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Warnings: a bit AU, crossover with Zero Two, Frontier and a bit Tamers

Pairings: Taiora, Takari, maybe some Takumi, Kenyako and Mimato


Yamaki: 32

Joey: 24

Tai, Matt, Sora: 23

Izzy, Mimi: 22

Yolei: 21

Davis, T.K., Kari, Ken: 20

J.P.: 18

Cody, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Zoe: 17

Tommy: 14

Summary: It has been nine years since the defeat of MaloMyotismon, and seven since the doors to Digital World have been closed for the Zero Two Chosen. But when Darkness and Despair spread, the Digiworld calls out for it's original Chosen Children. Endowed with new Powers they must now ally with those who walked the path of the DigiDestined after them, while dealing with college, high school and government agents…

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon.

"…" – Speaking

'…' – Thinking

--- … --- – Scene-change

--- Guardian of the Spirit ---


25. September 2011

Dear Kari!

Thanks for your last mail. Although you're grown up and stuff now as older brother one never stops worrying about his siblings. I hope you and T.K. enjoy visiting the States. Your next stop is in Colorado isn't it? In Odaiba is everything as boring as always. I look forward to your next Mail and wish you two a nice remaining Honeymoon.

Your brother,


--- 30. 09. 2011 ---

--- Shibuya High School ---

Seventeen years old Iori Hida, otherwise known as Cody, nervously straightened his new school uniform (again), while continuing the way to his new school. It was stupid to move in the middle of the term and to start at a new school on a FRIDAY, at least in his opinion, but his mother had thought otherwise and wanted him to fit himself as soon as possible into the new environment after the loss of his grandfather, whose death she always used as reason for the move from Odaiba to Shibuya.

While Cody was sure that his grandfather's death was part of the reason he suspected the true reason to be of other nature, namely the Digimon. Unlike his Grandfather who had accepted and supported his role as DigiDestined, his mother had never understood it, never had even tried to.

Even after the portal's closing, she saw a danger in it, something her son was far too young for. She had changed her attitude towards the other DigiDestined, even towards Yolei, who had been a common and welcome guest before.

By moving away from Odaiba she wanted to cut off the closer contact to the others. While he had been permitted to go to Kari and T.K.'s wedding, he knew that she was close to verbally forbidding him the contact to other DigiDestined. She had already taken his D3 Digivice and his D-Terminal.

That action had created a huge fight between them. He had to give in, when she started crying that she just wished him to find some friends at his own age. In the end, he decided, it wouldn't matter. In a year from now he would be graduating and then he could probably move in with the others for University.

He told that to himself over and over again on his way to Shibuya High. But somehow he had the feeling that this was going to be a really long year.

Finally arriving at the school's gate he sighed and entered, while using his Kendo lessons to stop showing his nervousness. He looked around curios after all; he would have to endure the next year here. He was far from being the only one on the school grounds. He observed how groups of giggling girls walked towards the entrance and how the guys joked casually around.

'I don't fit in here!' he thought, not sad but as if stating a fact. He felt the urge just to leave when a sudden flash of light blinded him. He quickly had the origin of it in the reflection of the goggles that were worn by a boy with wild, brown hair, who was playing around with a soccer ball.

"Davis…" Cody whispered confused, seeing the goggles and hearing to the familiar sound of a bouncing ball that he associated to the loud leader of the second Generation of DigiDestined.

But he quickly realised his mistake, the boy's hair had a much lighter shad of brown and the design of the goggles was different. Plus Davis had already graduated two years before so it was totally impossible for him to be there.

Now he started to notice the people around the boy. The goggle-boy was arguing with another boy with long black hair, which was kept back by a bandana. Almost standing between them was another black haired boy; probably the brother of the first, one could see the resemblance, trying to stop their fight with softly spoken words.

Sitting on the ground a bit away from them, yet close enough to be counted to the group, was a girl with long blond hair and a younger boy, around fourteen, who was wearing in the uniform of the neighbour junior high school. The last boy, who was a bit chubby and probably the oldest of their group, entertained both of them with his magic tricks.

Cody continued to stare; familiar memories about a rather similar scene were fighting their way into his mind: Davis playing around with his soccer ball, fighting with T.K. and Ken sometimes involving himself to save his best friend from being embarrassed, while Kari and Yolei would chat sometimes about fashion or other girly stuff. He himself would sit back and enjoy being with his friends, knowing that soon ten hours of school would separate them.

