Chapter 17: Decision

Roxas walked through the halls of the castle. He couldn't believe Xemnas wanted him to kill Auaqx. Roxas was tired of the organization. He was sick of Xemnas... Roxas went into his room portal and laid down on his bed. He closed his eyes and was about to drift off to sleep when he saw a shadow go by his window. He got up and went over to the window. He saw a cloaked figure on one of the roofs. The wind was blowing and it was raining. Roxas quietly opened his window and jumped out.

When Roxas reached the roof top he called to the figure, "Who are you?"

The figure spun around, summoning its keyblade...

"Wait! Keyblade?!" Roxas thought.

"Auaqx?" Roxas asked.

The figure seemed to calm down. The figure pulled down their hood to reveal none other then Auaqx.

"What are you doing?" Roxas asked.

"I over-heard your conversation with Xemnas," she said.

"Auaqx, you know I'd never--" Roxas started.

"I know, but if you didn't... someone else would," Auaqx said, "So, I'm leaving organization XIII."

Auaqx leaned forward and kissed Roxas passionately.

When she pulled away, she said, "Goodbye Roxas."

All of a sudden, twin kunai came flying and hit Auaqx in the chest.

"Aaaaagh!" Auaqx screamed.

"Auaqx!" Roxas cried.

Auaqx fell to the ground and started to fade.

"No!" Roxas cried as he felt water gather in his eyes.

"Roxas... you have to... escape..." Auaqx said weakly.

"I won't leave you," Roxas said.

"Don't worry... about me..." Auaqx said, "I'm... probably better off... anyway..."

Auaqx's eyes closed. A tears dropped from Roxas's eyes.

"Hahahahahaha! That's rich," Roxas heard.

Roxas looked up to see Larxene standing there holding more kunai with a sick grin.

"You did this..." Roxas said.

"Of course, I knew you were too much of a wuss to do it yourself," Larxene laughed, "Acting like you have feelings, give me a break."

Roxas's keyblades appeared in a flash.

"You scum!" Roxas yelled as he ran towards Larxene.

All of a sudden Saix was in front of Roxas.

"That's far enough XIII," Saix said as he leaned in close to Roxas's face.

"She killed Auaqx! That freak killed Auaqx," Roxas screamed, "Now get out of the way!"

Roxas slashed Saix in the face with Oblivion and Oathkeeper.

"Aah!" cried Saix grabbing his face.

When Saix took his hands away, there was an X shaped scar on his face. Roxas shoved Saix out of the way and ran towards Larxene. Larxene disappeared suddenly and she was grinning when she did. Darkness started to flow off Roxas.

"Unnnnnnnghhhh!" Roxas growled.

The darkness started to envelop Roxas. Soon enough the darkness had completely covered Roxas, and his eyes had turned heartless yellow (Antiform).

"Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" yelled Roxas.

A blast of dark energy exploded through the World That Never Was. The shockwave hit Saix like a thousands fists. Roxas leaped from the rooftop and crashed through a glass window of the castle.

"Gaaaah!" Roxas yelled.

Roxas had crashed into the room where all the organization members (except Saix, Axel, and Lexaeus) were gathered.

"What happened to Roxas?" asked Demyx.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrg," Roxas screamed, lunging forward (mostly towards Larxene).

Roxas opened his eyes slowly.

He was on his knees, he looked up to see the meeting room was destroyed and in ruins, and all the members were bloody and knocked out on the floor. Xemnas was just knocked out, but not bloody. He was must have put up a better fight.

"What happened?" Roxas said.

Then he remembered he did this when he flew into that rage on the rooftop.

Roxas had had it with the Organization.

He opened a portal, entered it, and reappeared outside the castle. He started walking towards the alleyways. He walked by a building and noticed Axel was leaning on a wall, he didn't say anything though.

"You're leaving? Axel asked.

"Yeah," Roxas said.

"Why?" Axel asked.

Because, I need to find out why I have the keyblade."

"If you get on the Organization's bad side, they will destroy you."

"Hmph, no-one would miss me."

Roxas then left Axel standing there alone. Axel looked down sadly. Even though Roxas probably couldn't hear him, Axel said sadly under his breath, "I would."


Yeah, this is the end of Roxas. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Look out for my other stories in the future.

I do have a reward for your reviews though.

Secret Ending -1-

Vexen poured an odd liquid into a strange machine. He then walked over to a wall with buttons on it. He pushed buttons in a fast order then turned around. There was a strange pod standing up that was closed, so you couldn't see the inside. Steam flowed out of the top of it and little buttons on it flashed red.

"Now it is complete," Vexen muttered.

The pod slid open slowly as steam flowed out, and out stepped Lexaeus.

"But you are not the true Lexaeus, are you?" Vexen said, "No... you... are the Lexaeus-clone, created from the original Lexaeus's DNA."

Hope you liked that, and here's the other reward.

Secret Ending-2

Auaqx opened her eyes slowly. She was lying on the rooftop where Larxene had thrown kunai at her.

"I'm alive…" Auaqx muttered.

So Larxene hadn't killed her after all. She had come close, but hadn't killed her.

"Now I should find Roxas," Auaqx said standing up, "He thinks I'm dead, time to give him the good news,"

"That is... if I can find him," she muttered.

Well, that is the true ending of ROXAS. I hope you liked it.