Gordon's Brother

Gordon enjoys pulling the express. He loves this job the most. He loves to speed along the main line pulling many coaches. "I'm the pride of the express," said Gordon. After Gordon finished his express run, he took a break for the rest of the day and let Bear take over.

A few hours later, Gordon was resting in the sheds when the Fat Controller arrived to see him. "Gordon," he said, "I have a special visitor who wants to visit you." "Oh, thank you, sir," said Gordon. Gordon set out to work until the special visitor arrives.

He pulled the express like he always does. Well, most of the time. After the job was done for the day, Gordon set off to meet the visitor. By the time Gordon arrived back at Tidmouth sheds, all that was on Gordon's mind was the visitor.

"I hope he's nice," he thought. Gordon kept thinking about the visitor for another hour. Soon enough, the visitor puffed down the line, backwards, slowly.

At first, he could see two large tenders rolling backwards; Gordon wasn't impressed, but then Gordon changed his mind after he saw the engine; he knew who the visitor was. "Flying Scotsman?" said Gordon, "Is it really you?"

"Yes," said Flying Scotsman, "It's me! It's been a long time." "Flying Scotsman!" shouted Gordon as soon as Flying Scotsman stopped besides Gordon. "Hey, brother!" said Flying Scotsman, "How's life been doing for you?" "My life on Sodor has been very good for years," replied Gordon.

"I see," said Flying Scotsman. "Well," said Gordon, "I did have a few mishaps." "Like what?" asked Flying Scotsman. "I fell into a ditch and burst my safety valve and whistle at one point. Yeah, I denied them as accidents."

"Well," said Flying Scotsman, "That was really silly of you." "No kidding," said Gordon, "Anyway, for most of my time, I've pulled the big express. Sometimes, I do goods work, but it doesn't matter for me."

"Interesting," said Flying Scotsman. "I see that you have changed since the last time we were together," said Gordon. "I know," said Flying Scotsman, "I was upgraded by my company."

"Kind of like Henry," said Gordon, "Anyway, wanna meet my friends?" "Sure!" said Flying Scotsman. Gordon and Flying Scotsman puffed off to Knapford Station where James and Henry were both waiting with passenger coaches. "Hey guys!" said Gordon, "I'd like you to meet my brother, Flying Scotsman.

"Impressive," said James. "Hello," said Henry. "Hey James and Henry," said Flying Scotsman. "We're good friends," said Gordon, "Most of the time." "Yeah," said James, "We do get into trouble at times." "Well, Gordon told me his mishaps," said Flying Scotsman.

Gordon just blushed in embarrassment. Just then, a guard blew his whistle. "Time for me to go," said Henry and he set off with his passengers.

"I think we'll go double header," said Gordon. "Agreed," said Flying Scotsman. So after James left with his train, Gordon and Flying Scotsman were both coupled up to a 6 coach express train. Gordon decided to let Flying Scotsman pull in front. When Gordon and Flying Scotsman arrived at the station the passengers admired Flying Scotsman.

Flying Scotsman enjoyed every single moment of this. Soon enough it was time to go. The passengers got into the coaches and Gordon and Flying Scotsman set off with their passengers. After the days work, Gordon and Flying Scotsman decided to take a break for the rest of the day. Gordon told Flying Scotsman about his adventures on Sodor.

While Flying Scotsman told Gordon what he had been doing in the past several years. They both chucked and laughed together and told each other things as well. When nighttime came they both decided to relax in a nearby goods sheds. After that, they both fell fast asleep. The next day came and Flying Scotsman set off for a morning express.

Gordon stayed behind waiting for a later train. So Gordon relaxed in a cargo siding. He thought about what to do with his brother. Later that morning, Flying Scotsman returned to the goods yard. That's when danger happened. A crane lifting a large crate of metal bars rotated to the left by accident and jammed.

The crane operator tried to move it, but the incident could only get worse. The crane arm started to jerk a bit. Then its support beams cracked. Gordon was in danger of having the crate falling onto him. "Oh dear," said Gordon. Flying Scotsman saw that the crane arm was about to fall onto Gordon.

"Hang on!" screamed Flying Scotsman and he sped towards Gordon. He slammed into Gordon's front buffers and pushed him backwards out of the way. Gordon could only watch in horror as the crane arm snapped and it along with it's crate of metal bars crashed onto Flying Scotsman's boiler.

Gordon's tender hit the buffers with a thud. He and Flying Scotsman wasn't hurt. Gordon's tender buffers took only minor damage. But Flying Scotsman's boiler was dented. "Are you okay?" asked Flying Scotsman. "Yes," said Gordon. "Good," said Flying Scotsman, "I'm also okay."

"No you're not!" said Gordon, "Your boiler is damaged!" "I know," said Flying Scotsman, "I'll be okay." "I understand," said Gordon. "No problem," said Flying Scotsman. "Thanks for saving my life," said Gordon. "You're welcome," said Flying Scotsman.

Soon enough, James, Harvey and Arthur arrived with Breakdown cranes. Harvey and the cranes removed the damaged crane arm from Flying Scotsman. James and Arthur took Flying Scotsman to the works to have his boiler fixed. Gordon left the siding after it was cleared. For the rest of the day, Gordon though about Flying Scotsman and how he saved him from disaster.

While Flying Scotsman spend his time at the works, having his boiler mended. Gordon continued on with is express duty while thinking about his brother. "I would like to do the same thing," he thought, "I think I already have." 2 weeks flew by and Flying Scotsman's boiler had been mended.

The crane was also had been mended as well. Gordon and Flying Scotsman met up with each other. "Again," said Gordon, "Thanks for saving my life."

"I told you that it was no biggie," said Flying Scotsman. "Shall we do goods work?" asked Gordon. "Sure," said Flying Scotsman. So Gordon and Flying Scotsman set off to work.

This time, they've pulled goods train. Flying Scotsman decided to stay on the island for a few months before he returns home. During that time, Flying Scotsman met other friends on the island like Thomas, Skarloey, Percy and many others. Then it was time for Flying Scotsman to return home.

"Thanks for everything," said Flying Scotsman. "I'm proud to have spent my time with you," said Gordon. "Me too," said Flying Scotsman. With two toots of his whistle, Flying Scotsman set off for his home. "I wish we could meet each other again one day," said Gordon as Flying Scotsman was out of sight.