Hot Shot's girl: Okay so this isn't exactly a alternate ending, but it is a different ending I would have done in the earlier chapter right after Ra'Kar and Ash left earth so yea. Enjoy this alternate ending/exstended ending (Lol) Well bye guys. It's been fun, but I don't think I'll be writing any more AVP fanfics so yea, this is my last so thanks for reading.

I wondered if I would ever be able to fill his shoes, or if I ever had. I can't know now. He was one of the greatest hunters of our time, of my time. He made so many people proud, my grandfather, my mother, my people, but most of all . . . me.

I still wonder if he knew how much I loved him. He was everything to me and yet I treated him like he was nothing. I pray he knew how much he was to me, but something deep down inside me told me he already knew. Ash has told me that all the time, but I never really felt it until now, today, this moment.

My father Scar was a great yautja and only wanted the best for his people . . . his family . . . his son. I know that I used to dishonor so when I was younger, but now I wonder if I would have ever made him proud. The last I saw him he was proud of me . . . or so I thought. It was hard to tell if he loved people, I now feel sorry for my mother having to deal with him so long . . . but when you live so long with him and see him so much you begin to understand him, just like she had and she wanted me to, but I was too blind to see it in my father . . . his love for me.

Now that he's gone I see it so much . . . through my memories of him, his life, my life, my mother's life. He was very quiet most of his life, but when he made a sound or spoke it was very important and he meant what he said, also what he did. I'm here alive today because of him . . . my father. He died so that I could live, me and Ash.

I used to think he didn't care about anyone but himself, but who was I to judge him? I used to think that since he was off hunting or fighting all the time leaving me and my mother alone all those years of my childhood that he wanted to get away from us and not be near us, but I was wrong . . . he was protecting those he loved from ever having to know slavery or extinction . . . and he loved us the most. Being a father means having the most responsibility in the universe . . . to protect and be a protector and that is what I shall hopefully learn someday, because of him. I loved my father very much, even though I didn't show it, but I think that is where I was like him, very quiet in my emotions at times, but he could always see right through me.

My people have recognized my father as one of the greatest warriors and hunters and so built a memorial for him. Too bad he wasn't here to see it. As I look up at the great statue of him holding his nagtia staff I just smile and shake my head, they couldn't go wrong with him. It looked just like him . . . cold and emotionless, just like the statue he was.

But that was to those who didn't know him that well, but I did and I knew he had feelings just as I or anyone else did. Sometimes I think he would hate this statue of himself . . . even though you wouldn't be able to tell if he did or didn't. I don't know how long I was standing there looking at the newly completed statue but it was just long enough for Ash to come up to me with a bundle in her arms. I turned to her and just smiled and she to me.

"Hey Scar," smiled Ra'Kar as he picked his son up out of Ash's arms and took the growing child in his.

Scar just smiled and squealed as he was held by his father. All then turned back to the statue and wondered a couple of things.

"He was a great father," smiled Ash laying her head against Ra'Kar's shoulder.

"Do you think I shall ever be like him Ash?" asked Ra'Kar looking at her.

Ash paused for a moment letting her eyes wander around abit and she just scratch her marriage mark that still seemed to itch since the day she got it. She then smiled and looked at Ra'Kar and then at her large baby in his father's arms.

"We'll have to ask Scar now won't we?" she smiled tickling her child all over his body making him laugh and squirm in Ra'Kar's grasp.

Ra'Kar just let out a happy laugh and then took Ash in his arms and left the place, but not before glancing one last time at the statue of his father. He then smiled knowing he would never truly know until his little Scar grew up just like Ra'Kar did.

I was now that protector, I was now . . . my father.