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I. Prologue/Stranger in Dawn

The sky was painted blood red from the rays of the dying sun. A strange person was walking through Iwagakure. It was quiet unusual for someone to be out so late at dawn and not home by they family and eating.

The figure suddenly stopped near one dark alley and held they hand out, on each finger a ring and one of those rings was glowing brightly in a soft blue color. The figure smiled.

"So you have decided Sei…" the stranger spoke in a mysterious voice and entered the alley. It was getting cold, but the figure wore a long black cloak which reached to the ankles, the sleeves hid the pale hands under it. The person suddenly stopped as he spotted a crying child sitting on the ground, legs pulled up to his little chest in one attempt to keep warm, but failed. "Hello little one…"

The child flinched at the voice and backed frightened against the cold wall as the stranger kneeled down in front of him and starched a pale hand in his direction. The boy closed his eyes, waiting for the pain, but was surprised when he felt the hand softly stroke his check.

"A child at your age shouldn't be out here in the cold…" the stranger said softly s the bamboo hat was put down on the ground, revealing the pale face of a young woman with long red hair and deep emerald eyes. She was rather pretty in the little boy's option.

"They hate me…" the boy said.

"Who hates you?" the woman asked softly.

"Everyone, because I'm a freak…" he said with teary eyes and showed her his hands with the mouths on it.

"People usually tend to fear the things they don't know about or envy. Your hands are unique and just made for creating art." She said as she whipped away a five tears. "What is your name little one?"

"Dei…Deidara…" he said timidly.

"What a pretty name. My name is Asa." She said as she stood up, holding one delicate in front of the child. "Come now Deidara-kun, it is getting late and the night will be cold. In my home it is warm and you don't need to feel alone, but before that we will go and pick someone up." She said while they were walking.

"Who Asa-neechan?" Deidara asked confused while holding the woman's hand.

"A boy who even if he has a family is still alone." She said, but then suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Oh I almost forgot." Se said as she took one of the rings she wore on her left hand down. "Now hold out your hands." When Deidara did this she placed the ring in his little palms. "This ring wears the name Sei and means blue or green, it belongs now to you." She said as she watched the child's eyes glitter with happiness. "Now come, it is a long way till we arrive at our destination." She said while looking at the glowing ring on her right ring finger.

"Then we will be to third?" the blond asked.

"No fully Deidara-kun, there are already four boys waiting eagerly to met you, they will be you brothers and best friends."

"Wi…will they really like me?"

"Yes, they will like and also understand you. I think you will get along well with Sasori-kun, he has also an artistically talented boy, just like you." She said cheerfully as they continued walking.

To be continued…

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P.S.: Asa means in Japanese 'Born at Dawn'