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I will always love you

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"Dad what are you talking about we cant leave?" Brooke said frustrated and worried at the same time

"Brooke I know you don't want to go but she is your mother and we need to be with her right now" Gorge said

"Look I get we have to go see her and be with her but why the hell should I stay down there with that bitch!?" Brooke said beginning to get angry.

"Brooke I am afraid this car accident did much more damage then you think" Gorge said

"What the is wrong with her is she mentally challenged or something?" Brooke asked

"Brooke your mother is in a coma and we have to be there because if she doesn't wake up we have to choose to turn the machines off," Gorge explained

"Dad I can't leave I refuse to leave! I finally fall in love with an amazing guy and I get great friends and now we have to leave!" Brooke argued.

"Brooke Penelope Davis I am shocked by you! You are being very selfish right now! Think of your mom if it weren't for her you wouldn't even get the chance to fall in love!" Gorge yelled.

Brooke ran upstairs full of emotions. She didn't know what she felt. She couldn't tell if she was angry confused sad frustrated she was all over the place but the one thing that went through her mind was what am I going to say to my friends … what am I going to say to Lucas!

The next day, after so many tears Brooke decided to head down stairs. Brooke walked into the kitchen and took out a tub of chocolate ice cream she began eating it when her dad came into the kitchen.

"When are we leaving?" Brooke asked sadly.

"As soon as possible which will probably be tonight," her dad said

"Dad it hurts you know. I really do love my friends and I really do love Lucas" Brooke said tears forming in her eyes.

"I know Brooke but we have no choice we are her family," he said holding her in his arms

"I thought we were leaving forgetting about her," Brooke said

"We were but things happen and we can't just sit here and do nothing … you can always come back to Tree Hill honey," he said

"Who knows when she will finally wake up … when am I going to come back 2 years maybe 3? … Everything will change by then!" Brooke said

"Brooke you have to stop thinking like that … I hired a few people to pack your things you should really go talk to your friends" Gorge said and Brooke nodded and whipped her tears.

(Check out the sequel in three days its called Wish You Were)

Nathan, Haley, and the rest of Brooke's friends had agreed to meet her at a café down town. Brooke wanted to talk to Lucas separately.

"Hey Brooke what is wrong?" Haley asked

"I need to tell you something and you cant tell Lucas ok?" Brooke asked

"Ok" Haley said

Brooke looked at Peyton making sure she would agree to not tell Lucas and she did. Peyton wasn't a friend but Brooke decided she needed to know too.

"I'm moving back home" Brooke said and looked down sadly holding in her tears.

"What? …Why?" Haley asked confused

"My mom got into an accident and she ended up in a coma so we have to there for her" Brooke explained.

"Oh god…. Brooke what am I going to do with out you" Haley said and held her best friend.

"Oh god I don't want to go Haley … I love you guys … I love Lucas" Brooke said with her tears slowly coming.

"What are you going to tell Lucas?" Haley asked

"I don't know … god Haley I don't know what to do what to think but I have to tell him!" Brooke said.

"When are you leaving?" Nathan asked

"Tonight around eight" Brooke said

"Oh god Brooke we don't even have time to hang out," Haley said beginning to cry

"I know … I guess we better say good bye," Brooke said

"I promise I will keep in touch with you and Nathan … I just cant with Lucas so please don't tell him" Brooke said

"Why cant you with Lucas?" Haley asked confused

"Its too hard hearing his voice and knowing I can't touch him or be with him" Brooke explained and Haley nodded.

(Check out the sequel in three days its called Wish You Were)

Brooke avoided going to tell Lucas all day until about 7:30 she decided she had to tell him so she walked into Lucas' room tears already begging to form in her eyes.

"Hey I was wondering where you were … what's wrong?" Lucas asked worried

"Lucas we need to talk" Brooke said and they both sat down on his bed.

"Lucas my mom got into an accident and she is in a coma." Brooke began

"Oh Brooke I'm so sorry can I do anything?" Lucas asked

"I'm not done yet Lucas … well I'm going home tonight … and I don't think I will be coming back at least not for a really long time" Brooke said she looked down she couldn't stand to look into his eyes.

"What … no Brooke you cant go … Brooke we have been through so much you cant just pick up and leave just like that! …" Lucas said angry and sad at the same time.

Brooke stood up and so did Lucas and Brooke said "Luke I don't have a choice you know I don't because if I did I would stay here with you!" Brooke explained

"Then stay at least for a while," Lucas said

"I cant I am underage and I cant leave my dad!" Brooke said

"Brooke …" Lucas began

"Lucas listen … I have to go because my plane leaves in 15 minutes! … But god Lucas where do I begin … my heart is going to ache when I am apart from you … I am not going to call or keep In touch because it is too hard … but Lucas just know …" Brooke began and placed her hands on his wet cheeks.

"I will always love you" she finished and softly kissed him. With that she left a very sad boy.

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