Hot Shot's girl: Here's the sequel you all wanted so enjoy and I know I don't have to get in my warnings do I? 'Cause we're all clear of that right? . . . right. So read and enjoy:)

My name is Ra'Kar. I am the son of Scar, one of the best warriors known to the yautja, and a human named Alexa Woods or Lex for short as some called her. I live as a normal yautja teenager in my world, but I do have some characteristics of my mother. For being only half yautja I stand two inches shorter than the normal 7'2 height of a yautja and I am less buff as the yautja males, but I am quicker then they could ever be.

My mother and father were both warriors and they were very well known to my people. They were loved by all. There we some yautjas who looked down upon my mother for she was an alien and not as strong as they, but they kept silent most of the time. Most of the younger yautjas would forget who she was for there is one flaw to a human . . . that is they grew too fast and lived too short.

"Mother, mother," cried Ra'Kar as he placed himself next to his old mother's death bed.

"I am here Ra'Kar," smiled Lex softly as the wrinkles on her face moves with every tired expression she made.

"Why must your body quit on you and die?" asked Ra'Kar as he held his mother's tender slim hand in his. "You are too young to die."

"Not in my people's terms," chuckled Lex barely being able to speak. "I am old son . . . 90 years is so much for me . . . for humans. Most don't live this long."

Ra'Kar could not stop his tears from falling as his mother readied to just pass and whither away like some dead rose. He loved his mother so and wished he could spend more time with her, but that certain flaw in a human forbided him to do so. Ra'Kar looked around and saw that his father wasn't there . . . he was never there when things mattered the most.

"When will you learn Ra'Kar," smiled Lex as she placed her soft tender hand on her son's head. "Your father will come when he can . . . fighting in battles do tend to slow you down and you never know when you are allowed to leave . . . especially for things such as this."

"But he should be here mother!" growled Ra'Kar angry that his father was not there to see the final hours of his wife's life.

Lex smiled then sighed a sad tired sigh as she turned to gaze at the cieling. She then said-

"I too wish he could be here, but I can understand."

"But I can't mother!" cried Ra'Kar as he placed his head in his mother's arms.

"You will know soon enough how much he cares for and loves this family," said Lex picking up her son's head so he could look at her. "That is why he is fighting in battles to protect us and make sure you would never have to live in torment or slavery as long as you live."

"How could you say such things mother?" asked Ra'Kar his tears ceasing a bit. "How do you know that he's not just trying to avoid you like my birth?"

"Because I know him," smiled Lex shaking her head a bit at her memories. "I know each move he makes and what they mean. I know each sound, each click, each gesture . . . I know him . . . and he knows me."

She then turned her head to her son and said-

"When you meet that special someone Ra'Kar you will too know them just as I know your father . . . you will love them no matter what they do."

Lex then closed her eyes a bit and she let out a single tear knwoing her time was coming for her to leave her family forever. She knew her time was short so she took that time she had left to tell Ra'Kar what he wanted from him and so she said it-

"Promise me my son that when you go to take your manhood that you will win . . . I want you to stay alive. I want you to die of old age just like me."

She then exstended her hand to him and said-

"Promise me."

Ra'Kar then took his mother's hand in his hand said-

"I will mother."

Lex then smiled and said-

"Good . . . I love you."

"And I love . . ." started Ra'Kar, but there was no use finishing for she had gone . . . she was dead.

Ra'Kar then let his tears loose and wept for his mother. He then got up and walked outside to where his grandfather was. He tried to add a few small words of comfort, but Ra'Kar wanted none. After a couple of hours past Scar came but Ra'Kar wanted nothing to do with him.

"You were too late!" he cried in anger and in sadness. "Just like you always are!"

Scar looked at his son for a split moment, but soon Ra'Kar had ran out of the room and left his family. Scar looked at his father who soon bowed his head. He then entered the room where his wife's dead body lay and there gazed upon her in sadness. He took off his mask and placed it down as he sat by her side . . . he was always too late.

Scar then picked up her frail body in his arms and mourned over her . . . his love.

After Alexa Wood's death nothing had ever been the same for Ra'Kar. He would care about nothing. He used to be so happy and respect his family, but now he disregarded them all the time. Even his grandfather the Eldar.

Scar was off battling many times so he had to trust his father to watch after Ra'Kar, but soon Ra'Kar became even too much for the Eldar. Ra'Kar would constantly disobey him and not care about it. Ra'Kar many a time got in trouble at school and so therefore Scar would get called back home to settle some matters.

"I'm sorry that your son is a troublemaker Scar," sighed the princable of Ra'Kar's school. "This is his fifth time this month! Do you know why he is getting into these . . . quarls?"

"I don't know," said Scar clasping his hands together and turning to his son who sat next to him. "Ra'Kar why don't you tell us."

