Thomas Has A Sister

It was a bright and sunny day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas was puffing along his branch line with his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel. The Fat Controller was waiting for him. "Yes, sir," said Thomas, "What is it, sir?" "Your doing well on your branch line, but you do need help," explained the Fat Controller.

"You're right, sir," said Thomas, "But what can we do?" "We can bring in another engine from England," explained the Fat Controller, "But it may take a while." "Yes, Sir," said Thomas. A few days later, Thomas saw a old tank engine on a flat truck. "What?!" exclaimed Thomas.

The engine was pink, with four small driving wheels, with two small front wheels, and with tanks over it's wheels. "It's my old sister," he exclaimed. "Thomas?" asked the engine, "is that you?" "Yes," said Thomas. Soon they were chatting like old friends, and they really are friends. They've worked together when they were first created in 1915. In 1940, Thomas went to Sodor, while the other engine went away to Buckingham Palace as 5 new engines were introduced.

Soon, Thomas pushed the Engine to his branch line, still chatting. Henry was surprised to see Thomas talking to a new engine so quickly. He was so distracted he rammed into his trucks and send them flying through the buffers and crashed into a building. The person in the building was cross. "You clumsy engine!" he scolded.

Out in the valley, Thomas was still chattering about his adventures to the engine. At last, Thomas was at his branch line. A crane lifted the engine off the truck, and the engines on the branch line wanted to meet her. "My name is Sara," said the engine. "Welcome to The Island Of Sodor," said Percy, "I'm Percy." "My name is Toby," called Toby, and the others introduced themselves. Sara felt happy to be back with Thomas. They had been separated for a very long time. Soon, Thomas began to show Sara what's life like on Sodor.

They've showed her all the beautiful forest and valleys on Thomas' Branch Line. They've showed her the lake. Then they've shown her the peaceful river that runs along the branch line. Then they showed her the station where Thomas and the other engines collect passengers from the Main Line trains. "Watch out for those main line trains," warned Thomas, "Especially Gordon. Last week I caught him taking a passenger train from James when he was suppose to pull trucks. Then James was the one who pulled the trucks." "Number 67," explained Percy, "Look out for those troublesome trucks. They can be silly and annoy you." Sara decided to teach the trucks a lesson.

Then she and Thomas and Percy went to the Quarry, where they met Mavis and Fergus. They were happy to see a new engine. "Just watch out for Bill and Ben, the twins," warned Mavis. "They are troublesome engines," continued Fergus, "Last week, they've rammed into James with 20 trucks. James had to go to the works after that with bent buffers! He was wondering what happened to his coaches." Sara also decided to teach the twins a lesson. Then, after that the engines went back to their sheds. Sara was told that she can stay on Sodor.

Importantly, Sara was glad to be with Thomas again. Thomas was glad, too.