They were the perfect couple

Shows Troy and Gabriella smiling at each other before Troy leans down for a kiss

But She was worried he would find someone else

Shows Gabriella talking to Sharpay and Taylor as a group of cheerleaders walk by.

"It's just... why does he want to be with me. Those cheerleaders are beautiful, all of them and they'd all be happy to be with him. Why is he with me?"

Sharpay and Taylor exchange a look.

Troy knows how to prove just how much she means to him.

Shows Troy holding a ring in his hand for Chad, Jason and Zeke to see.

"My grandfather gave it to my grandmother when they decided to go steady. Then they passed it down to my dad and he gave it to my mom when he asked her to be his girlfriend for the very first time."

Chad looks at the ring.

"Wait, does this mean that you're..."

"Yeah." Troy says grinning. "I'm gonna give it to Gabriella tonight."

However, their romantic night goes horribly wrong.

Shows two guys, one holding Troy and holding a gun in his mouth, the other holding Gabriella and a gun in her mouth.

"Either of you struggles and the other gets shot. Got it!" One of the guys growls.

Gabriella is kidnapped.

Shows Gabriella being thrown into a car and it speeds off. Troy is lying face down on the road.

Will Troy ever get her back?

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