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The Neo-Allsparks

Chapter Nine: Communication

By Delphine Pryde

Louise took her time getting dressed; a silly part of herself hoping if she procrastinated long enough her mother would start the meeting without her. She stared at her closet, forever, debating on whether she wanted to look nice or just be comfortable. The need to feel pretty won out as she decided on a forest green smocked, triple tier peasant dress that had ruffles and a drawstring tie-neck and black leather platform MaryJanes with ankle straps for shoes. She pulled her auburn hair up into a high ponytail with a matching scrunchy and accessorized her outfit with a silk black choker and faux emerald pendant, and glass tear drop dangling earrings. She wore no makeup as usual, she hated having anything on her face and much preferred the natural look. With one last glance in the mirror and a deep breath she steeled herself and left her room.

The young woman found everyone already in the living room waiting for her. The living room had a simple layout: against one wall was the entertainment center and on the opposite side in a L-shape were a matching black leather couch and loveseat an elegant glass top coffee table graced the middle of the room. Her sister was on the loveseat with Bluestreak's simi-form, their heads close together in conversation. Marie was wearing a brown overall dress with a tan button-front shirt and tan leather boots that stopped an inch beneath her knees. Her red-gold hair was pushed away from her fact by a brown head band, gold hoops dangled from her exposed ears, and a gold heart shaped locket around the neck finished off her outfit. Bluestreak and Wheeljack hadn't bothered to change their simi-form's outfits. Louise supposed it was just easier for them that way, after all, it's not like they had to worry about their clothes getting dirty.

Louise's mother, Sue, was wearing pale green capris, matching v-neck, short sleeved shirt, white socks and tennis shoes, and her copper red hair pulled back in low ponytail. Sue glanced at her oldest daughter as she entered the living room. The woman stood in the middle of the room, a coffee cup clutched in her hand. From the bags under her eyes and haggard look, Louis could tell her mother hadn't gotten much sleep. Sue gestured for her eldest daughter to take a seat with a simple had motion. Louise obeyed, sitting on the unoccupied part of the couch opposite of Wheeljack.

Bright blue eyes turned to look at Louise as she approached the couch. "Pretty!" blurted out Bluestreak. "Wheeljack, isn't she pretty? Sunstreaker will be so jealous that we got to meet two very pretty femmes before him."

A pleased smile appeared on Marie's face, which transited into a smirk as she noticed her sister's look. Louise had ducked her head down in an attempt to hide the red hue her skin had turned when she noticed the considering look Wheeljack gave her after Bluestreak's comment. If she had noticed the glint in her sister's eyes, she would have been more worried than embarrassed. Marie had an idea and such things never turn out well.

Clearing her throat gently caused all eyes to focus on the Willard matron. "So I've been thinking that our best bet is to meet up with the rest of the Autobots. I imagine my daughters will be in great danger once the Decepticons find out about the Allspark."

"Yes," Wheeljack agreed. "They'll want to use the youngling's abilities to replenish their ranks."

"Just what I always wanted to be when I grew up, number one secret weapon for an army of robots wanting to conquer the universe," deadpanned Louise.

"Why would you want to be that?" Bluestreak asked.

Louise was going to give him one of her OMG looks as she caught sight of his earnestly confused face and decided against it, she didn't feel like explaining the nuances of sarcasm in the English language. Marie patted him on the head like one would a puppy and said, "I have much to teach you my young apprentice."

Bluestreak just gave her a look of incomprehension.

"Girls," the Willard matron warned in a familiar tone of voice that had the sister subconsciously napping to attention.

"Sorry," they murmured together, properly chastised.

"So, what we're going to do is this: Wheeljack is going to contact his superiors and get meeting coordinates. Don't mention anything about the Allspark, no sense risking eavesdroppers."

"Oh, that's not likely at all, our encryptions are practically unbreakable-well unless Soundwave intercepts them, but what are the odds of him being here on this planet?" Bluestreak stated.

"The point remains. Now once that's done we'll plan out our route. In the meanwhile you girls will start packing. I don't know how long we will be gone so take at least a couple of week's worth of clothing. I've made you both lists-" she gestured to lined pieces of paper with neat black ink writing that laid on the glass coffee table, "be sure to double check everything." She paused, looked at the still living room occupants. "Well, get moving," she ordered, ending the meeting.

