Love struck basket ball star


Brooke Davis parents have just divorced and she has to transfer schools to Tree Hill High, she has no one but her dad which is the basket ball coach at her school. Brooke is extremely popular, is captain of the cheer squad, and always plays hard to get with guys just to see how willing they are to be in a serious relationship with her. Brooke also plays hard to get because she doesn't want to have a relationship like her parents she is so afraid of becoming like her mother.

Lucas Scott is the all time basket ball star of tree hill high. Lucas mom takes care of him and his father abandoned him as a child. Lucas is a sweet and broody young man, Lucas never really dated he was waiting for the right girl the girl that made him go insane we he even just saw a glimpse of her. This girl had to be loving, sweet, sincere, heartfelt, brave, strong, and beautiful. He knew in his heart this girl would come one day.

This story is a brucas story a girl who gave the star basket ball player an ache in his heart so continue to read and be amazed by the sweet story I and my co writer has for you!