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Chapter 3: Of Pirates and Blacksmiths

"Goodbye, Elizabeth", he said to himself as he watched the carriage ride away with the girl he had loved ever since he laid eyes on her many years ago.

"Elizabeth", he thought. Why couldn't he have said her name to her instead of being his usual polite self and using her formal name? He sighed and berated himself now that she was mad at him. He walked down the dirt path leading away from the Governors mansion and turned to look at it once he was outside the gates. How could a woman like her ever love a simple man like himself? After all, he was a blacksmith.

He knew he had work to do, those swords wouldn't make themselves. But he didn't want to return just yet, he needed to clear his head first. A walk on the beach would do his mind some good.

The beach stretched for miles and miles, pure white sand glistened in the sunlight, each grain of sand looked as if it were a tiny diamond. The clear blue water reflected the clear blue sky, with not a cloud in sight. Not a person or any sign of civilization could be seen from this beach of Port Royal. That was why he liked this particular beach, no one to disturb him. He had been on the beach for a while pondering events in his life. When his mother had died, when the ship he was on was destroyed by pirates and when he had met Elizabeth.

"What's the use", he thought. It was all just a silly infatuation, which had been going on for eight years. He couldn't help it though. He had never felt this way about anyone before, he could never wait to see her and yet was nervous around her incase she would know his secret. He loved it when he smiled, if he could, he would paint a picture of her smiling so that it would last forever. But she deserved better than him, someone like Commodore Norrington. At least he would be able to provide a future for her. It was getting mid day and the swords that he was working on needed to be done.

He went up the beach towards the small but busy town. As he was walking, his eyes were facing downwards. He would just have to love her from the distance. As he lifted his head up, there were bits of broken wood scattered across the beach to where the tide would rush in and then rush out repeatedly. The planks of wood looked like they once constructed a small boat. He stopped and furrowed his brows. Why would a boat be all the way out here when the harbor was a great distance away? He felt compelled to look closer. As he walked closer, he noticed there was something buried under the wood. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw that a hand wasn't covered by the wreck. Was it a body? Dead or alive?

He walked closer and bent town to lift up the splintered planks. Gingerly he lifted them up and was shocked when he discovered that a young girl was unconscious, almost buried alive by the wooden planks. When he realized that this girl could be dead or alive, he pushed the rest of the planks off and dragged the limp body to dry land. Her long tresses cascaded over her face. Carefully, he brushed her hair away from her face with his hand. He face was revealed and he was surprised to see that she looked so peaceful. She was a pretty girl, she didn't have a radiant beauty but still she was a pleasure for the eyes. There was not a mark on her face as she had a clear complexion. It was obvious this girl knew how to take care of her looks.

"Much like Elizabeth", he thought.

He looked down to see that she was scantily clad, only wearing what appeared to only cover her body above her knees. He didn't know what to do; he had never seen the female form so exposed like this. He kept his eyes on her face, daring not to look anywhere else.

He was no medical expert so he had no idea what proper methods to use to see if she was still alive. Gently, he pressed his ear to her chest to listen for a heart beat. If anyone where to pass by him know, it would be absolutely scandalous! He sighed in relief as he heard a faint heart beat and head extra reassurance as he felt the gentle rise and fall of her breathing.

Taking off his coat, he draped it around her, to give her at least a little bit of dignity. Carefully, he picked the sleeping girl up and stood thinking as what to do next. The only safe place for her was the blacksmiths shop. At least then he could keep an eye on her until she was awake. This would also give him the chance to finish the swords. He decided to go though the alleyways to avoid the questioning eyes.

It didn't take long for him to get back to the shop. Going into the back room where he stayed, he placed her on his bed and covered her with the blanket. He swept her hair out of her face and smiled as she still remained peaceful and content.

He stood up and realized how odd it looked having a girl in his bed. It defiantly was a new sight for him. Not wanting to wake her or delay in finishing his work, he walked out of the room and quietly shut the door behind him.

"Urgh, my head", Evelyn thought, "Wait why is everything so dark? Am I dead?! Oh no!" At the thought of being dead her eyes flew open and she realized in her stupidity that she in fact had her eyes closed.

Wait a minute, this wasn't her room. She sat up slowly and surveyed her surroundings. Looking down she saw that she was on a bed, not the most comfortable one of that with a blanket that she was under. How did she get in this bed?

Pulling off the blanket she swung her legs round and landed her feet on the floor. The room wasn't big, but then again it wasn't small. In the corner there was a wooden table with two chairs on either side of it. She looked over to the other side of the room where there was a bookshelf next to a fireplace. It was pretty basic in this mystery room. Suddenly, she heard a banging noise coming from outside the room. Curiosity got the best of her, so she decided to investigate.

She opened the door and was met with hundreds of swords. She had never seen a sword in real life. These looked beautiful yet deadly. The repetitive sound was still drumming away. As she looked round she saw a man beating a sword with a hammer on an anvil. She wasn't sure if he could hear her so she decided to make the first move.

