A random story that refuses to exit my head. And since I really don't want to do homework, I'll do this.

Sora was walking around his house slowly. He had nothing to do. Plus, Kairi was on a date with that boy. And he could honestly say he hated that boy, because…well, let's just say his feelings reject the thought of her with someone else. Thinking of someone pressing her delicate body against someone else's, the thought of her tender lips kissing some boy's dry and abusive ones. The thought of her crying over any other man made him mad.

He heard a knocking at the door, and he immediately opened it, knowing it was Kairi. He didn't expect tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, nor did he expect her cursing. He was shocked.

"What'd he do?" he said. She cried harder, shaking her head. He sighed. He grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug, her cold body warming up with his body heat.

"He…" she was choking on her tears. "Used me…" she said, breaking down into more tears. He closed the door and led her to the couch, and then he sat down. He opened his arms, asking her to sit on his lap. She walked over slowly. She snuggled against his chest, and sobbed hard for a long time. Sora could only watch.

How dare someone hurt her like this?

How dare someone even think it?

Because he loved her, and he wished she would be his. She was beautiful, smart, and strong. She was an absolute angel from heaven. How dare someone actually do that to her?

But he realized quickly-

He stopped to pat her on the back, and she sobbed harder.

-that it wasn't that.

He was absolutely jealous.

He wished she would be crying over him. He wished her lips were against his. He wished she would swoon over him instead of that jackass who did this to her.

He wished she would be his.

Not realizing Kairi was staring at him, she slightly nudged at him. He looked hurt.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

He didn't know what to say. The fear of rejection was absolutely intimidating. He wished he could tell her…

Tell her…

Just do it.

"I love you." He said. She smiled.

"I love you, too. You're my best friend" His heart skipped a beat, and then calmed down. She had meant as a friend, not a lover.

"I love you more than that."

She understood, because at that instant she became tense. His unexpected confession of love shocked her. Was he trying to catch her on the rebound? Taking advantage of her current state? She became tense at the feel of his skin, at the radiated heat coming off of it. She became tense at his steady breaths, his intoxicating scent. But the most scary thing…

She loved him too.


Damn it all! Couldn't she just spit it out? He had just told her his undying love for her, and all she could do was stare at him.

"I don't mind if you don't" he said. "I just wanted to tell you." He was lying. He was heartbroken at her reaction. He was stupid enough to believe that she would return the feelings. He was stupid enough not to just accept the friendship they-

His thoughts were interrupted by something wet pressing on his lips. Not knowing what it was, he looked down, only to see it was Kairi.

Oh, wonderful. She was kissing him. He must be dreaming. What was next, winning the lottery?

But either way, he kissed her back. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips against her, trying to savor the moment. He realized she was still a bit hurt from earlier today, but he still became wild at the feeling. It was like putting cocaine in front of a really addicted man.

A really desperate and in love cocaine addict, who was realizing that he would never find better cocaine than he was having right now. He broke away from her, and then smashed his lips back with hers, hating the absence of her.

He had become addicted.