Look Beyond Onyx Eyes

In the mood for writing fics! I don't know why. This is something odd to write considering I don't really like Sasuke in the show or manga, but when it comes to pairings, I love him with our shy Hyuuga girl. Hope all you SasuHina fans enjoy this. I warn you, this will go slow. You can't just push people together like that, it makes the story uninteresting.

Chapter one: A Cold Rain

Grey clouds rippled angrily in the sky, making their short lived journey across it, accompanied by the bright flashes of lightning and roaring thunder. A cold rain drizzled down on the late night of Konoha, and no one was walking the depressing streets, except for one girl. At the age of 19, you'd think Hinata had all the freedom in the world to walk along the streets, considering she was a legal adult, you'd think she would actually be indoors because of the horrendous weather, but no. Hinata was walking the streets of Konoha, without permission from her father. Yes, Hinata still had to have permission to be out late, and do as she pleased, and why? All because she was born to the main branch of some stupid family who didn't understand the first thing about her.

Hinata's hood was pulled over her head, her eyes watching the ground and her hands jammed into her pockets. She hated it, training to please a father who would never be pleased, but she did it anyway, in hopes that one day he'd see beyond what she could do. She'd been doing it almost since the day she turned three. It wasn't fair what she had to do, and the rain shared in her sorrow as she walked towards the Hyuuga compound. The only person who understood her was Neji and Hanabi, and those two could do little to stand in the way of Hyuuga Hiashi's wrath. As Hinata rounded a corner to the compound, she stopped when she saw the silhouette figure of an unmistakable Sasuke Uchiha, pounding away at a small log in front of him without mercy.

Hinata stopped for awhile, despite being drenched. Seeing Sasuke train like that, she knew from that day forward, there was just something different about her. A chain of thoughts ran through her head in a fury as she thought about all the things that other people did that she didn't. For starters, they weren't quitters, and didn't let things get in the way of their success. Sadly, Hinata had no choice. She just couldn't not easily give up. They would train relentlessly, without mercy. Hinata did too, but she just didn't see herself as good as Sasuke. She left when rain started to fall. From the looks of his mud splattered Uchiha clothing, he'd been at it for awhile. Hinata winced as she felt a pang of hurt shoot up her right leg. Quickly reaching down to grasp it, Hinata watched as blood from a reopened wound seeped down her pale calf.

"You should go home. It's raining, and you're hurt." Sasuke said, suddenly.

Hinata's gaze quickly reverted towards the Uchiha. She hadn't made a noise, and he hadn't turned around to see her bleeding, and little at that. People did say that when Sasuke returned from Orochimaru those 2 years ago, that he'd become much keener, and his style was changed greatly, not to mention like the rest of them, he'd improved strength and mental wise. So maybe it was no surprise he could sense such small things.

"I-I'm sorry to have disturbed you." Hinata said.

"Nm…" Sasuke said not looking at her as he continued to hit away at the chunk of wood before him.

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That morning, Hinata awoke. She sat up, and a look of pain crossed her face. She lifted her shirt ever so slightly to see dark black bruises across her skin. Not only that, but cuts and gashes were all over her. How Hinata could cause so much damage to herself training was beyond her, but she knew, even alone, that training with the Hyuuga style, and also trying out a jutsu she wasn't even sure worked properly yet, maybe it was quite possible to cause pain to herself. She sneezed, and the bridge of her nose turned a rosy pink as it began to irritate because of the sneeze. So she was also sick. That was wonderful, and as much as she hated to admit it, it was all her fault that she was sick. A solid knock hit her door.

"C-come in." Hinata said weakly. Today was already not her day.

Hanabi stepped into Hinata's room, carrying a tray with steamed rice and grilled red salmon on it, a pair of wooden chopsticks placed neatly on one side, and a ceramic green glass of hot tea on the other. Hanabi looked tired, and sweaty. "Here Onee-san. I'm sorry if it's not that good, I just started getting good at cooking." Hanabi said as she placed the tray on Hinata's lap.

"Thank you, Hanabi." Hinata said. She looked at Hanabi's form. "Why do you look so tired?" she asked quietly.

"I've been training with father, and I got done about a half an hour ago. I didn't want you up cooking in your state, so I prepared this for you before you got up." she said.

