Ahhh, school. Otherwise known as hell with flourescent lighting. This is where Sakura and Sasuke currently were. After school. All alone while Iruka-sensei was in the library again finishing up some errands. Smelling like apples. This is where they would be for the next three weeks.

"Hn. This is your fault."

"Wow, more than a 'Hn.' I must be special. And no, this is all your fault."

"No, yours."







Before they knew it, the two had ended up. tackling each other. And while tackling each other, Sakura had some how ended up under Sasuke, pinned to the ground. They were both panting from their anger at eachother.

"Hn, yours."

While blushing and full frontally embarrassed, Sakura some how managed to growl, "Now, yours."

Sasuke leaned down towards her ear, whispering, "Mine."

After that Sasuke gave into temptation. His lips landed on hers.

Oh. My. Gosh. Is he really kissing me? Oh gosh, should I push him off and slap him? Oh gosh, I can't. Who knew a kiss from him could be so goood? Sakura thought

Damnit. This girl is annoying. But she's a damn good kisser. Sasuke thought.

Who knows how long they were like that? All they know is that when their lips finally seperated, the two teenagers blushed hard, and got up immediately to their desks.

They stayed in silence for about five minutes until Sakura spoke up.

"Sasuke, what was that?"


"Answer me damnit!"

"A kiss."

"I know that baka! I'm-I'm t-talkin about you knowwww, what you whispered to me before the kiss." Sakura said with her face matching her hair.


What will Sasuke say? What did he mean?

You'll find out at the next chappie! Ja!


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