He snapped out of his stupor when he heard the goggle-boy shouting in his direction. Apparently he had been caught staring. Shaking his head to get rid of the memories he turned around, ignoring the goggle-boy and his friends.

Maybe at another time seeing them would have comfort him. But as it was, the scene just made him grow sadder.


Today was good day Takuya had decided when he had gotten up that day. And although he had already gotten into a fight with his best friend Kouji Minamoto, which was rather common for them, he still held onto that. While listening to Kouji's twin brother Kouichi Kimura, who tried (and failed) to break up their argument he suddenly got the feeling of being observed, an instinct that he had learned to trust after their time in the Digiworld.

"Are you alright, Takuya?" Kouji, who had noticed his distraction, asked with an a bit indifferent voice (though if one tried, they could hear the underlying concern.). The others of their group had too stopped their conversations, their eyes now focused onto their leader.

"I'm not sure…" Takuya trailed off, finally having found the target of his search in a boy around their age with short dark brown hair he had never seen before. Though now the boy didn't seem to stare at them but rather on something past them.

"Oi, what's your problem!" Takuya shouted a bit angrily, snapping the boy out of his thoughts.

The boy didn't say anything but turned around and left to the school entrance.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" Takuya shouted after him but the boy didn't seem to hear him and when he lunged forward he felt himself struggle against Kouji's grip.

"Let him be. It's not worth is." the former holder of the Spirits of Light advised, while shaking his head. Takuya nodded, getting rid of his anger by moving, and braced himself for Zoe's inescapable coming speech about his sense of tact or rather his lack of.


Half an hour later Takuya sat in his class 7-B, waiting for seven hours of torture and boredom to start. He glanced over to the other side of the room, where Zoe (who had refused to talk to him after chewing him out.) sat and talked with the other girls. Takuya himself didn't feel like talking right now.

Since their time in the Digiworld he had the feeling of being different then his peers, more responsibly and mature (though Zoe was often doubting the latter attribute). Now that he thought about it he was becoming more and more like Kouji. He chuckled at that thought, his glance now trained on the black board, where a name was written on.

'Iori Hida…' Takuya read silently, furiously thinking if they had heard the name in yesterdays history class or if they were simply getting a new student. With his bad memory both options were a possibility.

Finally their maths teacher came in to grace them with his presence but instead of immediately continuing were they had left of the last time, the teacher made a gesture to the door and said: "Class, today we are welcoming a new student in our mid. Please treat him with respect." and asked him to come in.

The door opened and a boy came in, walking a bit stiff in front of the class. First he gave a short bow to the teacher as thanks then to the class as greeting. "My name is Iori Hida. It's nice to meet you."

Takuya's mouth fell open when he recognized the boy before. The teacher nodded and said: "Well Hida-kun where would it be the best to place you… Ah next to Kanbara-kun. Kanbara-kun, please lift your hand!"

Takuya snapped out of his astonishment and did as his teacher asked. The boy, Iori, saw him and recognition flickered his eyes, while he sat down beside Takuya. For a moment Takuya debated about saying something rude but when he saw the slight blush that had crept onto Iori's cheeks he decided against it.

For one he seemed already embarrassed about what had happened and Takuya wasn't after all somebody to hold a grunge (Not to mention that he could already feel Zoe's eyes in his neck, warning him about saying anything tactless).

So he showed his best happy-go-lucky expression and whispered: "Hi, I'm Takuya Kanbara. Nice to meet you, Iori-san."

Iori blinked surprised but didn't react the Kouji-way as Takuya had dubbed it (a.k.a. the only sound of acknowledgement being a 'Hn'). Instead Iori smiled slightly and just said: "Cody."

At Takuya's confused look he explained: "My friends call my Cody."

Takuya grinned and nodded. He already liked that new guy.

--- Odaiba University ---

Odaiba University was an impressive building, old and yet in shape. It was a rather cloudy Friday afternoon, and normally on such a day the campus would be full of students on their way into weekend, yet there was not a soul in front of the building. Instead the most of them were sitting in the right now cram-full conference hall, listening to every word of the charismatic, young man, who was addressing the audience.

In the back stood a blond haired man, who was around the same age as the speaker, leaning at the wall with his hands fold and his eyes trained on the events in front of him. The blond, Yamato "Matt" Ishida, couldn't help but grin as he watched how his best friend cunningly talked and answered questions of the audience.