Hinata smiled sweetly at Hanabi. Even though she knew Hanabi should have cleaned up first because it seemed better to cook that way, Hinata knew that the meal was simple to cook, so it didn't bother her. She started to eat her food slowly. It was actually very good. "Hanabi, this is excellent." she said looking up at her as she ate her food more vigorously.

Hanabi's face caught a slight blush as she took her sister's compliment. "Thanks Onee-chan." Hanabi said.

"HANABI! We aren't done yet, you need to be ready for training again in at least fifteen minutes, and-" their father stopped when he reached the doorway and peered in.

Hanabi could have sworn her heart had stopped.

Hinata stopped eating her food and bowed her head. "Ohayo." she said simply.

Hiashi raised an eyebrow. "Ohayo." he said blandly. "Hinata, I wanted to speak with you privately anyway." he said.

Hanabi took this is a sign that she needed to leave, and bowed quickly to her father before exiting the room.

Hiashi watched as she left, then turned back to Hinata. Compared to Hinata's smooth lavender orbs, Hiashi's were stern, cold and distant looking, as if he could care less about a thing in the world. "You understand that what you did yesterday is unacceptable?" he asked.

Hinata looked at him, fear etched out on her face. She prayed that Neji, or someone would rush back into the room to save her… no such luck. "Yes father." she said.

"You see, I don't understand why you have to be so disobedient. All I ever ask of you is to be of worth. You can do it, but you always do a bit less than you are capable of." he said. "You left without telling me yesterday, and I'm sure you didn't know that there was a meeting with the elders yesterday…?" he asked.

Hinata looked even more ashamed.

"We had to continue without you, and it was about you becoming the leader of the clan too." he said. "Since you've already seemed to…punish yourself, I will not do anything this time, but if the elders keep complaining about you not showing up to meeting sometimes and being a bad example, I will have to consider making changes." he said. "Anyway, the fact of the matter is that you will be becoming the clan leader soon. It is time that you considered marriage." he said.

Hinata was not surprised by this. It had been since her sixteenth birthday that the elders started hinting it at her, and then about a year later, actually bringing up the idea fully. Hinata just didn't know who yet. Naruto was out of the question. She had outgrown that crush years ago. Sadly, he did wind up with Sakura, and they had a nice year long relationship, until Naruto found out that Sakura was with Sai the whole time, being the Sakura she was, and had become the mother of Sai's son, Sobuto. Today, the kid was one. Naruto had never been so mad in his entire life, and Sai barely escaped with his life, seeing that Naruto had almost unleashed the fox on him. After that episode, Hinata didn't want to cross that bridge ever with Naruto, and since he did get Sakura, she didn't think he'd be interested in her anyway. On top of that, Hiashi nor the Elders would accept such a boy as the heir's husband. There was no one else now, and so Hinata had a problem. Either she'd marry someone with no love between them for the rest of their lives, or she'd give up heir and be sent to the side branch. The last option barely made sense to her, but it was said that it was disgraceful to give up such an honorable duty, and therefore, she deserved a fitting punishment.

"You know that you have the freedom to choose whomever you would like to present to our clan for marriage, but they have the power to turn down that possible candidate if they deem him unworthy of the responsibility." Hiashi explained.

Hinata nodded.

"But you only have two years. If you don't find one in two years, your husband will be determined for you, and if you refuse, you will be sent to the side branch…" Hiashi said. Hinata thought she heard a pang of guilt in his voice.

"That is all I have to say. For today, there are no meetings or anything as far as I know, and if one comes up, I will summon you, but I don't think you'll want to go too many places with the pain you should be in." Hiashi said.

"I did promise s-some friends I'd visit them today." Hinata said. She'd go out to the garden when she felt like getting up, and grind up some herbs to heal her aching wounds. The wounds would heal up quickly, and she could go visit her friends like she promised.

Hiashi nodded. "Very well. Do not be out too late, or I will send people out to find you." Hiashi warned.

Hinata nodded. "Hai, father." she said as she watched her father exit. As much as it was going to pain her, Hinata sat up and began to get dressed.

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Sasuke did the usual. Woke up, dressed, looked around his desolate apartment for something to eat before he headed out to train for about two hours, met Naruto at the Ramen shop to just chat, Sakura was to busy with her brat, avoided Kakashi's disappointed gaze every time they saw each other, and when all that was over, well, it went completely out of the beginning schedule. Today seemed pretty boring to him. So much water was on the ground, it wasn't really that lively. It was starting to rain a lot more often, maybe it depicted his loneliness. Sasuke had Naruto and Sakura, but the other people in Konoha sure did hate him. They tried not to show it, but there wasn't much you could hide from Sasuke. He kicked a couple of rocks in his path, and kept on walking. Today just seemed so…stupid. There was one thing that had been on Sasuke's mind the whole time though, that was what kept him from being too bored. Trying to figure out how on earth he was going to rebuild his clan.