Ra'Kar rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as he slumped in his chair. He then growled and said-

"Tagor called m mother a weakling and me a halfbreed."

"I know that you are just standing up for late mother, but you can not continue this through in my school or else there will be conscenquences," said the princable leaning toward Ra'Kar.

Scar then turned to his son and gave him the 'straighten up' glare and so Ra'Kar obeyed and straightened in his seat. Scar then turned to the princable of the school and asked-

"Are we done now?"

"Yes we are . . . but I do not want to see either two of you here for a very long time," pointed the princable as he escorted them out his office.

"I will make sure it will not . . . happen . . . again," said Scar placing a tight firm grip on his son's shoulder.

"Good," said the princable closing his door.

As Scar and Ra'Kar walked out of the school and came to their vehicle to drive home Scar pushed Ra'Kar into the vehicle a little hard, but Ra'Kar swiftly shot back just yelling at him like he hadbeen doing ever since Lex died.

"What's your problem?!" he growled.

"What is my problem, what is my problem," chuckled Scar throwing his head back a bit. "I am trying to keep YOU out of trouble!"

"Just leave me alone . . . it's what you're good at," said Ra'Kar distancing himself from his father.

"Get in the speeder Ra'Kar," growled Scar opening the door and glaring hard at his disobediant son.

"You just can't come up to me and boss . . ." started Ra'Kar.

"GET . . . IN . . . THE . . . SPEEDER!!" roared Scar pounding the top of the speeder and makig a nice dent.

Ra'Kar grumbled low in his throat and so got in the speeder. Scar then drove home and as he did so both said not a word to each other as they made their way home. Scar looked at Ra'Kar how still had his temper full of rage and anger. He sighed wondering why he was doing what he was doing all the time.

Scar knew there was nothing wrong in asking and so he did-

"Ra'Kar why do you do this? You know better. Me and your mother raised you bet . . ."

"NO! Mother raised me better, not you. You were never around when I was growing up and mother was slowly dying from age!" cried Ra'Kar. "The only time I ever saw you was at nights . . . It used to be so special to me . . . but it soon got all too . . . usual."

Scar then sighed as he came home and stoped the speeder. He then turned to Ra'Kar and said-

"I know it was, but this is what I do. I am a warrior."

"Yea, you don't think I know?!" scoffed Ra'Kar. "You wave that nagita staff of yours everywhere always saying I'll never get it if I don't straighten my life up."

"It's the truth Ra'Kar. You need to hear it and LISTEN to it," said Scar.

"Yea, whatever," said Ra'Kar as he got out of the speeder and made his way to his home.

Ra'Kar entered the tall building where his home laid just uptop and went into the elevator ever pushing the close button so not to be with his father. Scar walked up the stairs and entered the building and saw Ra'Kar close the elevator on purpose. Ra'Kar just grinned seeing his father stare at him all the way as he vanished out of distance. He then sighed and waited to reach the top.

As the doors opened Ra'Kar stepped out only to be standing right in front of his father. He didn't look to happy at him as he crossed his arms.

"So I sappose you think that's funny right son?" asked Scar waiting for an answer.

"How did you?" Ra'Kar started.

"I took the stairs," said Scar turning and entering his living room.

Not too soon after the Eldar came up the elevator and found his son and grandson already back from the meeting with the princable.

"Oh . . . back so soon?" he smiled coming next to his grandson.

"Hi grandfather," sighed Ra'Kar retreating to his room.

"Now what was it this time?" asked the Eldar as he came to his son who was getting himself something to drink.

"A fight," said Scar plainly.

"Well what's the harm in that?" chuckled the Eldar.

Scar just looked at his father with a 'will you mind?' look and so he said-

"He got into a fight with Tagor again."

"Oh that mean roughion," said the Eldar. "Are you sure he didn't have what was coming to him?"

"Oh he did grandfather," smiled Ra'Kar coming out to him.

"Did you beat him, who was winning?" asked the Eldar just curious and trying to get on his grandson's good side.

"I was winning till the princable came and broke us apart," said Ra'Kar turning to Scar.

"Father do you mind?" asked Scar wanting no encouraging on his behalf. "I know how to handle things."

"Scar . . . I raised you . . . I do too," said the Eldar placing his fists on his hips.

Scar just rolled his eyes as he placed a jug of drink back where he got it. He then drink a bit and sighed and said-

"You know this is his fifth time this month."

"Really," said the Eldar looking at his grandson who cast his eyes away from his family. "Why must you always resolve things with fighting Ra'Kar?"

"I don't know," sighed Ra'Kar gazing up a bit and turning on his heels. "I can't just stand there and do nothing as they insult my mother."

"It's not that you can't it's that you won't," added Scar.

Ra'Kar just glared at his father with a normal teenage annoyed stare. He then sighed and said-

"Then what would you do father? You wouldn't know 'cause your mother wasn't an alien or nothing."