Who would have thought 12 years ago that the hot-headed leader of the original DigiDestined would make such a good politician. Heck even five years ago Matt would have had trouble to believe that one. And yet… Taichi "Tai" Yagami was now standing on the verge of becoming Odaiba University's student council president.

Matt observed his friend, who had changed drastically from the hasty twelve-year old he had been. He was taller now, with still wild but much shorter hair and piercing hazel eyes. In the back, an orange haired woman was writing the protocol, sometimes looking up and at the speaker with a small smile.

A wave of sadness and jealousy went through Matt as he watched his former girlfriend Sora Takenouchi, but then shoved back the feeling, knowing that nothing good came from it. Sora and him had made a great couple, but it hadn't worked out and they had broken up with no ill feelings towards each other.

His glance fell onto the crowed where he recognised the red hair of Izzy, who was (as always) working with his laptop but looked up to the podium every other minute, and the blue-haired Joe beside him. Although he couldn't see them to be there he knew that the younger ones, Yolei and Ken, to be there.

Davis, Mimi and Cody hadn't been able to make it. Davis was currently working in a ramenbar, trying to fulfil his dream of becoming a great ramencook. Mimi had a job interview with some restaurant and Cody was in the process of moving away from Odaiba. T.K. and Kari, the new weds of the group, were travelling through the States right now and wouldn't be back for another three months.

Smiling he thought of his baby brothers big day, how nervous he had been! But it had been a perfect day and the last meeting of all DigiDestined. Another wave of sadness overcame him at the thought of the Digital World. It had been seven years since the last time they had seen their partners. Unconsciously he reached for the cold crest beneath his shirt.

Originally they had let their partners return after Genai had informed them about another reconfiguration of the Digiworld, a process that would took merely a month. But something had gone horribly wrong and they had found themselves facing helplessly a strange red program that had been named D-Reaper.

But apparently there had been other DigiDestined within Japan they hadn't known of, who had been able to handle the problem. But after that incident they never again had heard anything from Genai or their Partners or the Digital World, save a strange disturbance in Shibuya six years ago.

Izzy had tried to track down the DigiDestined in West-Shinjuku but since he had only seen the Digimon but never the Destined and also had no names, he had to give up his search.

'In reality…' Matt thought, '…we all are still looking for signs of the Digimon. Honestly everyone of us has dictated his life somehow to the Digiworld.' It was true, even for him.

Tai's desire to help put the school politics had more to do with his wish to be able to speak up for the Digimon on the day they were exposed to human race than with anything else. Izzy was looking always for signs of the Digiworld, his natural curiosity and desire to gather more knowledge were driving him. He even had written a paper about Network connections full with subtle hints about Digital World and Digimon.

Joe continued his training as doctor so he could some day practice in the Digiworld. And Matt himself continued his music, not only for himself but also for Gabumon, who had always loved to listen to the sounds he created.

A sigh escaped him while he listened to Tai, who was just concluding his speech, and shook of any thoughts about Digimon. Right now wasn't the time to get nostalgic. Right now he had a friend to support.

The sound of a closing lighter snapped him out of his thoughts and he found it's source right beside him in a blond man with sunglasses. The man was a bit taller than him and was wearing a black suite (which made Matt grin while he imagined the man hunting green aliens).

As the speech ended and everyone was clapping Matt leaned over to the man and whispered: "You know… The Man-in-Black-look is rather out right now."

Snickering to himself when he saw the perplex frown on the man's face he pushed himself from the wall and went to congratulate Tai.


'It's finally over!' Tai thought relieved. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy dance of quick words but sometimes when he answered the same question for the third time with in half an hour, he started to wonder about his choice of profession.

And, as always when that happened, he did remember Agumon and the Digiworld. They were the reason to continue. True, as student council president there wasn't much he could do for them (and the portals were firmly closed so there wasn't much to do anyway.) but the moment the Digital World would need somebody to speak out positively about it (and that day would come no matter what), he would be there to defend it.

He felt he felt somebody patting his shoulder and turned to face a grinning Matt, who was congratulating him to have survived another meeting of boring politics. He answered playful and then looked over to his girlfriend Sora, who had just approached them. He pulled her to him and when they kissed, he heard a dry comment from his best friend, who was surely rolling his eyes.

