Prologue: No memories.

Roxas slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a forest standing in front of a Huge Mansion .

"Where am I? who am I?" thought Roxas.

Roxas looked up to see a man with silver hair and yellow eyes looking down at him.

"Do you want a Purpose?" asked the man?

Roxas nodded.

"Who are you?" asked Roxas.

"My name is Xemnas," said the man.

"Who am I?" asked Roxas.

Xemnas looked around then turned back to Roxas and said, "Your name is Roxas."

"You feel nothing. Nothing at all. Xemnas told Roxas.

Roxas nodded again.

Xemnas then waved his hand and a portal Appeared.

"Oh I almost forgot," said Xemnas.

He held out his palm to Roxas, and darkness surrounded Him. When the darkness was gone Roxas was standing there in a Black Cloak.

"Now... let us go," said Xemnas.

With that, Xemnas walked into the portal. Hesitantly, Roxas followed Xemnas into the Portal. When they emerged from the portal they were in a dark city.

"Where are we?" asked Roxas looking around.

"You will know soon enough," said Xemnas.

Xemnas took Roxas to a huge Castle that was floating in the air. He held out his hand and an energy Bridge Appeared. Xemnas started to walk up the Bridge. Roxas slowly followed Xemnas up the Bridge. When they reached the top, Xemnas turned around.

"Welcome to Organization XIII," said Xemnas.