"Hello", she said introducing her presence in the room.

The man was about to beat the sword again when he heard her. He turned around and was surprised to see the girl was awake when he had only left her an hour ago.

"Hello Miss", he replied.

This guy was hot, she decided immediately, although it was a shame for the lacking of fashion sense. "Look at me, I've just met the man and I'm already thinking about this!" she thought.

She looked around the room and realized she didn't know where she was.

"Are you feeling alright?" the mystery guy asked her out of concern.

"Yeah I'm fine, um, where am I?" she asked

"In Port Royal" he replied

"Oh….where's that?" her geographical skills where crap she would admit, it would really help if there was a globe or a map near by.

"In the Caribbean. You do know where that is do you not?" Did this girl happen to hit her head?

"I know where the Caribbean is, it's in…"

It hit her like a brick wall. The Caribbean? THE Caribbean?!

"How can I be in the Caribbean?! It's impossible to have floated all the way from England to here in one night?!"

This girl defiantly had defiantly hit her head.

She had calmed down and got over her shock, even though she was still in a ball of confusion.

"My mum is probably worried about me, is there a phone anywhere where I can make a long distance phone call?" she asked.

"A phone?"

"Yes a phone, otherwise known as a telephone. One of the many ways of modern communication" she explained as if he were from Mars.

Now it was his turn to be confused.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you speak of"

"You don't know what I'm talking about? Gee what century are you from?" she teased.

"17th Century", he replied.

"Ha ha, that's a good one" she said with a hint of sarcasms.

Her smile faded when he looked deadly serious.

"What do you mean 17th Century?"

"What Century do you think we are in?"

"21st" she squeaked.

Maybe he was just joking with her.

"Please tell me you're just yanking my chain here", she said hopefully.

"I beg your pardon", he asked the girl who looked like she was about to cry.

He was serious. She really was in the 17th Century! How would she get home? Would she ever get home? What if she could go home? She felt very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, except there was no yellow brick road and no little annoying people to direct her where to go.

Tears were no flowing freely from her eyes as she put her hands over her face in attempt to stop them.

"This is impossible" she whispered. Even though she wanted to get as far away as possible, she never wanted to go THIS far.

"Are you really from the 21st Century?" he asked.

There was no lie in her eyes as she nodded. She must have been feeling all kinds of emotions. He wouldn't know what to do if he where to be in a different time. Not sure on how to comfort the girl he gently put an assuring hand on her shoulder.

"You will be alright" he knew it was easier said than done, "you can stay with me if you like" he offered.

Would it be wise for her to accept the offer from a stranger? But then again, he had saved her and was letting her stay with him. He didn't seem like the kind of person that would kill or rape her in her sleep.

"Thank you", she smiled.

"I'm Evelyn Fairfield", she said extending her hand.

"Will Tuner", he replied and took her hand.

They had been talking for hours and hours about pretty much everything. Evelyn was telling Will briefly on what was to happen in the next few hundred years and how life in the 21st Century was like.

With what he had told her, living here wasn't going to be easy. There was no TV, no Internet, and no electricity. There were no short cuts in doing anything she was accustomed to.

She didn't see it as a bad thing; she saw it as a challenge. If she could live in this Century without going crazy, there was nothing she couldn't do.

Even with their loud talking she still couldn't believe that Mr. Brown, the blacksmith shop owner had yet to wake up. He really was a heavy sleeper.

She was telling Will about modern fashion and how it changes like the weather. He then realized that her "dress" was the only clothing she had. He couldn't let her wander around half naked!

"I shall get you some clothes", he said standing up. He couldn't just go and get women's clothing from a shop. That would be odd. He thought for a bit and had an idea. He would ask Elizabeth's hand maiden if there were any women's clothing she could give him. But he needed a cover story. He couldn't just outright tell her about Evelyn being from the 21st Century.

"You could say I'm your cousin coming to live with you as you are the only person left in the family?" she suggested.

That story would do for now.

"I will be back shortly"

Well, Will was taking his pretty time.

"Be back shortly my arse", she mumbled.

She looked around at her surroundings. She had never picked up a sword before so once again curiosity got the best of her. She walked over to where a sword was in place on the stand and she picked it up. She almost dropped it again as she didn't know how deceivingly heavy they could be. She put it back down, knowing her she would probably swing it and break something due to her clumsiness.

As stealthily as she could, she went over to Mr. Brown. The only indication of life was the fact that he was snoring, really loud. He had a bottle of what she could only assume to be some kind of alcoholic beverage gripped in his hand. She smiled as it reminded her of the many times her grandfather had fallen asleep in front of the TV at Christmas with one of those paper hats on his head with a glass of wine in his hand. She remembered that well.

"Grandad!" she shouted.