Now Izzy and Joe exited the room behind them, nearly completed the group, and Ken and Yolei were too already fighting their way through the crowd. 'Life is good right now, even without contact to our Digimon.' Tai fought as they exited Odaiba University. 'Sooner or later, we'll see them again!'

At that moment he couldn't know how much truth that statement held. A few weeks later he would pay attention to the shady movements in the clouds and the fog around them and to the characteristic sound of a closing lighter in the shadows. But as it was, he didn't.


That evening Mitsuo Yamaki arrived late in his apartment. After the D-Reaper had appeared in Shinjuku, the government had allowed him to continue Hypnos for some time. But after two years with no sign of the Digital World (save a strange disturbance in Shibuya) they had started to cut his budget and three years ago they had closed the project, saying that there would be no longer need for it.

What fools, they were, all of them. Just because a danger was invisible, it wasn't less real. But while losing Hypnos was a hard hit, it didn't stop his desire to look out for Digimon. He was still in contact with Riley, Tally and the monster makers, ready to save the world, even if the government was set to stop him.

But fortunately losing his work as government agent didn't make him jobless (a though he couldn't stand. But Riley had already tagged him as a workaholic anyway). He had started to hold divers seminars and lectures about Physics, Internet and other networks on Universities.

Today he had been at Odaiba University to synchronize the timetables and originally he had planned only to stay for a short time and then to return home but then he was drawn by the sound in the assembly hall.

He had sneaked in, leaned against the wall, arms folded and his trend mark lighter out and started to listen to the speech of a young man in his early twenties (Taichi Yagami as he found out later), who was running for the seat of the student council president.

At first he had wanted to leave immediately, having enough of dirty politics and corruption, but soon he had found himself charmed by the young man charisma and personality. Later he had observed the young man and his group of friends, noticing that they all seemed to have the same kind of aura. It was hard to notice but for Mitsuo it was as clear as daylight. He recognised it from somewhere else but he couldn't pinpoint it right now.

Some of the group seemed strangely familiar to him. Of course that wasn't much of a surprise with the blond, who had made a rather bad comment on his lack of fashion sense in the hall and seemed to be best friends with Yagami. After seeing him in daylight Mitsuo had easily recognised him as Yamato Ishida, the lead guitar of 'The Wolves' (formally known as The Teenage Wolves).

But there had been another he had identified. Not from the media but from his last months in Hypnos. Although the boy was now older he had remembered the red hair and facial features. He still recognised Koushiro Izumi, the computer genius, who had written an intriguing piece of paper about the Internet and Networks in general, which had been full of small hints about something larger looming out there. It was not easy to notice but in Mitsuo's eyes it was enough to make Izumi both, a potential ally and suspect, should any digital disturbance start appearing.

Anyway, since the D-Reaper there had been only been the case in Shibuya and that had been six years ago. Since then there had been not the smallest sign of any digital life forms. Peace had lasted. But Mitsuo didn't trust the peace. After all, easy trust wasn't within his nature.

--- 10. 10. 2011 ---

--- Shibuya High School ---

Cody was on the way to school. Although he already visited Shibuya High for over a week now (how quick time flew), he still wasn't used to his new surroundings. While he went through the unfamiliar roads, he started to think about the past week. Life in Shibuya, he had discovered, was not as bad as he had feared.

Although he missed Odaiba and the other DigiDestined terribly, the companionship with Takuya and his friends made things better. He was still hesitant to call them his friends (even fought he had allowed them to call him by his nickname). Takuya was a lot like Davis, a fact that annoyed and at the same time comfort Cody (Though he didn't want to think about what would happen if those two ever were to meet).

He got along well with Kouji and Kouichi, the twins (They reminded him a bit of T.K. and Ken.) and Junpei, or J.P. as he was called and whom he didn't now as well, was nice to him too. Izumi, for short Zoe, had been all over him in the lunch break of his first day and with Tommy (whose real name was Tomoki), the youngest of the group, he could sympathise and so he would sometimes share his experiences (Of course the heavily edited version).

Over the week he had managed to get a good look on their personalities and habits. For example was it a bad move to annoy Zoe before she had gotten her first coffee, though Takuya liked to do that about every two days (Cody suspected him to be not totally sane). It also was better to leave a fight between Takuya and Kouji alone (if one wished to survive the day) and let Kouichi and Zoe do the meddling.

