation as he sucked down the pill gladly.

"Thank you." He muttered once the pill was gone but its taste remained.

"No, thank you." She said kissing him softly regardless of bitterness that lingered there. "I love you." She said sleepily, kissing down his neck until she could snuggle against him comfortably.

"I love you too." He whispered stroking her back gently. He'd never known love could be like this, that making love could be like this.

And it was a surprise for him to discover that it was exactly what he wanted. That it was exactly what he needed.