Sakura was unfit now that Sai had claimed her, not that he liked her in the first place, and Ino was starting to see Shikamaru now. Ten Ten and Neji were thinking about going out, and Sasuke was never into that older girls thing, Temari, too far away and just not right for him, nope, no one. Then as he walked and came upon two of the named girls talking and one other, he glanced at that one and observed her. He felt almost guilty he'd left her out, almost, but who would notice when you were a quiet little girl who had eyes only for one stupid dobe in his words? He wasn't even sure if she still liked Naruto.

Hinata Hyuuga.

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Hinata had long since meant up with Ten Ten and Ino. They'd decided to go check out a new store that opened up. Hinata wasn't really into the shopping thing, but she did enjoy looking at simple things. Ino would claim that everything Hinata picked up was to kiddish, and Ten Ten would think it was too girlish. Ino would go for revealing, more adult like clothes, while Ten Ten went for a tomboyish style. Hinata liked simple things. A plain white t-shirt and a pair of Capri's were all she needed. She loved her jacket, but she'd…grown out of it, and so she was actually looking for a new one. The hoodie she wore last night didn't count. Didn't even belong to her. It was something Ten Ten had left, and she never returned it, nor did Ten Ten ask for it back, and she said she could have it, but it wasn't exactly nice looking.

After the girls had done their shopping, they stopped outside the shop deciding where they should get something to eat.

Hinata clutched the black plastic bag her new jacket was in to her, and listened to Ten Ten and Ino bark back and forth about it.

"HINATA!!" Ino yelled obnoxiously and made Hinata snap out of her quiet state.

"Y-yes Ino-chan?" she asked.

"Where should we eat? I mean, I don't want to go to some greasy old fish stand, and Ten Ten here doesn't want to go get dango and tea, so what do you think we should do, and DON'T say ramen." Ino said.

Hinata thought about it. "W-well…" she said as she placed her finger to her lips in thought. She then absently looked over and saw a sight she thought she'd never see.

Sasuke Uchiha was staring her down like a piece of meat.

Hinata froze and stared back at Sasuke, stunned out of her skin.

"Well Hinata?" Ten Ten asked. She looked at her stunned friend and followed her gaze to Sasuke, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

Ino looked back and fourth between the two.

Sasuke turned his head and kept walking on, he didn't even look back once.

"What the hell was that all about???" Ino asked in pure confusion, and loudly at that.

"I don't k-know…" Hinata said. Why was he looking at her like that? Sure she'd been there last night maybe watching him train…had she offended him somehow? Was he maybe not staring at her? So many questions swam through her head.

"Um…anyway, food, Hinata?" Ten Ten asked as her stomach made an unpleasant sound.

"My house. I can make something for us to eat." Hinata said. Her father never really bothered her when friends were over unless something urgent came up. Besides, he was always busy doing things of his own. He wouldn't mind.

"Sounds good. Let's go Ten Ten." Ino said and the two followed Hinata towards the Hyuuga compound.

"Yeah, Maybe Neji will be there??" Ten Ten asked in more of a question as she looked at Hinata.

"He should be. At about this time, he usually trains, but I'm not sure today, I mean, it's really muddy." Hinata said.

"Yeah" Ino cut in, "Wouldn't want to mess up that pretty hair of his…" she said sarcastically.

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Sasuke headed towards an old favorite spot of his: The place that Kakashi trained Sakura, Naruto, and himself when they were going to either become Genin or academy students once more. He sat on the largest stump that sat up out of the ground and thought.

Hinata Hyuuga was a possible candidate. She would be easy to understand, simple from what he gathered, and she was also physically fit in a way that would serve well. On top of that, she was from the Hyuuga family. They'd accept him, he was sure of it, no matter what he'd done, they'd always be a bit greedy for the sharing an, and what he had to propose was something they'd probably agree to fully. Although all of this was perfect in a way, Sasuke knew that it would be awfully hard in a way. Hinata seemed too needy for the job on the negative side. She seemed like she was a person who would need affection and love, and Sasuke knew he wasn't good for that. How would he get her to comply? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all…what other Kunoichi was good enough, known enough? None of them.