He was still doing his musings when he felt somebody throw his arm around his shoulder. He turned to see a grinning Takuya. "What are you brooding about?" the brunet asked.

"Wasn't brooding." Cody muttered, a bit irritated.

"Sure, you weren't." Takuya answered easily. "Just like Kouji doesn't have a stick up his…"

"You sure you want to continue that one?" a quiet voice behind them said. As they turned, the speaker was revealed to be the one they had just spoken about: Kouji, who took it immediately as a steppingstone to start yet another fight. Cody sighed and fell back, while watching them.

'Those two are hopeless and even worse than Davis and T.K. were.' he thought chuckling. Actually they reminded him of the old stories, he had heard about Tai and Matt. From the side Kouichi neared and greeted him.

"How long have they been fighting already?" he asked.

"About five minutes." Cody answered. Kouichi sighed, ready to go between them. But that moment Cody placed his hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Kouichi gave him a questioning look and Cody smiled as he remembered himself having the same reaction when Tai and Matt had stopped him from breaking up a fight between Davis and T.K.

"Just let them be. Some friends of mine have told me that sometimes it's just better to let people fight." he explained.

Kouichi looked doubting. "Are you sure that was meant as advise and not just an act of laziness?"

"Pretty much. From what I know, the ones, who gave me that stuff, too fought pretty much with each other all the time and are still best friends. Sounds like some people we know, doesn't it." Cody grinned slightly. Kouichi smiled softly, not fully convinced, but more than ready to give it a try.

Shortly afterwards Zoe, J.P. and Tommy met up with them and when they sat down in front of their tree Cody reflected, that the group he was with now was a good place to stay. While they weren't the DigiDestined, they projected a similar aura, of having seen more than their peers, what made Cody comfortable to open up with them.

'Yeah, they are great friends to me.' he thought happily.


Zoe sighed irritated, while sliding into her seat, and waited for an hour of boredom. Their Physics- and Computer science-teacher had gotten into a serious car accident two weeks ago and wouldn't be back for at least half a year, so the old History teacher, who had no idea of neither Physics nor Computers, always substituted his lessons.

The reason for her irritation was quite simple. Takuya and Kouji had managed to start a fight even before they had crossed the school gate. Not that it was a fight but normal they had enough sense to wait at least until then, which made it easier to break up their bickering. She had had to get violent to stop them. Now she was wondering why Kouichi, who normally always tried to keep them from fighting, just like her, hadn't done anything.

When she decided to ask him while lunch break, the classrooms door opened but instead of the History teacher, the head master entered, followed by an unfamiliar, red haired, young man with a laptop case. From the corner of her eyes she could see Cody tense and heard how a quiet gasp escaped him at the sight of the young man.

"You will be relieved to hear that we have found a substitute teacher who will take over Hirota-sensei's classes and who will stay as assistant should we find another teacher." the headmaster explained and nodded to the young man who smiled (For a moment Zoe thought that he winked at Cody, who had quickly masked his surprised expression) and introduced himself: "Hello, my name is Koushiro Izumi."

Zoe rolled eyes at all the astonished and flirtatious looks the girls around her gave the young substitute (though she had to admit, he was rather handsome). Instantly good a dozen hands went up. After all, all of them were curious about Izumi-sans (private) life. The headmaster chuckled, patted the young mans arm, as if to wish him good luck, and left the classroom. Izumi-san sighed and sweat dropped as he saw the lifted hands.

"Well, I see there are already many questions." he said nervously (and Zoe could have sworn to hear him mutter something like "Just why have I gotten myself into this?").

Immediately all went haywire in class 7-B as questions like "How old are you?", "Do you have a girlfriend?" and "Can I have your cell phone number?" were thrown across the room, what resulted in suggestions of answers being thrown right back.

But that was enough to snap Izumi-san right out of his nervousness as he cleared is throat once, calming the class instantly.

"Okay maybe I went on this the wrong way." he admitted.

"Let me introduce myself again, then I will tell you the rules inside the classroom while I'm teaching and should there be any questions left afterwards, I will answer them."

When nobody opposed (they all were too impressed with the sudden change of attitude), he went on: "My name, as I told you before, is Koushiro Izumi and I'm twenty-two years old. I have majored in Computer science with Physics as subsidiary subject and sorry but I won't give out my cell phone number."

