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Hey guys! I just got the idea for this story in detention the other day. I'm not a bad girl, okay? … Just misunderstood. But still… what happened was my best friend and I were having a race to see who could get their lunch the fastest, and I ran to one of the lines to get a sandwich, bought it, and ran back to the lunch table. My best friend was running there too, at the same time, and we both started shoving each other to get onto the seat first… she won. Then, this totally evil teacher came over and gave me a freaking detention. My friend and I weren't fist fighting! We were just having fun trying to win the bet! So, I got stuck with two lunch detentions. Lunch is my only social hour of the day! T.T I hate that teacher… but I guess there is a good side to this… I came up with this story!

Prologue (Ch. 0.5)

"Okay, ready…"


"GO!!!" Ino and Sakura shouted, sprinting in opposite directions.

Being the competitive friends they were, Ino and Sakura had made a bet, the last person back at the table with their lunchwould have to clean up everyone else's trash. The other three girls at the table opted to not participate in the bet, knowing Sakura and Ino as well as they did.


Tenten, Hinata, and Temari stayed seated, watching the two go.

"So…" Temari said, "I bet 100 yen on Sakura."

"Pfft. It's obvious that Ino's going to win. She's not afraid to push and shove. Sakura is way too nice to do that…" Tenten stated. "200 on Ino. What about you Hinata?"

'U-um… guys? Maybe we shouldn't b-bet on them like this…" She replied in a soft voice.

"C'mon Hinata! Live a little!"

"Yeah… weren't you saving up for that cough Valentines Day gift for cough Naruto?" Temari said, taking a sip of water from her water bottle.

Hinata's eyes widened at the thought. "500 on Sakura!" She shouted in a high voice, slamming her palm on the table.

The other two girls smiled and rolled there eyes, when it comes to Naruto, Hinata would do anything.


'I will definitely beat Ino-pig this time!' Sakura thought, grabbing a bottle of water and a bag of chips, piling it on her tray, and zooming through the rest of the line.

After paying for her food, Sakura raced back to the table, to find Ino running there too. She sped up a bit, trying to balance her tray and not trip.

'So… close…' she thought. 'just a little… further…'


The two reached the table, practically throwing their trays down, the contents spilling everywhere. Both tried to sit down at the same time but couldn't, so they started to push and shove each other to get the seat first.

"I was here first forehead, so move!"

"You were not! I was here first!"

"No way! I win the bet, right guys?!" Ino asked, looking up to their friends for the results.

"Yes!" Tenten shouted.

"I knew it!"

"No! Sakura was here first! Right, Hinata?!"

"U-uh… she, um… a-and Sakura… err… I-Ino…-"

"Haruno Sakura!!!" A loud voice echoed through the cafeteria, as silence swept across the other students eating their lunches.

"… shit." Sakura muttered, trudging over to her sensei, Anko.

"Yes, Sensei?" She asked, standing in front of the black haired woman.

"Ten days of detention, for fighting. Go sign the detention sheet. You'll be eating lunch in Iruka Sensei's classroom for the next two weeks."

Sakura gaped. This was her first detention, ever! She was always a model student, extremely smart, and well behaved. She aced all of her tests and quizzes and was loved by all of her teachers for her work and effort. …All of her teachers except Anko.

By now, people had begun to talk again, once more filling the room with noise.

She glanced back at her friends before walking over to the opposite side of the cafeteria, to sign the sheet.

When she returned to the table, they all had a look of complete disbelief.

"That's so unfair!" Temari finally broke the silence among the girls.

"Yeah, I know." Tenten agreed. "Sakura didn't do anything!"

Sakura smiled at her friends support. She felt an arm drape over her shoulder.

"It's okay, Sakura." Hinata said.

She glanced over to Ino, who was looking down, playing with her fingers. "Sorry, Sakura…" She mumbled, almost inaudible.

"The detention is fine, guys." Sakura said, making them all look up in surprise. "It's who's gonna be in there, that's the problem."

"What do you mean?"

"Iruka Sensei?"

"No. When I went to sign the list, there was already another name on there…" The other girls all leaned in. "Uchiha Sasuke."


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