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New Beginnings

The room was dark. Only the subtle glow of the moon illuminated the room. Not that there was much to illuminate as most furniture and objects were still in boxes. With a sigh, she rose from her bed and looked at the ocean from out of her window. The water was calm and serene. It was almost black, mirroring the night sky. What mysteries and secrets did the vast ocean hold? No man was ever to learn the secrets from the deep blue.

Not that she cared anyway. The beautiful haunting view was more like a curse. She wanted nothing more than to go back, but she couldn't. She knew there were too many memories back there and no matter how hard she wanted to go back she knew there was no way she would be able to.

With a sigh, Evelyn turned away from the ocean view and looked into the bare room. This was to be her room now. Until she was old enough to leave her new home.

Evelyn Fairfield was 16 years old and even though she felt like she was grown up, her mother thought otherwise. She had been happy living in Manchester until tragedy struck her family. Four years of grief had past and now her mother felt it was time to make a fresh start somewhere else. Only the somewhere else was at the other end of the country in Cornwall. What was a city girl suppose to do in such a quiet place? She would go mental! She was used to the busy, noisy and yet lively streets. Here there was nothing but the constant sound of the ocean waves. If she wanted to hear the ocean, she would have bought one of those CDs that have ocean sounds and if she was feeling adventurous, she would have got one with wale and dolphin noises!

And to make things even worse for her, there was hardly anyone her age that lived in the area she was getting accustomed to. It was all old, retired people who lived in her neighborhood. Making new friends was going to be hard. It would be even harder as she knew that she wouldn't have anything in common with the people her age there anyway. Oh how she couldn't wait to be 18! Total freedom. She would be able to move to a big buzzing city where she belonged. Maybe London or Liverpool. Or maybe she would go back to Manchester and be with her friends. If they still remembered her that is.

With a frustrated sigh, she flopped onto her soft bed, looking at the blank wall opposite her. She didn't want to loose sleep pondering all these thoughts as that would give her dark circles under her eyes and she didn't feel like making a first impression with what could only be described as panda eyes, so she fell into a light sleep.

She was welcomed the next morning with the sun light beaming in her eyes and the sound of sea gulls squawking away not far from her home. Grumbling and half blinded, she sat up, slowly opening her eyes.

Trudging downstairs, she heard her mother laughing. Curiously, she followed the voice of her mother and saw that a man was standing at the front door.

"Well thank you for the flowers, they really are lovely", her mother said smiling.

"It was no problem. Just being a friendly neighbor. Well, I better be going". And with that, the door was shut and her mother was still smiling, gazing at the fresh bunch of flowers.

"Who was that?" Evelyn asked.

"Oh it was John," her mother said, still smiling.


"Yeah, he's one of our neighbors. He came round with these as a welcome presents", she said gesturing to the flowers.

One of the neighbors indeed. But don't people usually give baskets of muffins or fruit or something of the sort when new people move into a neighborhood?

"So what did this 'John' person do before he retired and moved up here with the rest of the dinosaurs?" Evelyn asked, intrigued by this John fellow.

"Oh he's not retired" her mother corrected "He's quiet young actually. Well not young as in your generation but younger than the rest of the people who live here".

What did her mother have for breakfast? Crazy flakes?

A small alarm bell was going off in Evelyn's head. It was the way her mother said 'young' that set off this warning.

She decided to prod for more information to put her mind at ease.

"Young as in your generation young?"

"Umm hmm", was all her mother could say while finding a vase to put the flowers in.

"Umm hmm" Evelyn repeated with the addition of suggestive eyebrows.

Her mother smiled in feign shock.

"Don't 'Umm hmm' me young lady. It's nothing of that sort. By the way, have you looked around the village yet? Its quiet nice"

"No and I don't intend to" Evelyn stubbornly said.

"Well you better get use to this place, were going to be here for quiet some time", her mother said, trying to urge her to go.

"No" was the next stubborn answer.