He went to the blackboard and started to write there while continuing to speak to the class. "As for the rules, I would like to state that while I won't give much of homework, your grade will consist to a major part of involvement on your part. I also ask you to relate your questions to Physics and Computer science respectively while in lesson."

The latter statement caused disappointed sighs from most of the class' girls (and dodged the girlfriend-question quite well). "Any questions left?"

Zoe saw how Cody lifted his hand and Mr. Izumi acknowledged him. "Yes, Mr…?"

"Hida, Iori Hida." Cody answered. "How are we to address you, sensei?"

Izumi-san blushed a bit (though Zoe couldn't tell if it was caused by the question or by the fact that he had been called sensei) and suddenly looked sheepish.

"Well Hida-kun, I haven't really thought about that yet…", he trailed of, reverting back in personality (and making Zoe wonder if it was split). "I guess it's alright if you just call me Koushiro." Cody nodded at that, his eyes never leaving Koushiro-san.

There was something more to this conversation than they let on, Zoe thought. She continued to watch their interaction through the rest of the lesson (Which was rather hard, since Koushiro-san turned out to be a quite good teacher.) There was some kind of secret between the student and the substitute, Zoe was sure of it. And she intended to find out.


Izzy sighed relieved when the bell signalled the end of the first lesson and set down in the teacher's chair, while the class left the room. Teaching seemed to be much more difficult then the job description let on.

'I don't think it was mentioned that one has to deal with High School-girl crushes…' he thought slightly chuckling. He could not shake off the feeling that he had made a major mistake, when he allowed the girls of his class to call him by his first name.

'Well, I'll deal with it when the time comes.' He would gently reject every of this poor girls… Just after that plan was formulated he realised in what predicament he was. He would have to make sure that neither Tai nor Matt (or for that matter anyone) would ever find out about this. He would never live it down.

A shadow fell over him and he looked up to see a girl with waist long blond hair smiling down at him, more in a grateful than in flirtatious way.

"Thank you for this interesting lesson, Koushiro-san." she said and he nodded, a bit too surprised about that compliment (he had felt so nervous the whole time) to do something else. He heard her leave and talk to one of her classmates ("Already developed a crush on our new substitute?" "Shut up, Takuya!").

After pulling himself together, he gathered his things and stepped out of the classroom only to be pounced at by the rest of the class's female population and their questions.

He tried (and failed) to get out of the mob, vowing to himself to never ever allow personal questions to hormone-controlled females, and at the brink of his desperation he was saved by Cody, who had fought himself trough to crow and was now standing right beside him, pulling at the sleeve of his jacket. He raised his voice: "Ah, that's really interesting Hida-kun."

The girls got quieter and backed off a bit. He flashed them an apologizing smile. "Well I'm sorry girls, but Hida- kun has a problem with his PC, so if you could excuse us…" he trailed of and took off quickly with Cody in tow.

When they were out of their range, Izzy smiled grateful at the younger DigiDestined.

"Thanks for saving me." he said.

Cody grinned a bit at that. "Maybe you should ask Matt for advice. After all, he has quite some experience with dodging fan girls."

Izzy cringed. "Are you crazy? He's going to laugh at me and then he will tell the others about it and I'm never going to hear the end of it!" he whispered distraught, now starting to realise the consequences of the matter.

He stopped in front of the teacher's lounge, and sighed while pulling out the keys. "I guess, I'm doomed. You are not going to tell me on the others, are you?"

Cody took a pity on him and shook his head. "I don't think the situation will get out of hand much. Most of the girls will be over their crush within a week."

Izzy raised an eyebrow. "Speaking of experience?" he asked slyly while entering the lounge, checking for any other occupants but finding it empty.

Now Cody cringed, confirming Izzy's suspicion. "Yeah in the first few days they…" he trailed of but snapped out of it by shaking his head violently and then he blurred out the question that seemed to have been on the tip of tongue for some time now. "What are you doing here anyway?"

Izzy looked straight into the younger DigiDestined eyes. He could see curiosity and delight but somewhere also something darker… was it fear? He was now totally serious, after all they all were aware of what troubles their youngest member had at home right now.

"Did you think, we would just abandon you and cut of contact?" he asked rhetorical and Cody's slightly guilty expression confirmed his assumption. He smiled to show that he wasn't angry and continued. "Well I'm, or rather we are, here for quite many reasons."

