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III. Fun time and new friends

After showing Deidara and Itachi around the gigantic mansion from the library, the music-,study-,bath-,bed-, training- and playing rooms and many more fixed the kids some sandwiches for themselves and put everything in a big basket. After that they all left for the lake.

"By the way I hope that you can swim, if not then you can freely tell me and we will teach you." Kisame said from the front of the little group as he turned his head back to look at the two newcomers who nodded, signaling that they both knew how to swim, but suddenly everyone's eyes widened and stopped in they tracks.

"Kisame stop befo…."there was suddenly a 'thomp' noise."...before you run against that tree…" the others said sighing.

"Gezz, you guys could have warned me a bit earlier." Said the blue child, while rubbing his nose.

"Aww…don't be mad at us Kisame-kun un." Deidara said.

"No prob Dei." He answered and continued they way to the lake.

Meanwhile was Asa on her way back to her home, three little children trailing on her side.

"Asa-neechan, where are we going?" asked the little girl with middle long blue hair, an origami flower in it.

"We are going home Konan-chan." The young woman answered softly.

"I would really love if we would be already there…" complained the boy with silver hair and Asa sweatdropped. The boy seemed to have no problem to tell what bothers him or what he thinks.

"We will be soon there…" she said.

Back in the secret forest were six children laughing happily and splashing water at each other.

"Hey, where is Kisame-kun un?" Deidara asked as he was suddenly pulled under water.

"Deidara…" Itachi said and looked at the place where the blond disappeared.

Suddenly both the blond and Kisame come up giggling and Itachi relaxed as he saw the blond boy again, but then he suddenly saw said blond look at him and then he jumped at him, pushing the other in the water.

Asa arrived with the trio by the mansion and was now looking around for her 'younger siblings'.

"Where could the six be?" she said confused while the three children looked with awe at the mansion.

"Wow, this is our new home?"

"Yes Hidan-kun, oh…so there they are." Asa said smiling as she spotted the missing kids walking in the direction of the mansion fully clothed after drying themselves down and having a little picnic.

"Asa-neechan!" Deidara the firs one to notice the young woman yelled happily as he run up to her and hugged the redhead.

"Hello Dei-kun." She said smiling as she stroke through the boy's blond hair. 'Seems like as if he would already feel himself at home' she thought smiling.

"You are early back neechan." Sasori said as he and the others also arrived.

"Yes, I know a shorter way to Amegakure and now say hay to Pein, Konan and Hidan." She said and the six children now finally noticed the three new kids.

"Hay." Deidara said grinning at them.

"Oh, you are a boy?" asked Hidan confused.

"Yes…" Dei growled and the others giggled a bit.

"Children, I think you should also introduce yourselves." Asa said, stopping Deidara from going against Hidan.

"Ok, so I'm Kisame and that are Deidara, Itachi, Sasori, Kakuzu and Zetsu." The blue skinned boy said grinning.

"And before you will ask Pein and Konan are partners because of the rings Rei and Byaku and Hidan…" she stopped in her sentence and pushed Hidan a bit forth to Kakuzu"…is your partner Kakuzu." She said ending her sentence.

"So then we are now nine and only miss one person." Kakuzu said.

"So it is Kakuzu-kun. I hope that I can soon find him or her, but now as long as you show the three around I will cook." She said smiling while putting her hands together. At that four children immediately paled.

"Uhm…what is wrong?" Itachi asked Kisame who let his head drop.

"Neechan is a horrible cook…" he said making said woman sweatdropp.

"Kisame-kun…" she said.

"What…that thing which you called an omelet looked like an black 'thing'…" he said while waving his arms in the air.

"That was only one time." Asa protested.

"Yes because I hid the eggs from you." He said.

"Erm…is that normal?" Hidan asked his partner.

"Yes, they always fight when it comes to cooking and food. Asa-neechan is a really great person, but when it comes to cooking…" Kakuzu said sighing while he and the others watched the fight between Kisame and Asa.

"Oh great…"

To be continued…

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