"Aw come on! Feel the fresh air. Breathe it in now", her mother said, mocking her by animatedly inhaling deeply.

Evelyn sighed in defeat.

"Fine, fine. But if I get carried off by a freakishly over-sized sea gull, I'm blaming you"

Her mother smiled and shook her head as Evelyn went upstairs to go and change clothes, readying herself for whatever she would encounter in this little quiet village.

As she searched through the boxes of unpacked clothes, she decided to go simple today. People here probably wouldn't know the word fashion or its meaning, even if they were run over by Kate Moss.

When she was finally ready with her now neat and tidy chestnut hair and a refreshed face, she went to put her shoes on and stood up doing a last check on her outfit. She was wearing a white tee shirt with the words "Frankie Says Relax" in black writing. Along with that she was wearing light skinny jeans.

"Eh, this will do", she thought.

Once she had stepped out of the front door, she examined her surroundings. There were two rows of stone cottages, one row on each side of the road. She stepped out onto the sidewalk and began to walk towards the centre of the village.

This neighborhood was perfect. The gardens were well kept, there was not a single bit of litter on the floor and the sky was a brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight. A little too Wisteria Lane for Evelyn's liking.

It was a ten minute walk from her house to the centre of the village. Not sure on where to go she wandered round the village aimlessly like a lost soul. There was a small harbor which had all sorts of different floating vessels such as fishing boats, small yachts and even some old wooden dinghies. Not far from where she was standing, there was a small beach. She could hardly call it a beach as it was just a little patch of sand. Nothing compared to the golden beaches in Spain.

The shops surrounding the village were petite and varied from fishing shops, antique shops, cafes and book shops. There were no big named high street shops that she was accustomed to.

"I guess I'll have to do all my shopping online", she thought.

She soon found a wooden bench which looked over the harbor. She sat down sighing and looked out into the distance. The sun was now high above, making the clear blue water glisten. It looked like a picture that you would find on a post card.

She wondered what her friends were doing. Were they in the park talking about a party to come? Were they in town shopping for an upcoming event? Or were they in each others homes, talking and gossiping? Either way, she wasn't there.

She felt someone's eyes looking at her. Evelyn turned her head slightly to her left to find a woman sitting next to her, looking directly at her. The woman beside her looked as though she was in her mid twenties. Evelyn was now starting to feel uncomfortable with a stranger staring at her so openly.

"Hello?" Evelyn hesitated to say.

The woman's face broke out into a warm smile.

"Hello. Your new here aren't you?"

Feeling less apprehensive than before replied back.

"Yeah. I moved here with my mum a few days ago."

"What is your name?" the woman asked.

"Evelyn Fairfield".

"Oh that's a pretty name" she complimented.

"Thank you. And you are?"

"Tanya Daily, I work in the antiques shop just round the corner"

They talked a bit more; it was mainly small talk though. When Evelyn realized what time it was she said her goodbyes and went home.

When Evelyn returned home she didn't expect to see what she saw when she entered the living room.

Her mother was on the couch with what she guessed to be John. They were sitting way too close for people who had only just met that day. What was more interesting was that the wine had been popped open and two glasses were half full of the crimson liquid.

"Evelyn, hi! I didn't expect you to come home so early", her mother said.

"I can see that", she replied, looking at the situation cautiously.

"This is John"

Yep, she was right.

"Hello, Evelyn" he said, extending his hand.

Evelyn did not receive his friendly gesture and looked at his hand guardedly.

What the hell was her mother playing at? She hadn't even known this guy for a whole day yet and still he was here, drinking wine with her in an intimate setting. Had she totally forgotten the reason on why they moved here in the first place?

Without thinking, she ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door behind her.

Pressing her back against the door, she slid down it, her face now streaked with tears. It had all been too much. Moving here so fast, there was no time for her to properly say goodbye to her friends and life.

What new life could possibly be installed for her here? Why did they have to move so far away? Why did her mother bring her here? Why did her father have to die?

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