"No she wasn't, but if she was I'd find another way to resolve things," said Scar taking another drink.

"Would he grandfather?" asked Ra'Kar turning to his grandfather for answers.

"Oh he would," said the Eldar. "He'd resolve it when they sparred."

"Father," mumbled Scar wishing he would let him take care of his son's problem.

"Now you see," smiled Ra'Kar as he sat down on the couch and proped his feet up on a stool. "I spar too, but just not in the training room."

"Ra'Kar," pointed Scar letting him know he was skating on very thin ice.

"What?" said Ra'Kar throwing his arms up.

The Eldar knew they were about to get into another heated argument and so decided to end his visit short and return home before he too was dragged into the little family affair.

"Well I shall be off and return tomorrow . . . perhaps tomorrow will be a better day," he sighed taking his leave.

As soon as his father left Scar sighed placing his drink down on a counter near the living room and then looked at his son. Ra'Kar didn't really want to look at him and so Scar came to him and sat next to him. He sighed again and then asked him-

"What made you start acting this way?"

"You," mumbled Ra'Kar just loud enough for his father to hear.

"And what did I ever do to you?" asked Scar.

"You were never around," growled Ra'Kar.

"So is many other fathers," said Scar. "Most of your friends' fathers join me into battle with those who oppose us and our ways . . . they join me into battle to defend their families."

"Yea, yea," sighed Ra'Kar glanceing just a bit at Scar. "But they had normal mothers as well."

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Scar laughing a bit.

"Everything," sighed Ra'Kar as he got up and stood before Scar. "None of their mothers were aliens and so none had to defend their honor as someone calls you a halfbreed and your mother a weakling parasite."

"But do they know that your mother was a warrior and was unlike any other yautja female?" asked Scar seeing his unsteady son. "Do they know that she had killed creatures and bad bloods twice her size and still held herself all together?"

"Well . . . they leave that part out," said Ra'Kar.

"Of course they would," said Scar getting up and facing his son. "They just don't want to admit that their mothers are the weaklings. Lex was a warrior and a tough one at that. She had cut herself and taken her own blood to keep you safe as a child when I thought I lost you both."

"Yea, I remember that story," smiled Ra'Kar remembering Lex telling how brave she was in protecting him.

"And so do they son," said Scar placing a firm hand on Ra'Kar's shoulder. "They just don't want to admit how special she was and how special you are."

"Yea, but then where do they get those names for her?" asked Ra'Kar.

"What names?" asked Scar.

"They like calling her something about a cattle," said Ra'Kar. "I can understand why they call her some other names but I never get why they say she was nothing but some cattle."

Scar's eyes widened a bit as he backed up just a bit.

"Father what is it?" asked Ra'Kar seeing his father's expression.

Scar turned away from his son for a moment wondering what to tell him. He knew that Ra'Kar was not ready to know that they used humans such as his mother to be as cattle to breed the ultimate prey . . . the serpants. How would he even tell him? How could Scar tell Ra'Kar, his own son, that he once enjoyed the slaughtering of humans just for the hunt . . . he couldn't.

"You don't need to know about that," said Scar holding his hand up a bit.

"Know about what father?' asked Ra'Kar.

But Scar said nothing as he gazed at his son.

"Father," said Ra'Kar straightening. "Why do they call humans that?"

Scar then sighed and looked at him and said-

"I don't know son."

Ra'Kar then turned to go in his room, but glanced one last time at his father whom he knew knew something about the cattle calling, but what? And why could he not tell him? What could be so bad that he couldn't tell him? Ra'Kar soon let the matter go as he went to bed.

The next day Ra'Kar woke to Scar preparing for battle. He was used to it and so sighed and said-

"So . . . when you coming home?"

"When I can Ra'Kar," said Scar as he placed his mask on.

He then made his way to the door, but before he shut it and left he turned to Ra'Kar and pointed a firm finger at Ra'Kar and said-

"But mark my words son, If you get into more trouble today and I have to come all the way back here . . . you will be ready to pay the consequences."

Scar then left Ra'Kar alone like he had all the time. Ra'Kar just fixed his food and drink and readied for another boring day at school. He just couldn't wait till he turned 100 so he could take his manhood test like the others had before him. His day was normal at school, but after lunch his named was called by an all-too-familiar voice.

"Hey Ra'Kar," smiled Tagor knowing he would get Ra'Kar's attention. "Why don't you look at me you halfbreed. Too weak to?"

"Oh great," sighed one of Ra'Kar's friends. "Here we go again."

Ra'Kar had his back turned to Tagor, but he was just too annoying to not be noticed. Ra'Kar sighed as he rolled his eyes and turned to the bully. Nothing good would ever come out of this as the two rivals faced each other in the hallway at school.