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By: Jecir


"I'm not sure about this, Usako," Mamoru said as he stared forlornly at the Golden Crystal. Pain flowed through his midnight eyes. "There is a reason these memories have remained locked away." His fist closed around the crystal as he closed his eyes, trying to block out the memories already dominating his mind. If he didn't want to remember, why would they?

A soft hand settled over his, drawing him from the darkness. Usagi moved his hand away so she could more easily straddle him, her eyes filled with compassion. She placed her hands on his face so he could not look away. For a moment, she simply stared, searching the depths of his soul for something…anything that could spare him this pain. "I understand how you feel," she whispered. He tried to protest, tried to ask how she could possibly understand, but she shook her head. "I feel it every time they talk about them like that. You can't hide it from me, lover. My senshi don't understand because they don't remember."

Mamoru looked away, unable to keep her gaze. "It is for the best," he whispered, agony barely hidden in his voice. "It would spare them the pain of knowing..." Knowing the truth…about the past. His past. Their past. He looked into Usagi's eyes, begging her to understand. How could he condemn them to this?

"What of you?" she breathed, her voice equally filled with anguish. One delicate hand brushed back his hair. "Why must you bear it alone? Why let them believe a lie?"

"You know why."

"I don't!" she cried, the tears brimming in her eyes. "Your men were closer to you than even me!" She bit her lip, hoping to stem the flow. "I don't…I don't want their memory to be slandered."

"But," Mamoru tried again. "The senshi…"

"If not for them do it for yourself," Usagi pleaded. "Do it for them! Mamoru, there is still a chance! They could still come back."

Mamoru looked away again, his hair falling over his eyes. "Then why aren't they here?" he whispered, more to himself than to her.

Usagi forced him to look back at her, resolve dominating the pain. She loved her husband so much. She couldn't stand to see him hurting so badly. She would not stand for it. "There is always a chance." She let that sink in before adding, "And don't you think it would be unfair if they returned to find the senshi believing a lie?"

The thought had never occurred to him. He was certain they were gone. Forever. Never to return. Usagi could not use the silver crystal, for their souls were bound to his crystal…his heart. His magic was not strong enough to raise the dead, though Helios had said, perhaps, one day it might be. That was not a definite. They may never return.

"Please, love," Usagi whispered, "You're the only one who can release these memories." She locked eyes with him. "Please."

His resolve dissolved before those eyes. Sighing in defeat, he agreed. The golden crystal flashed in his hands, releasing memories long sealed away. As he felt his magic leaving him, his heart ached. Was this really the right thing to do?