Naruto jumped on a shorter log beside Sasuke's and sat down. "I know you're thinking, teme…so what's it about? Can't be about Itachi anymore…" Naruto said.

Sasuke looked at Naruto out the corner of his eyes. "Why do you want to know?" he asked, slightly annoyed.

"Because you know I train here, and here you are all in the way!" he said. "So I might as well know why you're here." he said.

Sasuke sighed. Naruto always had to get into his head like this. "I was thinking about…how you should leave now." he said.

"I DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE!! I train here. Understand?" he asked.

Sasuke said nothing. "Naruto, what do you think about Hinata Hyuuga?" he asked.

Naruto cocked his head to the side. "Well….she's quiet….and…that's all I really know about her. I mean, aside from all that stuff that happened during the Chunnin exams, Hinata is pretty much a mystery to me." he said.

Sasuke sighed. Of course, no help. Poor guy never even realized that she knew EVERYTHING about him probably.

"Why do you ask?" Naruto asked.

"…Just curious." Sasuke said.

Naruto got a sneaky grin on his face. "Oh, you like her, don't you? Well, if you want me to put it that way, it sure would be interesting!" he said.

Sasuke sighed. "Whatever. I'm leaving. Do whatever you're going to do Naruto." Sasuke said as he took his leave.

Naruto sighed. "Still hasn't changed…or maybe it's gotten worse!" Naruto said as he prepared to train.

" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

At the Hyuuga compound, Hinata led Ten Ten and Ino into the large kitchen where she pulled out many things to make sushi rolls and tea. "What do you all like in your sushi?" Hinata asked as she put on a pot of water.

"Shrimp and cucumber." Ten Ten replied.

"All vegetables, just no onions and stuff like that." Ino replied lazily as she leaned up against the white marble counter.

Hinata pulled out the ingredients and utensils and began to work on making the sushi.

"So Hinata, why was freak-that-I-can't-believe-I-use-to-like staring at you?" Ino asked curiously as she sat and placed her head in the palm of her hands.

"I d-don't really k-know…" Hinata said honestly. "I didn't do anything to him, I don't even really know him!" Hinata replied.

"Watch out for him. He's insane! I mean, I heard that when he came back, he was like a dark, soon to be Orochimaru or something, and that's scary." Ten Ten replied helping herself to a peppermint on the table.

Hinata listened quietly chopping the fish up into small portions and then cleaning the utensils off to use for the vegetables.

"Really? Freaky…" Ino said. "Now that he's done what he aimed to do, which was destroy Itachi, he just wanders around here like he has no life. Some guy, right?" Ino asked with a shrug.

"I suppose." Ten Ten said. "And aside from looks, he isn't really that amazing. I wasn't really that into him . I may have thought he was good looking, but that was all." she said. "And now, he doesn't even have that many fan girls, talk about a dumb move…or maybe to him that's a plus." Ten Ten added thoughtfully.

After a bit of quiet, Hinata had finally finished preparing the sushi and placed the rolls in front of Ino and Ten Ten according to their preferred tastes along with small cups of hot tea, and sat down herself with her own favorite, cucumber, crab and lots of rice.

Neji walked in and saw the girls chatting and eating and glanced hopefully at the counter.

Hinata giggled. "Don't worry Neji-niisan, there are ten rolls on the counter for you as well." Hinata replied.

Neji liked a heap load of caviar on his. How someone could consume so many fish eggs was beyond her, but it was possible apparently.

Neji nodded in thanks to Hinata as he picked up the plate and began to eat the sushi, much to Ino's surprise, without so much properness and stature.

Neji didn't even look at Ino, but replied, "I don't always have to be so prim, do I?" he asked.

Ten Ten smirked as she walked over and joined Neji by the counters.

Hinata and Ino exchanged glances as the stood up, and Hinata rinsed the dishes used off. She and Ino left the two soon be's to themselves.

Hinata still wondered what the Uchiha's problem was today. She'd never had such an encounter with him, so she was of course startled by far, and to tell the absolute truth, she didn't know if she wanted to receive another look like that again. She would remember to stay clear…

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Thank you all who read this. Yes, it is really unlike me, but I had to test this pairing out. If you all like it, I will definitely continue to update. Thanks for reading it, Ja ne!