A/N - Okay this has nothing to do with any of my other stories, I just had a weird dream last night and woke up laughing so I thought I'd write it... the dream was probably caused by the fact I stayed up til 6am reading Twilight fanfics. :o) The dream went sort of like this (I'm almost tempted to make it into another fanfic but I'm already writing 3 right now, I cant multi task that well):

Edward and Bella were engaged, she would be graduating in 4 weeks and then she was going to be changed. BUT! Tanya showed up, Edward had been involved with before (but he lied to Bella about it), Alice had a vision of Edward cheating on Bella but she was too late to stop Bella seeing. Bella walked in on Edward and Tanya but they were too "busy" to even notice she's there. So Bella just walked down stairs again and asked Emmett to give Edward her engagement ring back and told Alice she just needed to be alone for a while. When Bella got home to her house she started crying but then she got angry, really angry because he'd lied to her, and cheated on her and broken every promise he's ever made her. So she basically dries her tears and decides to have some fun, she ends up in a tattoo parlour (I think that part of the dream came from one of the fanfics I read before falling asleep). The guy that worked there was a vampire, he was hotter than Edward, way more fun than Edward and he wasn't as annoyingly over protective as Edward. They end up going out, Bella is still friends with all the Cullens except Edward (who wants her back) they all like her new boyfriend (his name was Jay) she's even pretty good friends with Rosalie now, who is mega pissed at Edward for cheating on Bella.

This is the part of the dream that made me wake up laughing, (even though its not that funny I'm easily amused when I'm asleep):

Bella had spent the night at Jays house (stuff happened -smirk-) and she arrived late at school the next day, when she got to class Alice (and Edward) wanted to know where she had been so they started passing this note and Bella tries to annoy Edward a bit (she's still pissed about him cheating on her obviously)

Notes with Alice

(Alice regular, Bella italic, Edward bold)

Bella, why are you late? did something happen? are you okay?

Well Edward, considering the fact that I'm here, and I'm smiling... obviously I'm fine.

Hi Bella!

-rolls eyes- Hi Alice.

Okay seriously Bella, why are you late? and why are you grinning like that?

I'm late because I stayed the night at Jays and we lost track of time.

BELLA! You didn't!?

Alice, please stop bouncing in your seat. People are starting to stare.

You didnt answer my question -pouts-

Yes I did stay at Jays last night.

That is not what I'm talking about and you know it... dont make me take you shopping!

I am so not going shopping!! Edward stop laughing at her threat or I'll make her take YOU shopping.

Fine, I wont take you shopping... as long as you answer my question. Did you?

Twice... Alice dont gasp so loud and I said stop bouncing! The teacher is getting suspicious

OMGOMGOMOMGOMFG! Bella! Bella! you little hussy! LOL!

Lol? You didnt laugh out loud.

I'm laughing on the inside...

Then shouldn't it be Loi?

Loi? Bella you're a genius!

Yes, yes I am... its my burden -sigh-

Dont change the subject! I want details!

Wait. What did Bella do? Why do you want details?

Edward, you're surprisingly slow today... I thought you were more perceptive. Now stop distracting me, Bella... marks out of 10?

-giggles- 1000000000000000000000000000000000000!

Marks out of 10 for what?

Edward stop stealing the paper!

100000000000000000000000000000? THAT GOOD?

Yuhuh... but of course I have nothing to compare it to soooo...

Will someone PLEASE tell me what Bella did before I go insane and Alice stop blocking your thoughts. The pokemon theme song is driving me crazy!

I wanna be the very best! like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my caaaaaaause POKEMON!

Alice! What did Bella do!?

She popped her cherry.

Alice! that was private!

Sorry, but he was beginning to annoy me with his persistence.

Bella... tell me you didnt?

Edward it is really none of your business anymore... So anyway, how's Tanya doing? she looked pretty pissed last time I was at your house, lovers tiff?

Bella I dont love Tanya.

Sucks to be you.

Bella... we really HAVE to go shopping now, Victoria Secret just got in the cutest underwear!

NONONONONONONONONO! Absolutely no shopping, the underwear I have is just fine.

Oh Edward stop growling, you made your bed now you have to lie in it! and Bella... pleaaaaaaaase, I'm sure Jay would appeciate it?

Alice dont look at me like that, its not fair! you know I can't say no when you do that... -pouts-

Is that a yes!?!? BELLA! OMG! you are soooo the best friend in the world!

Fine! I will go with you on two conditions... 1. You will not be spending tonnes of money on me and 2. You will stop bouncing in your seat again because the whole class is staring now!... oh and for the record you are the weirdest best friend in the world, getting excited over taking me underwear shopping?


Edward stop stealing the paper! Bella I'll pick you up after school... the bell is gonna ring in 5... 4... 3... 2...

---Bell rings---

A/N - Bella, Edward and Alice were a bit OOC I think but the dream made me laugh sooo -posts anyway-