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If they had been human, Sam was sure each of the Autobots would have sported a gob smacked look of disbelief. As it was, Prowl had muttered a faint "Impossible," before letting out a mechanical warble and doing the Cybertronian equivalent of fainting. This had sent Ratchet into a rant as he tried to revive the processor locked Prowl as Jazz looked on, torn between amusement at his bonded and feeling faint himself over the situation. All in all, understandable reactions to being told the Allspark, that had given life to your race and was thought destroyed, now lay in the hands of five tiny organic beings.

Optimus Prime, unsurprisingly, regained his composure first. "Primus has truly blessed us with a second chance for our race and Cybertron." His optics dimmed a little and he looked far off, his entire being radiating sadness as his thoughts turned to tragic memories that Sam knew he could never imagine. Eventually that sad gaze fell upon the two humans and softened. Mikaela was clutching Sam's arm as they both stood beneath the protective stance of Bumblebee. "I promise we'll do our best to protect you," the Autobot leader assured the two teenagers.

"The most efficient way to protect them would be to bring all five together to our base and up security precautions," said Prowl as Ratchet finished reviving him. "The Solaris will be highly useful in such an endeavor. With your permission I will order Hound to proceed with the landing ahead of schedule and the rest of my team to rendezvous with expedience."

"Who knows what those twin pains in my aft have gotten up to without proper supervision," Ratchet grouched as Optimus gave his permission.

The mention of Prowl's team sparked a reminder in Sam. "Hey, Mikaela, in that vision didn't those sisters mention meeting up with some Autobots?"

The brunette beauty nodded. "Wheeljack and Bluestreak," she confirmed.

"That would explain why Wheeljack says he is bringing 'friends' with him. He is most likely already aware of their nature as Allspark carriers," Prowl mused.

Mikaela twisted her face up in a grimace. "Eew, you make it sound like we're carrying some infectious disease."

"Allsparkitus," Jazz pitched in. His bonded gave him a brief glare but refused to give a reply like he commonly did whenever Jazz felt the need to tease him.

"Maybe Allspark representative?" Optimus offered.

"Sounds like a government position. Incarnation?" said Mikaela.

"Way to religious sounding," Sam vetoed, ignoring the fact that the Allspark was part of Cybertronian theology.

"Avatar," spoke up Bumblebee.

The two humans mulled over it for a minute before nodding in agreement. "Sounds cool."

"Sounds like something from a computer game, but I suppose it's better than 'carriers.'"

"Now that we got that important bit of business out of the way," said Ironhide sarcastically, "I'd really like to go get Will, he should be here under guard."

"You should, with all haste," Prowl spoke, his normally stoic voice had a tinge of alarm to it. "I just contacted Sideswipe. Seems Sunstreaker and he had an altercation with Barricade."

"So I should be expecting a Decepticon patient soon?"Ratchet inquired, well aware of how much damage the twins could inflict upon a mech.

"No, he was rescued—by Soundwave," Prowl told them grimly.

Sam could practically hear the "da da da dah" that followed that statement. "Not good?"

"Dude's cool as a cucumber. Makes our Prowler here look like the poster child for Valium," Jazz added. Prowl just sighed.

"Then there's the whole mindreading trick," mentioned Ironhide.

"Mindreading, like telepathy?" Mikaela wondered.

"Along those lines. Like his name implies, Soundwave is so sensitive to waves he can pick up the impulses in a CPU, even the electrical signals in a human brain, if he's close enough to his target. As it is, no communications are safe from interception with him around, decrypted or not. He's far too good at cracking codes," lectured Ratchet. "Then there's his symbiots."

"You both have had the pleasure of meeting one: Frenzy," Bumblebee informed.

"That spastic freak, and there's more of them? My joy knows no bounds. "The thought of having to deal with more mini bundles of destruction was not a pleasant thought to Sam.

"Jazz, update Wheeljack about this new piece of information. Ironhide, please bring Captain Lennox and his family here. Make sure they're prepared for a long stay. Prowl, oversee the Solaris' landing. Ratchet—"

"I'll be in my med bay, I'm sure the twins will have some type of injury when they get here," Ratchet interrupted.

Optimus nodded. "—and Bumblebee will look after the younglings."

Sam felt a flash of annoyance at being referred to as a child in Transformer terms, once again, but stamped it down. The oldest human being would still be a child by their reckoning. He wondered what it was like to live so long. With the changes he was going through, he supposed he'd find out—that was if he survived to the end of the war. He shyly glanced back to the yellow mech behind him. At least he wouldn't be alone.