"What?!" he replied, not at all amused that he had just been woken up.

"Oh", she let out a sigh of relief, "I thought you died"

She got an almighty thump on the head for that.

Evelyn heard the door open and spun round expecting to see Will walk in.

"Took your bloody time", she teased.

Only she realized it wasn't Will who had walked though the door. It was a strange man with dark eyes, messy dreadlocks with various beads and trinkets adorning his head. His clothes were just as messy as his hair. She noticed his hands were bound in iron handcuffs.

The man looked at her and gave her a wicked smile, bearing few gold teeth.

"Your not Will", she said dumbly. She had her moments.

"Aye, that I'm not", he said with a slurred cockney accent.

"Oh great, my cover has been blown", she thought. How could she explain her being there?

"Is there someone or something you're looking for?" she asked acting coolly.

This mysterious man was now looking at her a little too openly for her liking.

"Ah, so this is where they hide all the wenches", he thought.

"Well there is something I'm lookin' for", he said, now walking (more like swaggering) closer to her.

Eep. She stood her ground and tried not to shows that she was intimidated.

"And what's that?" she asked.

"I need get these off", he said holding his bound hands up, "and if you could be a diamond and get 'em off…"

Looking at the handcuffs it was obvious that he was in some sort of trouble and was looking for a way to escape. She hadn't even been here for a day yet and didn't want to be an accomplice to this criminal.

"I don't know how to", was her feeble excuse.

"Don't know how to or don't want to?"

She hesitated before replying, "I don't know how to".

She thought it would be best to continue her lie.

"Well then, ye no use to me."

She stood in the middle of the work shop and was looking at him trying to find something that would release his hands. Her eyes darted to the door. If she was fast enough she could run out and alert someone about this man.

She turned her back and stepped towards the door.

"And where do ye think your goin' love?"

She immediately turned to look at him when he spoke. Not answering him she thought would be the best thing to do. But her eyes betrayed her as for a brief moment they flickered towards the door.

He gave her a dark smile.

"Ah so I see. You intend to alert the guards about me ware bouts, they come in here muskets an' all and send me to the gallows."

Was he a mind reader?

She panicked as he stepped forward.

"This I cannot allow ye to do love"

It was now or never, she spun round towards the door and ran as fast as her exposed legs could carry her. She was just about to open the door when she felt cold chains around her neck. He had used his handcuffs to grab her and pulled back so that she would go crashing onto the dirt floor.

She struggled to get up, but was slowed by her surprise. She was about to stand up when she was knocked off her feet again and flipped over so that she was lying on her front. She couldn't believe it when this fiend was sitting on her back, tying her hands with what felt like rope.

"You missy, are goin' to cause me a lot of trouble. And I can't allow that"

"Get off me!" she demanded, not that it was doing her any good.

"Stop fidgeting, you're makin' it harder for me to tie you up"

Well at least he was honest.

Sooner than she expected, both hands and feet were tied up. Although she was slightly impressed that he could tie her up while still wearing those handcuffs.

She was now thrashing about trying to free her self, but to no avail did the ropes loosen up a single bit. In fact her moving around was making them tighter and were cutting into her now tender skin.

He somehow picked her up, so she started screaming, in hopes that someone would hear her and started calling him every name under the sun.

He leaned closer to her face, "Now, that isn't proper language for a proper lady", he teased.

He realized that he couldn't leave her here in the middle of the work shop all tied up. So he picked her up and headed to the back room. More screaming and thrashing was done by Evelyn until she was ungracefully dropped on the floor.

"Hey, a softer landing next time, if that's not too much to ask", she said sarcastically while feeling the soreness in her body.

"You've got one sassy mouth on ye girl", he said not amused by her sarcasm, "In fact…."

He reached over to the sink and got an old rag. She didn't expect him to gag her with it. She was still trying to curse him while he was tying it around her head.

"There, that's better", he said happy with himself for doing something he should have done in the first place.

All she could do now was glare at him.

He swaggered to the door and turned around to look at her


It seemed like hours that Evelyn was tied up. And what made it worse, her nose had an itch. Could this day get any more traumatic for her?

Suddenly she heard voices come from the workshop. She recognized one of them as Will's voice. She sighed in relief knowing that soon she would be freed. But the relief was short lived when she head the clashing of swords.

"Oh no!" she thought.

Will was fighting that man and no doubt he was no free of the cuffs.

She listened intently to what was going on in the other room. Unexpectedly, she heard a glass smash and something fall to the floor. She also heard many footsteps scuttling about.

"Somebody find me already!" she thought now that her nose had gone numb from the itchiness.

A few minutes later, Will burst though the door.

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

He bent down to untie her and noticed that her wrists were red raw and that the skin was shredded. Seeing this, he unbound her quicker.

Immediately she sat up and tore the rag away from her mouth.

"He tied me up!" she said in disbelief.

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