Traveling To The Bluebell Railway

One evening on the Island of Sodor, the branch line engines were waiting for the Fat controller. They have finished work for the day and they heard that there is special news for the branch line engines. "I hear it's something exciting," said Percy.

"I can tell," said Thomas. "Me too," said Sara. "I hope friends will be part of it," said Emily. The engines chattered about that it could be until the Fat Controller arrived. "Good evening, engines," he began. "Sir," said the engines. "I have a speech," said the Fat Controller. The engines listened. They were all excited, even before what the Fat Controller said. "Okay," he began, "Today, I have received an invitation." "From who?" asked Percy.

"From the manager of the Bluebell Railway," said the Fat Controller. "What is it?" asked Sara. "He said that he'll be inviting the branch line engines to the Bluebell Railway," said the Fat Controller. "Does that mean we're all going to visit?" asked Daisy.

"Well, yes and no," said the Fat Controller. "I guess that means it's just US," said Emily, "No one else." "Yes," said the Fat Controller. "Okay," said Thomas. "Starting tomorrow, we'll be visiting the Bluebell railway for 2 weeks," said The Fat Controller, "We will leave first thing in the morning." "This is great!" peeped Percy. "Can we bring our coaches too?" asked Toby.

"Sure," said the Fat Controller, "Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta will come." "Thank you sir," said Toby and Thomas. "We'll prepare for departure tonight," said the Fat Controller. He turned away and spun face to face with Thomas. "Thomas," he said, "Please don't go plowing through buffer this time. I don't want to have another mishap with you."

"Don't worry," said Thomas, a little bit embarrassed. "What happened?" asked Sara. "Nothing," said Thomas quickly. "This will be great!" said Toby. "We haven't seen Stepney in a long time!" said Percy. "We'll see how he's been doing after all of this time," said Thomas.

"We better get some shut-eye then," said Toby. So for the night, the engines fell fast asleep. The next morning, they all woke up very excited. The Fat Controller arrived to meet them. "We're ready now," he said. "Great!" whistled Percy, excitedly.

Annie and Clarabel and Henrietta were all excited to go with the engines. "Other engines will be doing your work here while you're away," said the Fat Controller. "Thank you, sir," said Thomas. The Fat Controller boarded Henrietta.

He had already arranged for a Sodor staff member to run the railway while he visits the Bluebell Railway with the branch line engines.

Soon enough, Thomas, Percy, Toby, Emily, Daisy and Sara set off to the Bluebell Railway. "This will be great," said Percy. Hours later, they arrived at the Bluebell railway in England. "We're here," said Thomas. "Yes," said Percy. The Bluebell Railway manager greeted the engines.

"Welcome to the Bluebell Railway," said the Bluebell Railway manager. "Thank you," said the Fat Controller, "We are honored of visiting you." "The Bluebell Railway engines wants to meet you," said the Bluebell Railway manager. "Thank you," said Thomas.

"It's great that we'll meet Stepney again!" said Percy. "It's been a long time," said Toby. Daisy, Emily and Sara were all excited to meet Stepney for the first time.

Soon enough, Stepney puffed up to meet Thomas, Percy, Emily, Toby, Daisy, Sara, Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta. "Welcome," said Stepney, "Friends."

"Hey, Stepney!" said Thomas. "Thomas?" said Stepney, realizing whom he was talking to, "Percy and Toby. Is it you?" "Yes," said Toby. "We're here!" squeaked Percy. "Welcome to the Bluebell railway," said Stepney. "I think you already said that," said Sara.

"Oh, I see you brought new friends," said Stepney. "Well, you didn't get a chance to meet Daisy," said Toby, "She was busy while you visited us."

"Oh," said Stepney, "Hello, Daisy." "Hello," said Daisy. "And here are our friends," said Thomas, "Emily." "Hello," said Emily. "And my sister," said Thomas, "Sara." "We are happy that we have been invited to this railway," said Sara. "We also brought our coaches," said Toby, "Annie, Clarabel, and my coach, Henrietta." "Hello," said Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta.

"Nice to meet you all," said Stepney. "Thanks," said Thomas. The Fat Controller walked out of Henrietta and made an announcement. "We'll be visiting for 2 weeks," he said, "We thank you all for inviting us." "You're welcome," said the Bluebell Railway manager.

Then Stepney spoke. "I want you to meet my friends," said Stepney. "All right!" peeped Percy. "Very well then," said Stepney, "Everyone, say hello."

After Stepney said that, 6 other engines puffed up from the railway to meet the Sodor engines. "These are my friends that the Bluebell railway had also rescued," said Stepney, "Say hello everybody." "Yes!" peeped Percy. "Hello everyone," said Thomas.

Two engines that looked identical to each other spoke first. "Hello," they both said. "My name is Bluebell," said one engine. "And my name is Primrose," said the other. "Hello, Bluebell and Primrose," said Toby. A tank engine with a coal bunker shaped like a tender puffed up next.

"My name is Adam," he said. Another tank engine spoke next. "My name is Cromford," he said. "My name is Captain Baxter," said a small tank engine.

"And my name is Boxhill," said the last tank engine, "I'm visiting from a museum." "Hello," said Thomas, "Everyone." The Bluebell engines whistled "Hello" once again. "We're happy to see you," said Bluebell. "Thanks," said Thomas and the Sodor engines.

"We'll rest for the rest of the day," said the Fat Controller, "And then, tomorrow, we'll start working on the Bluebell railway." "Yes," said Toby. For the rest of the day, Thomas and his friends explored the Bluebell railway with Stepney.

The engines loved the Bluebell railway. It's not as big as their home on Sodor, but they still think it's marvelous. Soon enough, it became nighttime. Thomas and his friends slept in a shed next to Stepney's shed.

Thomas, Percy, Toby, Emily, Daisy and Sara liked this shed. Annie and Clarabel and Henrietta slept in a nearby shed. Then nighttime came and the engines fell fast asleep, waiting to start the new day.

The next morning, Thomas and his friends started the new day by pulling many special passenger trains. Stepney and the Bluebell engines were pleased to see that Thomas and his friends were helping them. The engines enjoyed their visit. Everyone made friends with everyone else. Thomas and his friends helped the Bluebell engines with passengers and goods.

Two weeks flew past during the engines visit.

So when the time came for the branch line engines to leave two weeks later. "Thanks for visiting us," said Stepney, "We are grateful."

"You're welcome," said Thomas, "We thank your controller for inviting us in the first place." Thomas, Percy, Toby, Emily, Daisy and Sara said goodbye to the Bluebell railway engines and set off for home. Stepney hopes for the day they'll meet again.