At Cody's questioning look he explained: "Joe's here too. We are sharing flat. Remind me to give you the address later. Anyway, the reasons… Well for one has Joe started his internship in the Shibuya Central Hospital and he thought after moving anyway and after what you hinted at the wedding, we decided to move together. Plus it presents the perfect opportunity for me to study the Shibuya incident from up close, I didn't get the chance until now…"

Izzy trailed off, a bit embarrassed. He hated when he had to explain himself. He wasn't good at it.

It was Cody's turn to smile, he himself having sometimes problems not unlike the other. "I'm glade you are here." he finally said.

"I may have found friends but it just isn't the same without somebody to talk about… that time." Izzy nodded, although surprised and glad that the younger boy had finally found somebody he considered a friend outside their circle of DigiDestined. Which reminded him of something.

"Speaking of that time, I've got something for you." He searched through his bag and noticed the younger one glancing curiously over his shoulder. Maybe he thought that Izzy had found a way to open the Portal, but that was a wish the computer genius couldn't fulfil.

Instead he pulled out a packet and gave it to Cody. Carefully he opened it and was surprised when a D-terminal and a yellow D3-Digivice fell out. Hadn't he known that his mother had locked them away, he would have believed them to be real but when he picked them up they felt cold, not like his own pair that always vibrated soft, warm energy against his hand.

Izzy observed how Cody examined the copies slightly confused. "They are just imitations of the real ones." he explained.

"I thought you should get you own, just in case."

"How did you know?" Cody asked amazed.

"Well, after the fifth not answered mail, it wasn't that hard." Izzy joked and then he reached into the pocket of his jacket, pulled out his own Digivice and gave it to Cody.

"Here, I'll lend you mine so you can find your Digivice." Cody nodded and stuffed them all into his bag. The bell rang and they realised that they both had classes to be at.

"Thanks Izzy!" Cody whispered as they exited the teachers lounge.

"No problem." Izzy nodded. "But I think it would be the best for now to keep our acquaintance a secret." Cody agreed and went of to his English lesson.

Izzy watched him leave and he felt his heart age at the thought of being separated with his Digivice. Unlike the others, who had hidden their own, Izzy wore his always with him as a memory (plus it showed the time more accurate than anything else).

He shook his head to get rid of his irritation and got onto his next class. It wouldn't make a good impression if he were to come late. Cody's situation required his Digivice.

And beside it wasn't like he would need it anytime soon.

--- Odaiba University ---

Tai left the university building in the early evening. He hadn't planed to stay that long but the student council meeting had taken longer than he thought. The different parties seemed to have a secret agreement to make his job more difficult than necessary.

He shook his head and for a moment he longed back the days, when his biggest problem was the next evil Digimon, as he walked through the foggy streets. For a moment he wondered over the weather, since it hadn't been sunny for over two weeks. In fact the cloudy weather and the fog reminded much at the time Myotismon had invaded Odaiba in search for Kari.

At this thought his hand shot up to the cold crest under his shirt, in thoughts he spoke out the wish to see his partner again. His crest felt warm and he could almost hear Agumon's voice calling out for him…

The sound of a cat crashing into a waste bin snapped him out of his nostalgia. He shook his head anew to banish the unwelcome thoughts. The portals were closed and no wishful thinking was going to change that. With that thought in mind he left for home.

He hadn't noticed the short glow of his crest when his hand had touched it and he couldn't know about the beeping Digivice in his sock drawer, showing red S.O.S. And he missed the soft voice of a small orange saurian clanging over the street he had been in just a minute ago.




Author's Note: As mentioned above is this piece going to be my first priority. I hope to get up at least a chapter per month. To clear a few points that may be unclear:

1. As you probably noticed the Digiworld is still a secret to public.

this fic only the first two films (Digimon Adventsure, Our War Game) have taken place. So while Willis is known to the DigiDestined (through Izzy), they haven't met outside the Digiworld (I guess, they could have met after the battle against MaloMyotismon). Although I really like the other films, they would infer with my storyline.

3. While the Tamersuniverse does exist in this crossover (as seen with Yamaki), the Tamers themselves won't appear (at least for some time). But the (former) Hypnoscrew will be featured much.

Another note: I would like to give special thanks Kudari-chan (The Descending), The Create Card (Digimon: The College Years) and Kari Minamoto (Children of the Legend) for their great crossovers, which heavily inspired my for this story. So while I hope for some feedback, until next time.

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