Did you know? the grey cat had said to her. When it rains, and the sun still shines, there is a wedding ceremony for a fox.

It is beautiful, and a lovely procession follows. The air is still, the leaves, trees, and flowers wet with shimmering rainbows that light the path of the newly wed.

And though it is so mesmerizing, beware, for such a thing is not to be witnessed by mere humans. If you see such a thing, and the foxes catch you, it means bad luck. The fox is a trickster, a demon, and it will haunt you with misfortune and bad tidings for witnessing the most sacred and private of its ceremonies.

You become cursed.

To be forgiven, you must go to the home of the fox, offer your most humblest of apologies and ask for the trickster's forgiveness.

Only then can you be free. Only then can you break the curse.

To be continued... BTW, I don't own jack...